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Occurred : 7/22/2017 22:15 (Entered as : 072217 22:15)
Reported:  8/23/2017 2:00:44 AM 02:00
Posted:      8/24/2017
Location:   Bemow Piskie (Poland),
Shape:       Light
Duration:  5 minutes

I witnessed two ball like objects possibly observing a platoon live fire training exsercice in Poland.

On the night of July 22nd, 2017, around 2215 hours, I was a gunner on a .50 Cal machine gun on a Stryker armored vehicle, supporting a platoon live fire training event on a Polish military range just outside Bemowo Piskie. We had pull off to the side of one of the roads leading into the range waiting for a call to provide support. What happened next, I cannot explain.

While adjusting my night time optics which consisted of a PSQ-20 mono style helmet mounted thermal and night vision device, a ball like light appeared in the night vision setting currently set on my optic. The object appeared just atop the tree line possibly 700 meters to my exact front, however since my optic only covers one eye my depth proception was off and an exact distance is very hard to gauge. The ball appeared to what could have been maybe 10 feet across and the light it was giving off in my night vision optics was blinding. But despite all this, that’s not the strange part. What got me was that when I closed my optic aided eye to look with my unaided eye, this object was completely invisible against the clear night sky. I was baffled that I couldn’t see this bright light that had just blinded me with my naked eye and looked through my optic again. The object was still there but the intensity of the light had dimmed. It hovered in the break of the tree line for about 90 seconds before it began to descend to the left slowly.

Now when all this was going on I had simply figured that this was just an infrared flare on a parachute fired from one of the mortar teams that were training that same night. But when the ball of light finally dipped below the tree line and faded out of site, a second object of the same description appeared in the same break in the trees. At this point I flipped my optics over to their thermal setting and observed. The object was ball shaped again and was bright red hot in my thermals. I changed over to night vison again. Once again, the object was blinding bright. And when I closed my optic covered eye to observe with my unaided eye, the object couldn’t be see.

When IR motors are fired they go up and release their flare at about a thousand feet and begin to float down to earth. However, while these flares are meant to give off intense illumination viewable through night vison they also have a dull red visible light that can be seen with the naked eye simply for the purposes of being able to track where the flare is drifting.

The objects I was witnessing gave off no visible light, nor did I hear any mortars being fired. And trust me even if the mortar is a distance away, they a very audible. The now second ball of light seem to follow the same flight path as the first object that I had seen. It hovered in place for about 90 second in place. I felt like it was watching me, observing my weapons and my armored vehicle. After 90 seconds, it began to descend down to the left just as the first. Then it vanished. “It must have been a flare” I thought to myself. It was gone for only a moment when from behind the trees it rose directly up, not violently, but by no means was it slow. This was the moment I knew that it was not man made. Once again it hovered above the tree line. It had to have been watching all the military activity in the area. Without warning like when the first object appeared its brightness in my night vison increased dramatically. To a point where it felt like someone was shining an IR l! aser in my night vison. Then after the intense brightness it vanished. I would only see the one object leave I cannot account for what happened to the other object I witnessed.

I’ve served as a scout in the army for over three years now. One of the fundamentals of reconnaissance is to report all information rapidly and accurately. When all this was going on, I took note of my surroundings. There was no disruption to my equipment and radios, my weapons were functioning and in good shape. The surrounding wild life wasn’t disturbed and other than wracked nerves I felt ok. I decided to keep quiet about my entire experience. How could I explain to my Sergant that I had witnessed multiple objects only visible to thermals and the IR spectrum but was invisible to the naked eye. I’m charged with several million dollars of government equipment and weapons, they would have lost confidence in me. This is why I’m reporting this to you. I want someone to listen to my story and tell me what it was I was witnessing. NOTE: The above image is real but from other night vision encounters.



Went to wake neighbour at 04:45 a.m. I noticed lights in sky. Got neighbour up to look up. He said WTF is that ? I said I don’t know but it’s no plane. He agreed and couldn’t believe how it moved. I came back to the house woke daughter up for her to see.  She couldn’t believe it, how it moved up and down, side to side flashing lights red white and blue with no noise. Daughter got scared and was worried about getting abducted and went back into the house. I stayed out and continued to watch and from the West,  two smaller objects come streaming across the sky from west to east and joined with object. To the side you could see a metallic reflecting large V shaped object or Chevron and quickly disappeared. No sound nothing. I know it was no plane or helicopter because Fort Drum is close by and when any type of military objects goes over, it is loud. I talked later that day about what happened and my neighbor said that it was craziest thing that  he’s ever saw. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Hi Ken : I was sky watching looking for anything out of the ordinary when I started to look around the edge of some far off clouds through my Nikon P900 camera viewfinder. The camera was zoomed in about half way and that’s when I spotted it. There was an object that was hovering just above one of the clouds. The object was stationary so I quickly took a photograph and watched as the object remained in that position for about a minute before it finally began to move. The object flew off at incredible rate of speed heading towards some thick cloud cover where by I lost sight of it. The photograph was taken on 15th of September 2017 ‎15th of ‎September ‎2017, 11:10 AM at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.

John's Note: The Nikon P900 camera has 83x Optical Zoom and I had zoomed in 41x to capture this strange object. Despite zooming in half way this object is still far away from the camera and must be quite large. Check out the Enlargements of the Photograph below.


China’s Chang’e-3 Lunar landing may prove NASA did not land on the Moon... conspiracy theorists may have been correct all this time.

By Brian K. Hahn

Thursday, December 19, 2013

(SNN) – With the successful Moon landing of the Chang’e-3 Robotic Spacecraft on December 14th 2013, China has accomplished a major technological and scientific feat. The Chang’e-3 spacecraft carried out the rocket powered descent to the Moon’s surface by firing landing rockets at the altitude of 15 km for a soft landing targeted to a preselected area in Mare Imbrium. The landing was recorded in High Definition videography from a camera mounted under on the Chang’e-3, the first recordings of its kind in space flight history.

We Never Went to the Moon.

However, what has been an international celebration for China has turned out to be a major embarrassment for the United States. “The video evidence from the Chang’e-3 robotic spacecraft is completely void of any evidence that my country ever landed on the Moon,” stated Will Casing author of “We Never Went to the Moon.”

According to history, under the envelope of the Apollo Program, the United States landed six Lunar Modules (LM) from 1969 to 1972, placing a total of twelve men on the surface of the moon. However, conspiracy theorist have claimed that some or all elements of the Apollo program and the associated Moon landings were hoaxes and staged by NASA in a movie studio.

Now, with the HD videographic evidence coming from the efforts of China, conspiracy theorists from across the globe have been proven correct. “For years friends berated me for my beliefs,” stated Dion Levy, Canadian author of, “The Dark Side of the Moon Landings.” “The Americans did not have the technology at that time to land on the moon, it was all politics; they needed to humiliate the Russians, and they did just that,” added Levy.

In the days following the landing, China has proceeded to explore the surface using a remote mobile lunar rover, which has not produced any evidence that astronauts have ever visited the moon in the past. “We expected to find evidence at Mare Imbrium,” advised Chow Ming Gau, Astronomer from Ganamede China Observatory, “This was an exploration site of the Apollo 15 mission in August of 1971. What we have found is that the moon’s surface was smooth with no evidence of disturbance.”

Commemorative Plaque not located.

According to history, using the two man vehicle called the rover, astronauts David Scott and James B. Irwin landed in Hadley-Apennine, and conducted over eighteen hours of surface EVA and brought back 169 pounds of rock samples. During that mission, Scott and Irwin placed a sculpture of the Fallen Astronaut at Mare Imbrium, along with a commemorative plaque. (See Photo)
The Chang’e-3 mission has not found the artifacts or photographic evidence to disprove the conspiracy theorists.

The Sage has learned that nobody from NASA or any agency in the U.S. are commenting on China’s findings. “All we need now are answers, a great many people don’t believe man has walked on the surface of the moon,” advised Dion Levy.

KENS NOTE: The shadow person is taking the photo and it looks like that person has no space suit on…..The astronauts were unable to take selfies. The camera was attached to the suit and it could only take photos in front of the astronaut… I have many photos proving that we did not go to the moon. See a small sample on my web site. You are probably wondering why this has not been picked up by our major news stations but the new agencies have been told by our government , not to publish any of this information plus not to make a big deal of any UFO sightings, even though they are happening all over the world every day… about the fake news….. 



Occurred : 12/9/2013 21:00 (Entered as : 12/09/13 21:00)
Reported:  12/10/2013 1:40:02 AM 01:40
Posted:      12/12/2013
Location:    North Pole, AK
Shape:       Flash
Duration:    3-5 seconds

Bright orange flashes lasting only a few seconds in North Pole, Alaska.

At approximately 9pm this evening, my fiancé and I were relaxing on the couch watching television. The lights in the house were off. When we watch television we are facing one small and one large picture window that looks out onto our wooded yard. Our house is tucked into a forested lot so that even the headlights from the very occasional passing car going to and from a neighbors house is not seen from our living room. There are very few houses on our road.

As we watched our show at least 3 bright orange flashes of light flew from the right side of our house in the air the whole time and moved across to the left. Even though it only lasted a few seconds it was clear that the light originated and continued in the air, though maybe not tree top height. The trees around our property average about 20-30 feet high. From where the flashes originated there is nothing but wooded property and our garage.

The flashes seemed to be no more than 6-10 feet off the ground but grew in height. My fiancée thought something in the garage had exploded. However, there was never any sound at all. I thought the lights to the truck had flashed a few times.

My fiancé ran out onto our front deck to look and see what it was but there was nothing there. Nothing was out of place.

The lights were bright orange and clear quick flashes with 3-5 of them successively within the span of 3-5 seconds. They moved from right to left completely silently and were so bright they lit up our front yard (which is about the size of the parking lot of a small business) and all the trees in our yard. To give you an idea of how big our yard is, we could probably park 30-40 cars in our front yard alone.

I don’t know if it’s at all related or not but last night (the night before this happened) around 3:30 in the morning, our dog who sleeps on her bed in the living room, came into our bedroom and alerted to something in the living room or at the front door. This is out of character for her. Just as she woke me, I heard a very slight sound but I could not pinpoint the sound. It seemed to resonate throughout the house. It was a very slight but deep sound. You could liken it to a (Wah-Wah-Wah-wah) sound. I could feel this sound just as much as I could hear it and I can’t explain it better than that. It lasted for just as long as it took me to walk the few feet from our bedroom to the living room. Then it was just gone. It just immediately stopped.

I have a really tough time falling asleep last night. The dog acted as if there was someone at the door and I felt like there was too but our motion sensor lights weren’t on and I saw no one. I felt the weird need to sleep in my f! our year olds bed with him at that point. At this point, my healthy ((xx-years)) old dog would not leave my side.

Suddenly, my dog collapsed onto the floor and laid there with her eyes open but not blinking. She would not respond to my voice or my touch. She would not even respond to my commands. This scared me. About two or three minutes later she came to again and acted totally normal again. It seemed as if she had been drugged but of course she had not.

I am a college educated ((deleted)). I also hold a degree in ((deleted)). I do believe that we are not the only intelligent life out there. However, like most people I have never encountered anything personally that would give me that absolute undeniable truth. I’m not going to say that this experience is that undeniable truth.

To be quite honest, I don’t and I can’t know what this was that we saw but it is a very strange experience and it happened just as I have told you.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



On 7th May 1989, a report of a strange, unknown craft entering South African airspace resulted in Mirage Fighter Jets taking to the skies to intercept. They received orders to engage, which they did, firing at the craft. It came to a stop in the Kalahari Desert, around eighty miles from the border of South Africa and Botswana. The South African military would be on the scene within minutes. The fighter jet had continued to circle the crash site until they arrived.

The area around the object was evidently so hot that “sand and rocks had fused together!” Radioactivity was also so high in the crash site, than many of the military’s electronic equipment failed to work.

A Dassault Mirage fighter jet - the type of military aircraft that was scrambled.

A Dassault Mirage fighter jet – the type of military aircraft that was scrambled.

The strange craft was a “polished, smooth silver” material, seemingly hard, but with no visible seams anywhere. What appeared to be portholes were present on the craft – these were “unevenly” spaced. Also, what the military assumed was “landing gear” was visible. This suggested that the craft was attempting to land as opposed to falling from the sky out of control.

The retrieval team would force a hatch open, and two “crew” members removed from the craft – both still alive. Each dressed in “tight fitting grey suits”, with an estimated height of around 4-5 feet tall. Their heads were much larger than their bodies, and their eyes were equally out of proportion. The report basically describes what most people would call a “grey” alien.  Under the suits, their abdomens also had a ribbed, scaled appearance.

The craft safely retrieved and on its way to an unknown South African military base, with dirt and sand covering any evidence of the incident. From there, the object went on a “one-way passage to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base” in the United States.

Furthermore, while two of the aliens did indeed make the trip to Wright Patterson in America, a third alien – according to a source in the South African military – would stay at the base in South Africa, and was unknown to the Americans. Many reports state that a facility referred to as Camp 13 is the base in question. Incidentally, Camp 13 apparently resides near the Kalahari Desert. Whether or not the alien is still in South Africa’s possession, or is even still alive, remains unknown.

Nor is the fate of the two extra-terrestrials that would go to Wright-Patterson. Many whistle-blowers and deathbed confessions have claimed that alien bodies are in the US government’s possession – many of them deep-frozen.



Just after 11 pm on the evening of 10th September 1981, as she got out of the taxi that had brought her home, twenty-three-year-old Denise Bishop approached the back door to her mother’s house. She would notice a bright light from the corner of her eye, announcing something strange occurring behind her property.

As she focused her attention in the direction of the lights, a huge, dull metallic object “in the shape of a crab” filled her vision. She could recall no sound at all from the airborne craft as it hovered silently over the houses below it. From beneath the magnificent object were several columns of pale purple, pink and white lights.

Suddenly coming to her senses a little, Bishop would fumble with her keys in an attempt to open the door. As she put her hand on the handle and the key into the keyhole, a “lime-green pencil beam of light” shot out from the craft and “hit” her hand. As soon as it touched her, Denise lost the ability to move. She was essentially, frozen.

She would estimate later that this paralysis lasted probably no longer than thirty seconds. As soon as the beam was “switched off”, she instantly regained mobility over her limbs and in one fluid motion, continued to open the back door. Bishop would later describe the experience as if “the whole incident was a film that had been stopped and then continued!”

As she anxiously fumbled with the door and entered the house, the great ship would rise into the night sky and disappear.

Denise Bishop showing her injury.

Intense Pain and Burning

By the time she was inside the house and the craft had vanished, Denise’s sister came to see what the matter was. Denise informed her of her experience. It was while doing so that she noticed spots of blood on her hand. Closer examination revealed an intense burn that was now beginning to hurt immensely.

By the time the aforementioned Greenwood arrived home from his radio show, it was approaching 3 am. Seeing the burn on Denise’s hand, he would make the report of the encounter to the local police. It was then he would be put in touch with Boyd, who immediately set off to speak to Denise.

Although she would not agree to seek medical treatment for her hand, she did speak to Boyd in detail of the incident. Of the burn on her hand, he would note how it appeared “as if a patch of skin had been removed, exposing the new, shiny skin beneath!”

Because of the intense pain of her hand, they made attempts to run it under cold water. This, however, only seemed to make the pain even more intense. Antiseptic cream served to dampen it somewhat, but it would be several days before any significant improvement.

Advanced Laser Technology?

Boyd would return to speak with Denise the following morning. With him was a nurse, who inspected the wound on her hand. It had now turned significantly worse, and while she would allow the nurse to treat it and dress it, she again refused medical treatment. Some reports suggest that this was because of an upcoming trip to Canada, which she feared a doctor would not allow her to go on.

Photographs of the wound and the nurse’s notes would go to an anonymous consultant at a “leading London hospital!” It was their conclusion that the wound appeared to be the result of “an intense laser burn!”

The wound would eventually heal and scab over, but a scar remained in place. Denise would also report (to Boyd) how it would sometimes “feel hot and prickly” in the cold weather.

For her part, Denise wished the incident was forgotten. She would turn down multiple offers for television interviews, although she did grant one newspaper interview in October 1981 to a local journalist, Roger Malone, of the Plymouth Evening Herold.

There are many other cases of paralysis in UFO encounters, and more importantly to this article, reports of “green beams” of light that deliver it. Interestingly, although all those caught in these beams can’t move, nor speak, all report still being able to breathe.

This suggests the use of technology that renders the muscles of the limbs useless, while keeping intact and able, the cardiovascular system. As a side-note, while not discounting a connection to extraterrestrial involvement in these cases, perhaps it is worth noting alleged secret microwave and pulse technologies carried out by militaries and governments around the world. NOTE: The above image is CGI.


The nominee for chief scientist of the Department of Agriculture claims he once had an encounter with a UFO that he believed was traveling at 5,000 miles-per-hour. Will he pursue the release of the files that might identify what he saw? We’ll leave the discussions about whether former radio host and economics professor Samuel H. ‘Sam’ Clovis Jr. is qualified to be a chief scientist to the political blogs and instead focus on whether the former US Air Force F-16 fighter pilot, former Inspector General of the United States Space Command and alleged UFO witness is qualified to be our inside guy for opening the X-Files.

According to a 2014 report in the Des Moines Register, Clovis was running for one of Iowa’s US Senate seats when he admitted to host Simon Conway at WHO Radio that he once encountered a UFO. From Conway’s account in the Register:

“His radar locked on it, and it was doing things our technology couldn’t do, he explained. The UFO was traveling toward him at 5,000 mph — and we’ve got nothing that does that. It came to a complete stop, he said, then reversed away at 5,000 mph.”

Clovis served in the Air Force for 25 years from 1971 to 1996 and, although he doesn’t give a date, this incident probably occurred earlier in his flying career. There’s no indication that any other pilot or ground crew member saw the UFO nor heard what would have been at least two sonic booms. According to the article, pilot Clovis handed the radar report over to his commanding officers and doesn’t seem to have said anything about it publicly until 2014.

What about privately? Towards the end of his Air Force career, Clovis served as Inspector General of the U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM). Formed in 1985, this branch of the Defense Department, based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, was responsible for Air Force activities in outer space – such as satellite communications, intelligence, missile-warning and weather systems in conflict areas. As Inspector General, Clovis would have been responsible for monitoring and auditing the actions of Space Command to ensure it operated in compliance with generally established policies of the government and to watch for instances of misconduct, waste, fraud, or criminal activity. There seems to be no indication of anything of the sort happening under Clovis’ time at Space Commend, nor is there any public information that he inspected or was even interested in UFO activities at the time. NOTE: The above image is CGI.


MAY 26, 2017   …………. GLASGOW SCOTLAND

The Glasgow-based Evening Times reported the incident this week after the near-miss was posted to the UK Airprox Board, a forum where pilots and passengers can post reports of “airprox.” An airprox is defined as any incident “in which, in the opinion of a pilot or air traffic services personnel, the distance between aircraft as well as their relative positions and speed have been such that the safety of the aircraft involved may have been compromised.” According to the report, the incident occurred on May 26 when an Airbus A230 was on approach into the Glasgow Airport: The A320 pilot reports the he was approximately three nautical miles finals for Runway 23 when the crew spotted an orange light ahead and slightly above, which appeared to be traveling in the opposite direction. The light passed about 100-200ft above their aircraft. The report concludes by noting that “the board could not determine the identity or proximity of the object.” Sightings and near-misses of drones have become fairly common over the last couple years as commercial drones are becoming more popular, but pilots and air traffic control personnel are usually able to easily identify drone encounters. There have been other similar close calls reported lately, including an incident with a Canadian airliner in which pilots were forced to take evasive action in order to avoid an oncoming UFO. Sightings of UFOs occurring on passenger planes have been shown to be on the rise. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



I had dropped my daughter off at her friend’s house to spend the night. As I stopped at the stop sign and looked left, I saw the object just above the trees and houses (there is a small lake just down that road to the left.) It was very close and shaped like an elongated triangle (see first attachment to show the area as seen from my approximate location, this shows the “K” shaped intersection and approximate size and location of the object.) It was moving, but very slowly. This area is near a Navy base (Lakehurst) and a Army base (Fort Dix) so I kind of thought it was an experimental plane from one of these bases as, at that time, I had never heard of triangular UFOs. After a while though, I realized there was absolutely no sound. And the sheer size of it was immense. I looked towards the front and saw it moving into the next treeline, but as I looked back towards the rear of the object, it just seemed to disappear. ess to say, I was perplexed and didn’t tell anyone at the time what I had seen. However, it has nagged at me ever since, and when I learned that other people had been seeing triangular craft, I decided to open up about the sighting. It was close enough for me to see detailing on the underside of the object (see second attachment as I have tried to approximate what it looked like, not an actual representation.) There were lights on the underside that cast a glow on the bottom, which showed a similar surface to the attachment, as well as on the treetops. I remember red, blue and white lights, but there could have been other colors that I either didn’t see or make note of. Looking back, it was pretty awesome. NOTE: The above image CGI. This case is under investigation by Chief Investigator Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey.


Here’s a well-known mystery: many people believe that aliens and their spacecraft from the Roswell incident are hidden in special tunnels at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Here’s a little-known fact: Raymond Szymanski worked at Wright-Patterson for 39 years and wrote a book published in 2016 called 50 Shades of Greys about what he saw there. Here’s a new mystery: why is the book suddenly back in the news? Is someone getting us ready for full disclosure?

A number of media outlets revisited (or visited) 50 Shades of Greys recently after its author was interviewed by Sun Online. In the book, published in January 2016, Szymanski begins with details of his first days on the job at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in 1973 when a mentor named Al introduced him to the Avionics Laboratory’s Management Operations Office by asking, “Have you heard about our aliens?”

“He said that in 1947 there was a crash down in Roswell and they brought the machines and the aliens here for inspection and said they keep them in secret tunnels under the base. When I asked him how he came to know about the secret, he responded, ‘Everybody who works on base knows’. I was stunned. Me, a young co-op student barely into his first week, was now initiated into a small select group of 10,000 people and given their most incredible secret ever – that we have aliens and their craft in our tunnels on our base.’”

Szymanski says he then began a clandestine and at times overt investigation into what his mentor was talking about. While his onsite snooping ended with his retirement from Wright-Patterson in 2011, his search for evidence continued until the book was published in 2016.

If you’re thinking that Szymanski doesn’t have a proverbial smoking gun, you’re probably right. In fact, while he seems to imply that there IS a smoking gun, he doesn’t think humans are ready for it and that could be why he hasn’t seen it either.

“We still aren’t ready for full disclosure, the governments like to keep secrets cause that’s what keeps us safe sometimes. The last time the Air-Force made the announcement ‘hey we’ve got a flying saucer’ that didn’t go so well, so what would happen if they announced it this time?”



Hi Ken: I was sky watching when I spotted a huge black sphere lurking in some nearby clouds. The black sphere was barely visible through the surface of the clouds and the only reason I managed to spot it was because of the way it kept moving through the breaks in the clouds. The black sphere had been repeating the same movement over and over again moving up down left to right. It was very odd and after watching the black sphere performing this bizarre manoeuvring for several minutes it then emerged from the left side of the clouds giving me the perfect opportunity to take a photograph. I took a photograph and watched as the black sphere then moved back into the clouds where I then lost sight of it. These black sphere objects are being seen and photographed all over the world at the moment and now I've managed to photograph one in this area. What are these mysterious black spheres and what are they doing in the skies above us.‎ I only wish I had answers for what I and many others are witnessing but instead I am left with only questions. The photograph was taken on the 8th of ‎September ‎2017 11:08 AM at Newton Abbot Devon England. Have a great weekend ken all the best John.



On September 7, 2017, I observed an object in the sky from 3:45 AM until 5:03 AM. At that time, the object slowly started accelerating upward and then disappeared all of a sudden. The object hovered roughly around 10,000 feet, or maybe a little less. Basically, it was the same altitude that a small aircraft would fly. I did use my compass on my cell phone to roughly get its position for the back to my house from where I was standing  and it was 83 Degrees East.  As the object tried to maintain a fixed position, it still wobbled slightly back and forth. I tried taking several photographs of the object with my cell phone and one photograph  I  enlarge it on my cell phone.

It almost looks like there are three windows on the craft and a slight outline of the craft. This is not the first time that I spotted this craft in the air. There were three other occasions that I spotted the same object over a three-month period. The first time I got up in the middle of night to go to the bathroom, I spotted the object out in the distance from my bedroom window. It was far away. I just thought it was a star or maybe a satellite, reflecting in the night sky and then about a week and a half later,  I spotted the same object but this time it kept changing colors, radically back and forth.

So at that time I had no idea what to make of it ? And ever since then when I get up at night to use the bathroom. I keep looking out the window to see if I can spot the same object again  and about three weeks later it was there again but it was still too far away to see exactly what was and then on September 7, 2017, which was early this morning.

The object was in the sky. Once again but this time it was real low and was very close, so I got my shoes on and when outside to take some photographs of it and to watch it and then at 5:03 AM when I just started breaking dawn,  it started moving away at a slow acceleration and then all of a sudden it just took off and there is nothing that I know of that could accelerate like  this object did. In that split-second it reminded me of what you see in a Star Trek movie when the enterprise takes off. This is the only way I can explain the sudden acceleration of this object. I am hoping that this object comes back again. Thank you.



A good friend of mine and I in Falls Church VA were giving a Christmas party at his house and he and I stepped outside to get some fresh air. I happened to look at my watch as I was coming into the back yard and noticed that it was a few minutes to midnight. It was Christmas eve, 1989. Both of us were in his back yard alone and for no particular reason I looked above to glance at the stars, looking somewhat north, and immediately saw a large craft over our heads very close. It seemed to be approximately no more than 40 feet long, but that was an estimate and very low to the ground because we could see details. It was very close to us. It moved quite slowly at what seemed to be a walking pace, and did not make a sound. It came from the east and moved towards the west towards Route 66 in Falls Church VA which goes into Washington DC. Falls Church is only a few miles from Washington DC in northern Virginia. The craft was white / silver in color. At the end of it, was a large black hole in the fuselage but there was no smoke or flames. On the far outside edges of the hole were 4 very bright white lights. The shape of the fuselage narrowed to a blunt point in the front and the 4 lights were so bright that they illuminated the bottom of the craft almost fully up to the front of the blunt nose which was largely dark. The sky was very light because his house is right next to Route 66 where there are highway lights that tend to light up the sky so we could see the craft very well. On either side of the fuselage were 2 wings of the same white / silver color which were almost perfect isosceles triangles and large compared to the size of the main body. There were no markings or other color at all. No signs of lines, rivets, or any irregular shapes on the entire craft as if it were all one solid piece. As the craft moved slowly towards Route 66, it banked to the right slightly and began to move to the right still going over the highway and eventually the sight of it was lost behind trees in his back yard. Before we lost sight of it, we could see more plainly that there was a top fin that came to the back of the fuselage where the large hole was which we did not notice before. The wings on the side came up almost to the front of the blunt nose. During the entire episode which probably lasted no more than 4 minutes because of how slowly it moved, we were in a near panic state and I was repeatedly asking my friend questions about why there was no sound etc. and all he could do was rely “I don’t know”. We were very scared and had no idea what we were looking at. There was a surreal atmosphere to it all as if we were not really seeing this and it couldn’t be happening. Just after it disappeared from view a couple of our friends came out and we literally blubbered for lack of a better word, our experiences to them and they said it was probably an experimental craft and laughed it off. Falls Church Virginia is a heavily populated area in northern Virginia near Arlington VA where Arlington Cemetery is and only a few miles from Washington DC and we could not imagine why an experimental craft that could move that slowly and silently would be flown only perhaps 100 to 150 feet off the ground in a suburb of Washington DC. We gave up trying to convince them and the next day I called National Airport, Dulles Airport, and Andrews Air Force Base and told them what we saw and they all said nothing had been reported by anyone else. To this day my good friend George does not like to talk about it and it disturbed me so much that I tried to put it out of my mind for many years but I could not forget it so that is why I waited so long to report it. I did not like to even think about it for years. Thank you for the opportunity to report this. It has weighed heavily on my mind for a long time. The above image is real but from Benbrook Texas.



Social media and local news outlets throughout upstate New York were swamped with reports of strange lights over Lake Ontario on the evening of May 23rd. Just around dusk, a formation of eerie floating lights appeared over the Canadian side of the lake, prompting curiosity from hundreds of local residents.

Eyewitness Kate Caven told local Buffalo news station WIVB that residents throughout the Lake Ontario region were perplexed about the source of the lights, which seemed to hover in the air above the lake:

Some people were concerned maybe they were distress signals, but we couldn’t see any boats. And then some people mentioned maybe a meteor shower, but again they weren’t really moving. So that’s pretty much what most people were saying other than UFOs or aliens. I joked around with my friend Matt who was with me, if they were coming to take us, I was ready, that that wasn’t a bad way to go out if I could see an alien.

It sure wouldn’t be, Karen. Shortly after the reports came in, however, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) claimed responsibility for the sighting. According to an RCAF spokesperson, the lights were training flares dropped by a Hercules Model 8 CCC-130H aircraft in the 424th squadron out of 8 wing Trenton, Ontario, who were conducting a search and rescue exercise in the area.

However, there are some alleged inconsistencies in the RCAF’s story. The RCAF spokesperson’s statement claims the flares were dropped around 9:30 p.m., yet some social media commenters noted that they observed the flares hours earlier. Other commenters noted that the lights appeared to move up and down in the air above the lake. Of course, the mind sometimes sees what it wants to see, and at such a distance, it could be difficult to judge movement.  Meanwhile, according to a few sources, the U.S. Coast Guard reportedly initially ruled out basic flares as the source of the phenomenon.


The Hoia-Baciu forest is an interesting place. Once you cross its boundaries, you end up immersed in a world of magic that really captivates your thoughts. Although it lays a couple of kilometers away from the metropolis of Cluj-Napoca, the coronary heart of Transylvania, it nonetheless holds a wild, untamed spirit, which reminds us of the significance that nature holds in our lives. Locals close by are acquainted with the unusual energies contained inside. The phenomena manifested there, past their energy of understanding, prompted them to not ask reckless questions. Because of worry, the forest remained, for a protracted interval of time, shrouded in thriller. The place itself is a legendary supply of lore and legends. Reports have included, ghost sightings, unexplained apparitions, guardian angels and faces showing in pictures that weren’t seen with the bare eye. You can view these wonderful pictures in a video presentation which we’ve got posted in our 2014 article: Hoia Baciu Forest – The Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania. In the forest there’s a magnetic space 300 meters broad and digital units are recognized to malfunction when launched into the space. Tests with measurement units have revealed electromagnetic interference, magnetic anomalies and microwaves, infrared and radioactive emissions all in the irregular vary have led to the assumption that the forest is a gateway to a different dimension. According to paranormal investigators this power area was created about 55,000 years in the past by beings from one other world to permit them not solely to journey through teleportation from one other dimension to planet earth but additionally to journey to each place on earth with out the use of a craft. This magnetic space might be additionally a beacon for UFOs as from 1968, UFO sightings have been reported and the final reported UFO was filmed over Baciu Forest in 2002 by two Cluj residents who lived on the high ground of a constructing on the outskirts of the neighborhood Manastur. The UFO was caught on movie for 27 seconds and was described as a cigar-shaped shiny object in the sky with a size of about 50 meters. Paul Dadrian, a Romanian investigator explores some of the most essential unsolved UFO circumstances which have occurred in the Hoia-Baciu forest.


JULY 28, 2017   ……………  TAY SCOTLAND

While visiting the river Tay in Scotland a household photographed a wierd object in the sky described as a wierd big brown egg formed object, however to me it appears like the head of a reptile or fish. Now it’s identified that typically, fish falling from the sky as soon as they stand up into the climate system brought on by extreme climate situations. It is frequent for instance for tornados to suck up water and fish from rivers and drop them a whole lot of miles away. If such an occasion occurs than principally a whole lot of fish falling from the sky directly, however on this case we solely see a head which does not appear to fall out from the sky.  The photographer states: On July 28, 2017 I used to be at the seashore with household and we noticed dolphins in the river Tay. My girlfriend from Bulgaria does not consider that we’ve got dolphins in the river in Scotland so I attempted to snap some pictures of them with my Sony Xperia x 23mp camera. I took a number of photos whereas focusing on the water and after I appeared again to see if I had caught any dolphins rising, considered one of the pictures in the center of the set taken had a wierd brown egg formed object in the sky.
Clearly the object is in the distance and isn’t filth on or in my lens as my machine is waterproof due to this fact hermetic and nothing reveals in the photos earlier than or after. I simply cannot clarify it.



A resident of Stockton, California was taken photographs of the full moon on August 6, 2017 when he observed an enormous black object flying in direction of the moon. He stored taking pictures of the flying saucer formed object which flew from left to proper then down and again to the left till it vanished. The alien craft made no sound and had no lights. When the photographer acquired residence and dumped the photographs to his pc he observed that there have been really two objects in the photographs. Mufon case 85721.



JULY 30, 2017  ………….  LISBON PORTUGAL

Many consultants are involved about Unidentified Flying Objects flying very close to passenger planes and pose a hazard to aviation. There are many incidents reported that airplanes practically and even collided with these unknown objects, like an airplane that just about collided with a UFO in Australia, a UFO that collided with a Chinese Passenger plane at 26,000 Ft. or the shut encounter with a UFO close to Heathrow when a pilot noticed that it headed in the direction of him and was going to crash into the plane on which he ducked to keep away from a collision. The newest incident has been reported by an airline spotter who took pictures of an incoming passenger plane at Lisbon Airport, Portugal when he found a UFO behind the plane on July 30, 2017 depicted in one of many pictures. The spotter states: I used to be (as an airline spotter) taking some photographs of an uncommon go to of a Lufthansa A340 at Lisbon airport from the balcony of my home. I took a number of snapshots of the incoming plane doing is last method when through the visor of the digicam and noticed a really quick object passing behind the plane.

Assuming a hen was ruining my photograph, didn’t care extra about it. When downloading the photographs to the pc I noticed a darkish spot in one of many pictures. Then a recall the assumed hen and zoom it. That’s when I discovered that it was not a hen at all. Also it seems to not be a drone, due to form and measurement however specifically as a result of I used hello pace shutter 1/2000 and no propeller is seen, not even blurred. The object’s movement was very quick and handed behind the airplane in a fraction in straight line from East to West, over southern sky. I’m reporting this to the Mutual UFO Network (Mufon case file) as a result of I don’t know what it’s and hope to get some form of clue or reply about this incident. This case is under investigation by International Director of Portugal Ken Pfeifer.



While some individuals say these objects are picture processing errors, others consider such a cube-shaped object is in actual fact NASA’s manner of hiding unidentified flying objects of extraterrestrial origin. Since it appears not possible to seek out out if there’s actually a UFO behind such a cube-shaped object it will likely be at all times the query whether or not it’s NASA’s technique to disguise UFOs or not. But what if one thing goes unsuitable throughout NASA’s picture processing and we are able to have a look behind such a cube-shaped object close to the solar. That is precisely what occurred in 2014, when NASA by accident revealed SOHO LASCO C2 imagery displaying an illuminated Unidentified Flying Object(s) behind a cube-shaped object.


AUGUST 24, 2017  …………… DE KALB TEXAS        8.30 PM

It was 8:30 pm, just getting fairly dark, I was going down a farm market road headed to work when I noticed that there was a strange looking flying craft with bright lights 2 that really stood out but the whole craft was very lit up It was coming from my South side from across a pasture. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and started recording on video. The craft comes across the pasture then gets in front of me and is flying directly above the road in front of me as I’m recording it. I am driving and taping at the same time. We go like this for awhile when I then notice there are 2 star size lights or orbs that are falling from the craft. A few seconds after this I actually go under the craft and I look up through my sun roof and can see the bottom of it, it appeared to be square, and lit underneath. It’s hard to recall but seemed to have maybe pink and blue lighting??? I didn’t get that on video because I was driving. Very shortly after that I found a driveway to pull into so that I could get out and see this thing. After I pulled into the driveway which was now in front of the craft I grabbed my cell and tried to get more video, I could see the craft, it was hovering in a clearing in the direction I just came from it was lit up and unusual looking. You can at this point hear the sound of it on my video but you can’t see it. It then goes straight back in the direction we had just came from, I heard some people across the street talking and I went over to ask if they saw it, it was a ways back behind their house, but they were under their carport at the time and didn’t see it, but one of the men said that they heard something. NOTE: The above image is real but from another sighting location.


I was traveling on I55 north bound on my way to work in Memphis. I first noticed the lights in the sky about half a mile up ahead on the east side of the interstate. As I got closer the lights just stayed there and did not move. It seemed as if the lights where attached to an object that was stationary and not moving. They where about 100 ft above tree top level. I took my phone out once I got closer and shot a quick video. But once I passed it I could not video anymore. If you watch the video and slow it down, after the lights disappear behind the trees on the side of the interstate, you can see what appears to be the same lights fly over my car. After that I did not see anything els. I drive that way to work every night. I drove that way tonight and the lights where not there. Nothing was there. It’s just woods in that area. The exact location that I saw it was about 1/8 of a mile south of the rest area there.



I could see a definitive structure against the back ground of the sky. After it came through the cloud it shot straight up like a bullet to about 500 feet then drifted south slowly toward us, until it was nearly right above us. It was then I saw the definite shape of a triangle. It then hovered still for about 10 minutes, before drifting slowly in a north west direction. When it reached the distance where I almost couldn’t see the outline anymore of it, all lights went out for a short period, then a very intense white blue light enveloped the whole craft, then got even more intense, Before winking out and disappearing completely as if it warped through a portal, disappearing completely. The time spent reviewing the craft was around 15 minutes. Not even 10 minutes later, two Black military helicopters appeared out of nowhere and seemed to circle the area for a short time. Then they seemed to return to wherever they came from. They were unsuccessful in making contact with the craft. When it initially shot upwards, the fluidity of that motion was unlike any maneuver I’ve ever witnessed from any other aircraft. One might say it is a impossible maneuver given that it was very still, then suddenly ascended at a rapid rate. The cell phone seemed to be affected and made it difficult to film. Approximately 20 people in all witnessed the event. Some neighbors were visibly shaken from witnessing the event. NOTE: The above image is my CGI.



Yugoslavian Air Force and Air Defence former commander has come forward candidly speaking about an alleged encounter with a space ship. General Zvonimir Jurjevic was the head of the 172 Aviation Regiment in Titograd, now Podgorica – Montenegro capital. It was in 1975 when the General noticed the brightly-coloured UFO came into the vicinity of the Air Force. He was on a routine flight in January of that year when he first spotted the UFO. General Jurjevic described the strange flying object as having the ability to change colours as if it was deliberately trying to be observed. The commander further revealed that the UFO was a glowing orb, ten times lighter than the brightest star at that point. The colour regularly changed to white, yellow, light red, and orange, the General said. The UFO reportedly appeared from nowhere and seemed to attract attention on purpose. Interestingly, the mysterious flying object appeared exactly 50 minutes into a flight every single time without a miss. General Jurjevic tried to intercept the UFO on January 25, 1975, wherein the bizarre thing once again appeared 50 minutes into his flight above the city of Cetinje. He went after it, but it mysteriously vanished once he got close.

Several other pilots in his regiment also saw the craft, the General claimed. The commander made a plan wherein two jets were to take off, and two others were to follow a little later from a different airfield to circle the UFO. All pilots were also told to have radio silence to prevent from the ship to intercept mssages. General Jurjevic only just stablized the flight somewhere above Cetinje when the strange object flashed over Budva. Lieutenant Machec saw the UFO above Niksic. The commander ordered Machec to stay in place and take a course parallel to the Adriatic coast, where the commander attempted to establish at what distance the object was. He found out that it was around 10 kilometres. However, it did not allow General Jurjevic to come closer. Oddly, when he reduced the speed, the distance was the same, and when he increased the speed, the distance was the same ten kilometres. What took place in the skies above Yugoslavia stays a mystery until today, and General Jurjevic thinks the case will never be explained. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



It was a summer night. My 3 cousins and I were spending the night at my granma’s house, a mountain beautiful house where you can see the mediterranian sea right in front of you. We were talking, laughing and suddenly my cousin asked me what was that bright light in the horizon flying just above the sea. I told her it was probably a star, it looked like a star and I continued talking. She then screamed: It moved!!  I looked back at it again and I found it was not moving. I told her she was imagining things. I decided to stare at it and suddently, the bright light started moving right  and then went back to its spot, and then left, and then back to its spot. We were surprised and tried to analyze the thing. Suddenly, the object started moving with a phenomenon speed going towards the mountain, which was on the right of the house. It moved silently and then stopped mid flight, then it riversed gear, then moved forward, then riversed gear again and then moved forward again. Then I saw its shape , clearly, it was so close, it was like a disc, with a fish tale form on its back. Blue and red lights were flickering all around its surface. It stopped a moment, projected a light from its below and it appeared that it was landing, and disappeared behind the mountain. The weird thing is, it remember the event lasted a minute or two. My cousins don’t remember the event as clearly as I have and I feel like some pieces are missing. It is a bit blurry when I try to focus, especially with the time thing. Apparently it lasted for many  minutes. I remember taking a photo of it and my phone at the time had a poor camera quality. I remember that I was soooo excited and happy during the event, waving to them etc. My cousins were scared. I wasn’t. I’m still so curious about what happened that night .



While taken photographs from solar/clouds a photographer in Cheswick, PA noticed a “Manta-Ray”-shaped object in the sky on July 30, 2017 and from his location with the digital camera pointed in the direction of s/w sky he managed to take a photograph of the unusual appearance. According to the photographer, the object, which had no seen technique of propulsion or flapping wings, moved from proper to left. Mufon case 85521. So, the unusual appearance is an unknown creature that takes on the type of manta ray or might it’s a large oceanic flying manta ray? Though, given the location which is much from the ocean it appears unlikely that it’s an oceanic flying manta ray, but the query whether or not it could actually fly so excessive between the clouds and keep out of the ocean for a very long time with out taking oxygen.



Myself and three friends were standing up the Blackhill Viewpoint, Lanark, Scotland, gazing into the skies when all of a sudden two piercing lights appeared in the skies to the north of us, they were not beside each other one was much further ahead than the other. They began to move in abnormal ways which made it abundantly clear that this couldn’t be a plane or a helicopter as it moved side to side and up and down far to quick that it almost defied gravity. The first “craft” moved in its flight path and as it came in our eye sight, it was clear that this was abnormal, however, still being the sceptic, I didn’t think anything as the sound generated did sound like a plane, although impossible. As the first craft passed, the second then began to move in the distance following the exact same flight path. Its movement was peculiar as it moved in a flight motion then shot forward but continued in the first crafts flight path and once passed, a third one became visible in the distance again. I know this sounds crazy and honestly I cant find the words to describe it, it left me speechless. Behind the third craft it honestly looked like there was a mothership or something much bigger. This could be because I was caught up in the moment and wanted to believe that this mothership was behind it but back to the third craft. This one was the banker, it closed my mind, I seen a ufo. Its flickered and followed the flight path as the other two but all of a sudden, it was in our eyesight, flying towards us. How it changed direction that quick is unknown as it is not as if I noticed it changed direction, it was just there. As it got closer, the lights flashed front then back, side then side, as if in a cross. The sound generated for something just touching cloud level was impressive, take a plane in the skies, all that way up, it sounded like that but this low down. Now as it went over us, it was clear it was of a circular motion. I would describe the bottom of it as if an eclipse had took place, this black circle was blocking a light which was flickering down. In movies when people get abducted by this light that comes down and the centre bit is left clear, exactly like that. I don’t mean the light came down like that, what I mean is, that’s the way it seemed. It hovered then continued forward. If you know the colour vantablack, the new black that scientists invented, that’s the colour of it. It was visible but invisible. At the time I felt like crying, it honestly left me speechless and that’s hard to do. The drive home was deafening, we never spoke and today as I speak to people about it, its as if I cant be bothered talking about it because I’m left gobsmacked. Its as if I’m depressed and in a low place. That’s how it has made me feel and the fact ill never know what it was kills me. I am going back up tonight and finger cross I get answers. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



The following is a report of a definite UFO sighting with two witnesses in Barstow county Georgia.. On the night of August the 21st, I was in a friend’s back yard when all of the sudden I felt thoughts entering my mind that were somewhat bizarre and felt the inclination to look up (this was many hours after the eclipse had taken place). I’m still trying to digest what we witnessed. Let me also say that both me and my friend are of sound mind and were not on medications or anything of that nature and we are both sure of what we saw and agreed upon it’s characteristics to a tee. So much so that we drew a picture of it afterwards. It was a spinning, transparent, triangular object embodied by a circle in the middle. This is what seemed to be emitting a smoke or haze of some kind. At times the smokey haze was so thick that it was difficult to tell it was there, but it was clearly visible at others. It also had three pulsating circles (one on each tip of the triangle) that emitted shades of green, red, blue, and more) and was spinning at an incredible rate of speed. It was spinning vertically rather than horizontally like most people think of when they think of the average UFO I’ve heard discussed. It descended behind tree cover for a moment, I got my friend’s attention, and we both saw it ascend back high into the sky, hover while spinning, and then flew from south or southeast in a northerly direction, at a speed way faster than any aircraft I’ve ever witnessed. We both were speechless and didn’t say anything for a few moments. While trying to digest what we had both just seen, we saw what was obviously multiple military aircraft flying in the same flight pattern that the UFO had traveled. The first couple were flying at incrible speed, but there were 4 planes altogether that followed the flight path of the UFO afterwards. The first couple following it were still only traveling maybe 20-25% as fast as the UFO and were traveling at Mach speeds most likely. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



We where having a neighborhood BBQ, sitting an the balcony socializing ( 7 people in total) when Colin noticed a strange looking light in the sky. We all where talking about it because it never moved. It just hovered. We also noticed 5 very faint orb type light that moved around the larger object very rapidly. In the blink of they eye they changed directions. We eventually got some binoculars and got a better view. Colin got his camera with a 300 ml zoom and started taking pictures.

Clouds started to move in but we where able witness a completely different object that approached this group. Through the camera lens the new object appeared triangular like a stealth bomber. On approach the orbs got more active but the strange larger object never moved. The clouds eventually thickened and the view of the objects was lost. In total it was roughly an hour long incident.



Arthur Sollitt claims that on the night of February 24rd of this year he captured the strange video clip after spotting the strange lights from his lawn in Booval, Australia. When the weird sight returned, Arthur grabbed his camera and began filming.  From some angles it is like a green rectangle, and then it has a white object above it almost in a T shape in some angles, he told the Queensland Times. At times the white image is above it and at times it is below it. It is almost as though it is turning upside down. It is real hard to explain.  The strange UFO sweeps across the frame haphazardly, glowing against the sky. At times the object seems to morph and change shape as the camera loses and regains focus.

Mr. Sollitt didn’t actually come forward with his video until  recently, when he heard of others having witnessed the bizarre flying object during the night of the 23rd. According to other eye-witnesses, the UFO may have been spotted up to three separate instances.

I’ve seen a lot of things, but I haven’t seen anything like that not even on the internet, UFO Research Queensland investigator Ms. Gottschall told reporters. It remains unidentified. I can see a flashing light on it and it is a strange shape. In some images it is slightly curved the longer part of it. We’d like to hear from others who have seen it, but at this stage it is a mystery.



I wrote you a reply to my 7-27-17 photo you posted and thanked you for blowing it up. I am writing you now as I had another experience/encounter on 8-18-17 where I took a total of 8 photos: 4 at 8.18pm and 4 at 8.23pm. Additionally, the co-worker I described in my 7-27 account told me on 8-11 that he saw something and did send me 2 photos he took. As for my experience on 8-18 at 8.18pm, I was at work and walking back to my unit. I saw a bright white light that looked like it had a trail to some flying craft and took 3 pictures of it. As I walked past a tree or building, I saw that what I had been taking a picture had two objects below it and one to the left. I had enough time to take a photo of the one object I had been photographing and the two objects below it. The two objects below seemed to close, but also had trails. I had to hurry, but determined to get back outside to get photos of two objects. I got back outside 5 minutes later and found the objects had not moved much and their trails were smaller.

I was about 100 yards from where I took other photos when I used zoom function on phone. I took 2 of the right object, 2 of the left object and went back in as I had work to do. I did review what I had captured later. I was surprised by what I found.  The top object in the photo with all 3 objects was purely white and without a definitive form. It had looked like it had a small trail in first 3 pictures. The bottom two objects now looked like the top one had in the previous photos, but the right one seemed going down and the left going up. They, too, had a small white tail. I did not see any red or green flashing lights as one would expect on a typical jet. This is my second encounter in the last 3 weeks. I don’t really know what to think, but know I am capturing something. I am like in “wow” mode. This isn’t normal, is it?  Please do not use my name at this time. I would prefer to be anonymous for the time being.


The Many Mysteries of The Falkirk Triangle And Rosslyn Chapel – UFO Insight

For its size, Scotland has more UFO sightings than almost any other country in the world. A great many of these hundreds of yearly sightings, take place in an area known as the Falkirk Triangle. The region lies between Falkirk and Bonny bridge to the east and west respectively, and Stirling to the north. The reports are as strange as they are varied, but they are certainly consistent. Reports of orbs, light, strange objects and even spaceships landing on the ground are all on record. Even claims of portals, ancient stargates and wormholes had been subject to extensive investigation.  Given all the sightings in Scotland, not to mention the vast amount that occurs within the triangle itself, it would seem there is certainly a case to requires answering in terms of something out of the ordinary taking place.  Before we look at some of the strange incidents, check out the video below. It is a brief look at why Scotland is very much a UFO hotspot.   VIDEO >>

We have written before of the Livingstone Incident of 1979 and Robert Taylor’s chilling experience in the woods near the motorway. It is certainly one of Scotland’s better-known sightings, and possibly one of alien abduction. There were, like most places in the world, regular reports of UFO sightings over the skies of Scotland throughout the 1980s.

Since the early 1990s however,  such reports have skyrocketed. In 1992, a local businessman, James Walker claimed to have seen strange lights in the sky while driving home. They appeared to be following his vehicle. The more he studied them, the more he could see they were, in fact, a distinct triangular shape.

Another report came the same year from Issabella Sloggett and her daughter, Carole. While enjoying a walk in the countryside and heading towards the small town of Bonnybridge, they could clearly see a circle of light ahead of them. They continued along their route, but would keep the strange lights in the sights. They would later describe seeing the lights land in a field in front of them. Equally intrigued and unnerved, they proceeded on their journey.  Moments later, a football-sized blue light hovering above them would descend and block their path. Issabella would state later in her report that following this, a door opened on the craft in front of them. They each then heard a howl-like sound which terrified them so much they would turn and run.



Hi Ken : I was sky watching looking through my binoculars when I spotted a bizarre structured craft descending from the sky. I could hardly believe what I was seeing the craft had ten appendages and was shaped just like a crab. The crab shaped craft was translucent and looked like it was made out of crystal. The sunlight was shimmering off the craft's crystal like surface as it moved. It was beautiful but very odd. I quickly started taking photographs as the strange shaped craft moved across the sky.

I managed to take seven photographs that clearly show the craft's movement. I continued to watch as the craft then ascended into the sky until it was at such an altitude that it was no longer visible to the naked eye. What had I just witnessed? This is quite simply incredible. The photographs were taken on 18th of August 2017, 3:33 PM at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.
John's NoteCheck out the animated GIF image below. The GIF features all seven photographs and shows the movement of this bizarre crab shaped craft.



I took my dog out in the back yard. While he was sniffing around I remembered that we should have now the Perseids which I enjoyed many times watching them. So I looked up, hoping to see a shooting star. There were scattered clowds so I tried to peak beyond them, which was possible, watched a few stars glittering and then, towards the North I saw something that I could not explain. A group of 7-8 lights turning off – seemingly flying in a V-shape formation. I thought maybe was one single craft (it would have been huge if it was), but the lights seemed to move a little one from the other). There was no sound from it, I was hearing clearly the crickets in my garden and absolutely nothing else. They drifted, almost gliding, or floating, without any effort. I tried to be objective, but I could still not explain what I have seen. I did not want to go inside for my cell, as I could have missed it all along, so I preferred to watch them as they moved South. It seems as everything was in slow motion, however, after I analyzed, I realized that it must have been actually very fast, as I seldom see planes crossing the sky. Usually a plane crosses 3 times slower than the object I have seen. Altogether the whole thing must have lasted for about 1 minute. I wonder if anybody else was able to see it tonight. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Hi Ken : It was the pitch black and I was walking along a field heading towards the Teign Estuary when a luminous red coloured object flew over head and stopped above an area in the next field that was just ahead of me. The luminous red object was intensely bright and made no sound whatsoever. I ducked down behind an hedgerow so I would remain undetected and could take a sneaky photograph. I watched as the object eerily hovered over the next field in a fixed position. I went to take a photograph of the object but my Nikon P900 camera would not power on so I quickly grab my fujifilm pocket camera and took a photograph of the intensely bright red object. I always keep my cameras set to natural light and always make sure that the flash is turned off. I would strongly recommend that no one flash or signal these object under any circumstances… You could be abducted or worse. We have no way of telling what their true intentions are or if they are friend or foe.

I continued to watch the object for about two minutes before it began to slowly move off. The object then increased it’s speed and shot off in to the distance and disappeared over the horizon. The photograph was taken on the 11th of August 2017, 12:58 am near the Teign Estuary Devon England. All the best John.

KENS NOTE: John Mooner is the Chief Investigator for World UFO Photos. He has taken many great photos of alien craft for years now in the Newton Abbot Devon area of England.



I was at work in SE part of county. I and coworker were escorting patients back to unit from an evening function when we saw a crescent shaped thing in a cloud formation to the NW, looked like the moon, but knew the moon in another direction. No one could agree if this thing was going up or down. My co-worker said he was going to take pictures, but kept walking. I took my phone and took a photo at normal lens and 2 more in zoom more. We walked back onto unit and an RN said it was an alien ship. I initially did not agree, but by definition it was something no one could identify (UFO). I kept looking at the photos and yesterday finally went to local TV station to rule out a meteorological event. The weatherman busy, so sent email with photos. I had to first Blue tooth photos from phone to I PAD, then sent them. I then looked at the photos again and saw 4 black objects above (3 close together and the other a little to left) the crescent shaped moon on the bigger screen of I PAD. The weatherman responded with description of whole cloud formation, rather than commenting on specific details asked about. I did not see red/green lights like a net and the object seemed to have a shape/form around what could be called the crescent shaped light. It had black dots, less visible translucent dots and maybe even some whit dots on other side. IDK what it is, but look at pictures. Again, the first picture taken with normal lens and contains: crescent shaped thing that is lit up with 4 other objects above it; the other 2 taken with zoom lens and shows from within, the light. I only took 3 pictures, all at 832 pm, as we had to escort clients back to unit, but am very intrigued by what I did capture.



Triangle craft with 3 bright lights traveling low and fast I was driving home Saturday night (10:45 p.m.) April 1, 2017, on a quiet back road and while I drove up a hill close to my home I saw two bright white lights sitting in the sky almost like stadium lights. As I drove closer to the lights and closer to my home I saw that there was actually 3 white lights and the lights formed the shape of a triangle. It is hard to estimate the size of the craft and the height of it but this craft was lower than any other plane that I’ve seen in my life. I stopped in the middle of the road to try and take a picture, at this point I realize the craft is moving and is moving pretty quickly southeast. I quickly take one picture that didn’t turn out well and drove quickly to my home about 200 yards away, I race inside to gather the attention of my family and by the time I got my family and I out on the deck the craft had just passed over the tree line. The night sky was clear there were very little clouds in the sky so the visibility was clear the moon was in a waxing crescent phase so it wasn’t giving off much light. The 3 white lights of the craft were extremely bright, brighter than any star or plane I’ve seen.


The Many Sightings Of The 1995 Galicia UFO Wave – UFO Insight

On the evening of 28th November 1995, security cameras operating at the As Gandaras military base in the Galicia region of Spain filmed several strange objects in the night sky. The Spanish military would take the sightings extremely seriously. According to anonymous sources, there was a genuine fear among high ranking officers of a mapping of their facilities!

It would have been preferable for the military to keep the sighting in house and away from public scrutiny. Unfortunately for them, a group of young men playing soccer in a nearby field also saw the strange objects. What’s more, they would waste little time in telling of their account to the Spanish, and in turn, the world’s media.

By the time the media had picked the bones of the details, it would come to light that the sightings began several days earlier on the 23rd November. And far from being limited to those inside the military installation, they were witnessed by many different people.

Reports were very similar to each other. The crafts were saucer-shaped, with red, blue and yellow lights beaming from them. One report would state that the object flew so low he could see large windows in it, and also, interestingly or not, that no-one was inside!

Perhaps even more disturbingly were the warnings from UFOlogist, Marcelino Roquejo. He would offer to all who would listen that the recent sighting was but one of many happening regularly in this part of Spain. Further to that and more ominously, seismic disturbances were increasing at the same time. To Roquejo, there was surely a connection.
Further Sightings

The sightings would continue throughout the remainder of 1995 and into early 1996. Sightings in January alone were much higher than normal.

The small town of Pedrona was subject to a luminous oval object calmly sailing through the sky overhead. A short distance away in Gijon, several residents would report seeing a strange object hovering a short distance away from the coast over the sea. It sent out a fantastic array of multicolored lights that bounced off the dark waters below.

Perhaps one of the more fantastic sightings  captured on film to boot  was that of Bartolome Vazquez. Not only did Vazquez manage to record a clear triangular craft, but also the two military fighter jets seemingly in pursuit of it.

Another sighting, broadcast in part by the local television station, Channel 55, who responding to the surge of calls from excited residents, went out to film a giant oval craft that hovered motionless for almost an hour.

Along with the strange sightings, those who called this area of Spain home soon began to notice another presence many high-ranking military and government officials. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



In the early 1960’s when I was just a little boy I saw and experienced a cube shaped UFO hovering over a barn in Hopewell NJ as we were driving home to Ewing Township from the Flemington Fair. This UFO had flashing and pulsing lights on it and round portholes (Windows) In the center. It was so close to the side of the road I could have thrown a rock at it and maybe hit it! When we drove by this cube shaped UFO I totally lost my ability to move and talk until we got home. My father was driving and he stopped talking and drove home without saying a word like a freaken zombie. He never saw it or remembered seeing it. When we got home I burst out crying! Not because I saw this UFO but because I could not talk or move for Aprox 30 minutes. My mom started yelling at my dad saying what did you do to him to make him hysterical? He really could not remember a thing and he only snapped out of it after arriving home as I did! Anyway I never even heard of UFO’s when I was that young but afterwards it didn’t take long to put 2+2 together and I have been a believer ever since! This is my story and I swear on my life that it is 100 percent true and every time I re-think this experience I get major shivers all the way up my spine!  NOTE: The above image is real and from El Paso Texas in march of 2017. This case is under investigation by Chief Investigator Ken Pfeifer from MUFON New Jersey.


The Hudson Valley Sightings Of The 1980s Are Still Happening! – UFO Insight

Starting in the early-1980s, the residents of the Hudson Valley area of New York would begin seeing strange aerial sights. The bulk, or first wave, of these strange sightings, occurred between 1981 and 1994. All were startlingly similar in nature. Multiple lights would be seen in the sky, usually moving into formation. Sometimes the lights would move through the sky as if they were all part of one craft. What would also make these particular sightings all the more unique is the multiple witnesses to these events.

 Photograph of strange UFO sighting.
                                Photograph of strange UFO sighting.

Although the sightings died down somewhat in the mid-nineties, there are still reports of such activity in the region today. Perhaps even more interestingly, a short distance away in the Bronx, a surge in UFO sightings appears to be underway.

Perhaps the most well-known of the early Hudson Valley sightings would occur on 24th March over the skies of Brewster. The town’s telephone switchboard became jammed with frantic calls reporting strange lights in the night sky. Gridlocked drivers on the Taconic parkway left their vehicles to observe the lights passing overhead. They appeared to be part of a large mothership craft according to some.

Dennis Sant is just one person who witnessed the craft as it made its way directly over his home. Sant, a government employee for almost twenty years, and married father of five children is an extremely credible witness.

He would later state, Thoughts started to flood my mind, thoughts of the craft touching the ground, thoughts of an encounter with an alien being. Thoughts of being abducted. All types of fearful thoughts started to enter my mind!

According to Sant, the object was most definitely three-dimensional and made of girder-like, dark gray metallic outer shell. The lights were all brilliant colors and had the look of a floating city at night!

The sightings would continue throughout the eighties. Even then, by comparison to today, with reduced news outlets and no Internet, some people were beginning to connect the dots of these random sightings.

In the summer of 1986, while driving home from work one evening, Rob Levine focused his attention on what looked to be a low-flying aircraft. Within seconds it had moved much closer to his position. He brought the vehicle to a stop. The object flashed with colored lights, unlike anything he had seen before.

As he maintained his view of the object, it seemed to keep moving further away and then closer. All the time the craft did this at great speed. The lights would flash in a V-shape, and then seem to form into strange, unknown letters. Levine would later claim that he had a feeling the craft was attempting to communicate. All the while, he noticed how quiet his surroundings were almost surreal. As were the light beams projecting from it. However, they seemed to Levine, to be strangely projecting from the ground and up to the craft.

In total, between 1982 and 1986 alone, over three-hundred reports of such sightings occurred. The details of them were remarkably similar. All would speak of lights in many colors and of them arranging themselves into shapes, in particular, a V-shape.  NOTE: The above images are witness renderings.


On 7th May 1989, a report of a strange, unknown craft entering South African airspace resulted in Mirage Fighter Jets taking to the skies to intercept. They received orders to engage, which they did, firing at the craft.

It came to a stop in the Kalahari Desert, around eighty miles from the border of South Africa and Botswana. The South African military would be on the scene within minutes. The fighter jet had continued to circle the crash site until they arrived.

The area around the object was evidently so hot that sand and rocks had fused together!  Radioactivity was also so high in the crash site, than many of the military’s electronic equipment failed to work.

The strange craft was a polished, smooth silver material, seemingly hard, but with no visible seams anywhere. What appeared to be portholes were present on the craft  these were unevenly spaced. Also, what the military assumed was landing gear was visible. This suggested that the craft was attempting to land as opposed to falling from the sky out of control.

The retrieval team would force a hatch open, and two crew members removed from the craft  both still alive. Each dressed in tight fitting grey suits, with an estimated height of around 4-5 feet tall. Their heads were much larger than their bodies, and their eyes were equally out of proportion. The report basically describes what most people would call a grey alien. Under the suits, their abdomens also had a ribbed, scaled appearance.

The craft safely retrieved and on its way to an unknown South African military base, with dirt and sand covering any evidence of the incident. From there, the object went on a one-way passage to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in the United States. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



08/06/2017 1:40pm – North Plainfield, NJ – WEATHER: Low Overcast I was watching TV in my living room. The balcony door was closed. I begin to hear a faint roaring sound. The sound got louder and louder to the point that my cat was alarmed and looking for the source. I went out on my deck at about 1:50 to investigate. After looking at the highway expecting a truck making the racket, I look up at the sky. To my amazement, I see a EXTREMELY LOW plane. I thought that must be the source. The roar was easily 3x higher than an normal passenger plane, which I have never heard while the TV was on in the 10 months I lived here. The plane did not look like a passenger plane either. The wings were shaped much different than passenger planes. My area gets air traffic from multiple airports, big and small. As it got closer I realized that this is a fighter jet! I was immediately taken back because this thing was going to be flying almost completely overhead. Getting closer I noticed I could actually see a pair of missiles shillouetted in the center of the wings (see fig). I could not believe how low this jet was and I felt that it couldn’t have been save or legal. This jet flew at about a 45 degree angle by the time it pasted my apartment building. Once it passed over head the plane banked hard to the left and began circling eventually ending up going right again but with a greater altitude 55 – 60 degrees. After reviewing photos of the fighter jets that we use I would say this jet was most similar to F-16 or F/A-18 Hornet. At this point I notice another object in the sky. This one immediately looks different. It truly looked like the flying disk but tilted in an diagonal position. The downward end was kind of pointed away and to the right of me (see fig). I wasn’t sure what this craft was. Could have it been a jet too but with reflections and certain atmospheric conditions look like it something else? Or was this beyond that? Regardless, this object appeared to me to be “floating in the wind” at first but then I saw it start to head towards the right (southwest). The jet continued to circle and climb while maneuvering towards the left side of the unknown object. The unknown object then started moving to the left, towards the jet. Their apparent altitudes were different however so it wasn’t like they were going to crash. This is when the loud roar became really loud and I witness three more planes come from the west. I could tell immediately that these were planes, not something unknown, and that they were most likely the same type of jet. Now I am thinking that this must be a training exercise and because of the heavy and low overcast they are doing their drills much lower, even though the first plane was uncomfortably low. But then the unknown object started to climb and circle around and descend while the planes were all maneuvering in the sky. This seriously looked like a shot in “TOP GUN”. I am still in disbelief. All these objects appeared to be dogfighting or practicing evasion techniques. This lasted for about 2-3 minutes. Passengers planes were also within the area. They were pretty low too as the other planes and such were dancing with each other. The unknown object then got smaller and smaller and a pretty quick pace as it fled south. The jets did follow pursuit and the loud roaring diminished. About 10 minutes later the roaring was back and growing in loudness. I could hear the jet overhead but didn’t see it at first. It was up in the clouds now was flying back north and the roaring faded away. The other jets and the unknown object were nowhere to be seen. Another 5- 10 minutes pass and I hear the Red Shift effect of the roaring jet coming back over head heading in a different direction. This cycle repeated several more times. I got the impression that this jet was searching for something. NOTE: The above image is my CGI.



AUGUST 5, 2017   ………….. CASCADE IOWA………9.25 PM

I had just finishing dinner and prior to dinner a large cloud like object was following me… I was attempting to get a photo of this odd haze that was further south. After dinner, I went out back and noticed these fireballs emerging. I have video and photos on two cameras. 3.The objects flew up and seemed to hover, there were two at times. Please note that about 2 weeks ago I was close to Gary Owen Church and I had one fly directly to me and it was about 25 ft and was eye level, as I was standing on an incline. It was hovering between trees and was 50-100 ft away. When I looked over from where the initial ball of light started, there were 6-8 white floating orbs. When I got to the road I saw a fireball and white saucer following. When I had the driver pull over the car the power lines were shaking. You could feel a vibration up my legs and radiated through my body. The second site was just outside the city, and as my friend and I watched outside her vehicle a metallic dome looking object fly around, her car drove forward on its own and was close to going off the ledge of the bluff. The “objects” are unpredictable. 4.I am a licensed pilot and I have never seen anything change shape, move forward, backwards, left, right, up and down so quickly 5. The last one came very close and changed path as if it was circling. I was not able to get a picture or video of the final one, which was the closest to us. Both cameras were blurred.


Honduras: UFO Sightings On The Rise

Tegucigalpa, Honduras — Her sleep was disturbed by the parrot squawking at that time of the morning. Upon stepping out to the yard, she found the bird staring skyward and her amazement was indescribable as she witnessed a luminous object moving beside the sun. The object descended and its surroundings acquired an aqua-green intensity before it sped off to the north at a tremendous rate of speed.

The time was around 6:00 in the morning last Sunday. The singular vision shocked her out of her Sunday slumber, giving her enough time to reach for her smartphone and take three photos of the strange object as it moved in the heavens.

The first two photos showed a bright spot, but in the third, the object lit up in such a way that it made it clear that it had a force field. When it dashed off into the clear blue skies, “Sandrita” was sure that she’d seen an unidentified flying object (UFO).

Others in Honduras, much like “Sandrita” (who preferred to conceal her surname), and hundreds of others around the world are seeing from one to entire flotillas of objects, as well as the added shock of encountering one of their occupants or extraterrestrial beings.

The event has left the girl from a Comayaguela neighborhood full of questions after having photographed a UFO without meaning to do so. Many others worldwide are also wondering about the purpose or goals such craft might have.

Humanity has kept records of so-called extraterrestrial contact since the dawn of times. An increase in UFO sighting reports is occurring in every country on the planet, including Honduras.

[Translation (c) 2017, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]


JULY 28, 2017   ……………..  DAYTON WYOMING

My husband & I we’re outside drinking coffee when I saw something white on the horizon. There were 2 of them & I just stood there trying to figure out what they were. They had movement that reminded me of a blimp but faster. The 2nd object was quite a ways behind but caught up quick. I had my camera in my hand & so decided to take a picture. I almost didn’t get the chance before they were gone.We felt that it was definitely something not explainable!!



On the evening of April 3, 1996, my husband and I had been watching the Hale-Bopp comet. On the way home, we watched the total eclipse of the moon from the Staples shopping center. When that ended, around 9:00 p.m., we headed home in our car. We were near the top of Pearl Street, heading west towards Lake Champlain, when the event happened. From there we had a clear view of the lake, the Adirondack Mountains, and the sky above them. Suddenly, a very bright whitish/pale-yellow sphere of light came into view on the far left. The sphere was moving slowly across the sky in front of us. For most of the time we watched it, it was moving in a straight line, parallel to the lake, from south to north. Just before we lost sight of it, it seemed to be moving in a slight downward arc. From where we were observing, it appeared to be just above the mountains, and to be about the size the sun looks at midday. It had a thick trail of bright whitish/pale-yellow sparks behind it that was so long that at one point the sphere plus the tail stretched across about two-thirds of our view. This tail was coming from the whole left half of the sphere, and coming to a point at the end, forming a cone, like an ice-cream cone, with the sphere itself the ice-cream. The right (forward) side of the sphere emitted no sparks or flame. We heard no noise. We estimate the total time elapsed to be about 30 seconds from the time the sphere first appeared to our left until it disappeared from our view.  As soon as we got home, about 3 minutes later, I wrote down all the details of the sighting and called a local radio station to report it. The station wasn’t interested. We then called the police, who took down the report. The police called us back. They had called the airport and been told nothing had been observed and that it must have been a meteorite. It wasn’t a meteorite. It wasn’t hurtling downward; it was traveling horizontally, much too slowly to be a meteorite.  NOTE: The above is CGI. This case is under investigation by State Director Ken Pfeifer of MUFON Vermont.


Never — A– Straight –Answer

Why did NASA just destroy Apollo tape recordings found in a basement? | Alien UFO Sightings. The nation’s space agency may or may not be trying to hide something, but it just did something extremely suspicious.  As reported by the U.K.’s Daily Mail, NASA officials recently discovered  a trove of historical tapes from the Apollo era, when the space agency was sending astronauts to the Moon and then destroyed them after they turned up in a basement in Pittsburgh: NASA recently destroyed hundreds of mysterious tape reels and two Apollo-era NASA computers used during the height of the Space Race, documents have revealed. Most of the tapes, wiped in 2015, were unmarked, but some were related to Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 NASA’s missions to Jupiter and Saturn during the Apollo moon landing era. The space agency said the documents were destroyed because they were of no historical value and were too difficult to recover. That’s the story we’ve been given, anyway. But in an era when we can recover and restore all kinds of data, it seems rather difficult to fathom that one of the world’s premier space organizations can’t dig up the technology necessary to restore taped data. In addition to the hundreds of tapes, NASA also destroyed a couple of computers from the space-race era as well. They had been stored in the basement of a onetime engineer for IBM for five decades. The engineer worked for NASA during the 1960s and 1970s, the Daily Mail reported. After he passed away in late 2015, he left the files and equipment to a scrap dealer, according to Freedom of Information Act documents that were seen by tech site.

The tech site noted further:

At some point in the early 1970s, an IBM engineer working for NASA at the height of the Space Race took home the computers  and the mysterious tape reels. A scrap dealer, invited to clean out the decease’s electronics-filled basement, discovered the computers. The devices were clearly labelled NASA PROPERTY, so the dealer called NASA to report the find. Please tell NASA these items were not stolen, the engineer’s heir told the scrap dealer, the FOIA information noted. They belonged to IBM Allegheny Center Pittsburgh, PA 15212. During the 1968-1972 timeframe, IBM was getting rid of the items so [redacted engineer] asked if he could have them and was told he could have them.The report in its entirety is here, with the engineer’s name redacted. Upon inspection by NASA personnel, it was discovered that most of the mysterious magnetic tapes were dated between 1967 and 1974. (Stay current with all the latest news on NASA at

According to the redacted report, NASA officials told the family of the late engineer that they did have to remove the computers which are extremely heavy and placed there by crane decades ago  because the space agency had no use for them.  But one NASA official did order that all of the tapes be destroyed, for some reason. There is no evidence  that suggests this material is historically significant. I recommend disposal through the immediate destruction of all magnetic tapes, the official noted, according to the FOIA-tied report released by NASA.  One space agency archivist said that restoring data on the tapes would have been very costly, and even then, it wasn’t likely that anything could be recovered from the mold.  However, historical data from that period would no doubt be extremely relevant to some space experts. And again, going to all the trouble to destroy tapes containing data in which space agency experts said was probably not recoverable anyway raises doubts about the space agency’s credibility. NASA once accidentally erased the Apollo 11 moon landing tapes, perhaps that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. How is anything related to landing on the moon not historically significant? You only destroy things you don’t want people to see, said one Reddit user.

KENS NOTE: My theory is that we did not go to the Moon in 1969. The evidence is staggering. See my web site and see the ” did we go to the moon ” gallery. This is only a small portion of the evidence we have of the fake Moon landing.



While driving to Pigeon Forge my girlfriend noticed an object. I thought it was just the cellphone tower with a red light in the distance, then corrected her. She then told me that I wasn’t looking at the correct thing. I then noticed about 100 meters above the surface was an object with slow rotation, and white blinking lights on each appendage that pulsed slowly across the two. The object was triangular or square, though a rotation was present I didn’t get to see a full rotation, and only one light was active at a time. In the centre of the object was a large sphere, which seemed to produce some sort of plume that extended roughly 5 meters from the sphere. The appendages only produced the white lights from what seemed to be greyish circles. The object was shaped somewhat like a pyramid, with convex sides, like the attached drawings. On the exterior of the object, the triangular features seemed build up to the sphere in an overlapping pattern, and did the same but inverse on the inside leading up to the sphere. Imagine there’s more layers of triangles overlapping in the attached (poorly drawn)drawing. That convex shape on the sides is nicely displayed, though. The drawing is of a top view. The object approached relatively fast. The speed of my vehicle was around 75 MPH the whole way. While the vehicle approached at about 60 m/s, it slowed to about 25 m/s once it reached me. It seemed to follow a straight path in my time observing it. When I wasn’t able to focus on it, my girlfriend noticed it’s closest point was about 200 metres from us. At this point it appeared to be about 15 metres in diameter. My girlfriend pointed out that it flew over the road, then simply vanished once we had driven about half a kilometre from the closest approach. Personally, I’m an avid rocketry nerd. It somewhat comforted me to know that that could have been an extraterrestrial vehicle, regardless of the chances. I’m sure others may have had a different reaction. I simply wished that I could study it, and it peaked my curiosity my whole journey. As for my girlfriend, it was a mixture of fear and excitement. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



I was driving to Green Bay to work this morning, N down HWY 41 near Wrightstown, which is right between Brown and Outagamie counties. At approximately 7:08, I noticed a silver, very bright, oval shaped object suddenly appear to the right of the HWY. Somewhat like a disc. I would guess it was less than a mile away. It was fairly low, but higher than treetops, power lines, overpasses. It appeared to be reflecting the sunlight. It seemed to appear out of nowhere, and was a very bright flash in the daylight, so it caught my eye. It hovered for a few seconds, moved slightly to my right, then slightly left again, then disappeared. I blinked several times, somewhat in disbelief, and thought it was odd the way it appeared, then disappeared. I kept leaning down to look out my windshield, thinking maybe it was at a different angle, and wasn’t so bright without the sun reflecting, but could see nothing. Not even a speck. The sky was fairly clear. There were clouds at higher altitude, but at the elevation it was seen, there was clear, blue sky. Not even a speck. A few seconds later, it reappeared, just as bright as before, but slightly closer. It’s difficult to judge the distance it may have moved, because I was also driving toward it, and with it disappearing, I didn’t witness the movement. It seemed to hover again for a few seconds, and disappeared again. I wasn’t able to see it after that. I was driving at approximately 75MPH, and it happened so quickly, that I wasn’t able to get a photo or video. Green Bay is Austin Straubel Int’l Airport (GRB), so I thought “it was probably a plane ascending”, but I see planes on a daily basis, at different times of the day, and I’ve never seen them that bright, nor disappear then reappear. When you see a plane ascending during daylight, it generally isn’t reflecting light, you can generally see the clear shape of a plane, and see it the entire time, heading in one direction at a steady pace until it moves out of sight. I found it striking enough, that when I got to work about 20 minutes later, I checked GRB’s flight schedule. There was a Delta flight that took off at 7:06, which I did rationalize in my head as being the right time to be the object, but had that nagging thought of “Delta’s planes are white (I fly Delta), and wouldn’t flash that brightly”. This appeared to be thicker, taller, have more mass, and far more surface reflection than a plane.

I decided to text my husband Mike, because he was probably .5-1 mile ahead of me, as we left for work at the same time, and travel the same HWY for our commute. Here is our conversation: Me: “Did you see a plane this morning? I swore it looked like a UFO.” Mike: “I was thinking the same thing! I saw a bright ball of light, then it was gone, then I saw it again, then it was gone. Really Weird!  This looked more like a fat, silver disc. If the sun catches a plane, you should still be able to see it when it changes angle. It shouldn’t have disappeared.” Mike: “The headlights on that thing were different than big planes. It was coming toward me and that was the only light I could see. I didn’t see colored warning lights.” Me: “I thought it was just shiny. Couldn’t tell it was lighted. We should call MUFON.” I was joking, but clearly…after thinking more about it, I find it to be serious enough to actually fill out this report. Mike: “That’s all I could see was the light. Funny that we both saw it and questioned what it was.” Me: “What was weird was the way it moved and that it disappeared and reappeared. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have questioned it much.” Mike: “The disappearing thing caught me searching around too. If I didn’t have to get to work I would’ve pulled over & investigated.” I’ve seen countless objects and lights moving in the sky, and occasionally ask myself “could that have been?”, but never have I thought it was valid or strange enough to tell anybody about it, and certainly not fill out a report. Note: I’m listing one witness below, in addition to me, as my husband was driving the same HWY and saw it, but there were hundreds of cars in traveling the same HWY, so I’m sure others saw it as well.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



My father was stationed at Federal Penitentiary outside of Boron CA. (Generally the federal government assigned former military outpost or government related properties to serve as federal penitentiaries.) We lived in the former military housing of this once radio communications transmission outpost for Edwards Air Force Base. We were 33 miles from Edwards. It’s now abandoned. One afternoon in the fall of 1979 I was walking home from the bus stop with my sister to discover a extremely large very low flying ‘ship’ moving toward us from the west and hovering directly above our house. It was a massive ship and shaped like the tip of an obselisk and MASSIVE It was so close I could see clearly the underside of the ship. The ship was black, the surface was textured like sand. The underside of the ship had recessed symbols and shapes; trapezoids triangle and other geometric patterns that looked hieroglyphic. The ship was massive. It was larger than our home and made no sound at all. My sister and I stared at it for about 35 seconds. The ship then ascended directly up words slowly by about 50 feet then slid back towards the west and 50 feet then zagged to the right or east another 75 feet or so. It then shot to the north east like a bullet. My sister and I waited to hear the sonic boom as we were accustomed to seeing the space shuttle maneuvers. We never heard it there was no sonic boom and at that speed it should’ve generated one. About 10 years after that event I met Chuck Yeager through one of my former classmates whose father served and was very close to Mr. Yeager. After I described to him in detail what I saw he answered me saying it was probably the Harrier AV-8B at which I laughed; it wasn’t remotely similar. I can send to you a Google Maps pin drop of the exact location/house of where I saw the ship Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. NOTE: The image is my CGI.


In 1974, the Betz family made as startling discovery that took the world media by storm. But no one knew what this mysterious metal ball was, which has become known as The Betz Mystery Sphere. Fire ravaged 880 acres of a woodland property on Fort George Island, Florida that had a history going back to the 16th century, where a Spanish mission had once been located. While Antoine Betz a Marine Engineer and his wife Gerri were examining the fire damage to their property, they came across a strange sphere on the ground. At first they thought it may have been cannonball given the areas history  but they soon realized by the highly polished metal surface of the seamless or this was something different. They then thought maybe the space aged looking object could have fallen from a NASA or Soviet satellite, flying above and somehow landed on their property. Thy mysterious orb was about the size of a bowling ball and weight 22 lbs; but the unusual thing was that it had a strange elongated triangle, that was etched on the surface. Seeing it as only a strange curiosity, the family decided to take it home with them and their son Terry, wanted to keep it in his room  but that did not last for too long.


download (3) Terry Betz and The Betz Sphere

A couple weeks after the unusual find, Terry was playing his guitar and to his shock, the metallic orb started to react to the sound of the strumming. According to his testimony, the sphere resonated out a deep throbbing noise that seemed to greatly upset the family dog. Then it began to move to certain chords being played. It didn’t take long before the Betz family discovered that the strange object had other strange characteristics. When they pushed it across the floor, it would stop, vibrate then suddenly change direction and return back to the person who had pushed it.They also saw it roll around the edge of the table finely balanced but it did not fall off onto the floor. On one occasion, they tilted the table at an angle, then saw that the sphere defy gravity and travel back up the leg of the table. The family also claimed that it rolled for approximately 12 minutes continuously, while changing direction by itself but never once stopping. They considered all options and decided that it may have been fitted with a very sophisticated guidance system that allowed it to do this.


From what they had observed, the strange orb seemed to be powered by solar energy (even though solar energy was first discovered by  Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839, it was not in commonly used in 1974). They noticed that when the sun was shining brightly  the orb was more active.

download (1) Antoine Betz showing The Betz Mystery Sphere

Terry who had a curious nature, decided that he would do some tests of his own to try and work out what this strange object was. First he gently hit the sphere with a hammer, which resulted in it ringing like a bell. Then he shook it vigorously and the orb suddenly rolled around the room as if trying to escape from him. It is rumored that at night the Betz family would keep it in a sealed box  so that it would not escape.Occasionally the orb would emit a rattling or low frequency vibration, as if there was some sort of mechanism running inside.


Word soon got around about the Betz Mystery Sphere and quickly it started a media frenzy  everyone wanted to know about this strange ball. Both officials from NASA, The Military Corp and  Arial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO)  were sent out to see the sphere. They examined the steel object and could determine that there was no indication that it was manufactured or tampered with. The military personnel would arrive skeptical onlookers, but by the time they left, were full of questions.Despite requests from officials to take the ball to a lab for testing, the Betz family refused but soon they had no choice.


Soon the sphere started to exhibit strange and almost poltergeist behavior.

images (22) A stainless steel ball

Doors would suddenly slam shut of their own accord and at night the house would fill with loud organ music  despite the fact that the Betz family did not own an organ. This quickly became too much for the Betz family, so they agreed to allow the orb to be tested under scientific conditions  they wanted to know what this was? The orb was taken to Jacksonville Naval Air Station in Florida, where the sphere was given to both scientists and metallurgists to examine. They tried to x-ray the sphere to see what was inside, however x-ray machine was not strong enough to penetrate the metal, which they found baffling. They determined that sphere was 7.96 inches wide (20 cm) and 21.43 pounds (9.67 kilograms), which could withstand 120,000 of pressure per square inch. It was made of magnetic stainless steel of the excellent quality, designed to withstand the highest heat temperatures and was corrosive resistant.


The navy eventually used a 300 KV x-ray and discovered 2 objects inside the sphere  surrounded by a halo of material with unusual density. They also discovered that the spheres displayed 4 magnetic poles, 2 positive and 2 negative which did not have the same center. It also showed signs of being radioactive but it was not explosive and one scientist (Dr Carl Wilson) was noted as saying that it defies the law know to physics.  Another scientist (Dr J A Harder) is reported to have said that the elements inside were heavier than anything known to science.


There have been people who have tried to debunk the Betz Mystery Sphere with many explanations ranging from: it was a lost steel ball that was meant to be used for an art project  to a sea bottom marker that somehow got into their burnt out field. Since that time, other orbs have been found on earth  since 1974 that include from Australia, Russia, Iraq and America but no one knows what they are or where they come from. Now over time no one talks anymore about The Betz Mystery Sphere  but where is it now?  No one seems to know and it has somehow disappeared from many people’s mind.








A friend and I were on our way to Tesco, after which we were planning to go on to an evening picnic. When we made it to the carpark (facing tesco and the White Rabbit Pub), my friend pointed to the sky, and we both observed a disk like object pass from left to right. It was small, disk shaped object, that in fact looked a little like a flying saucer sweet! It was very fast, and maintained a strangely path. It was a dully blue on top, and a dull yellow underneath. The evening light seemed to shine off the bottom. I could not make out any windows, only a domed shape on the top and the bottom. It disappeared behind a building to our left and did not come out the other side. I can only assume it changed direction. My friend and I looked at each other, shocked! We could not believe what we had seen and started guessing at plausible explanations. We did not know who to go to until we found this site! We are planning to go back when university starts again to try and catch it again, and take a photo if we see anything. We were heading to a picnic to celebrate the full moon. We thought that maybe the full moon may have some connection to what we saw. We would love some feedback to put this idea to rest in our heads if this is possible!








There were 6 of us canoeing late October 2015 on the Chiniguchi River System east of Sudbury, Ontario. We were camping at the North end of Dewdney Lake at about 9:00pm. I noticed a red light due south of us. The red orb was stationary but after about 10 minutes, it drifted to the west slowly then disappeared. I captured many photos with a 30x telephoto on my Canon. An airplane in the area is plainly visible with running lights and 2 searchlights. One photo shows camera shake. Another at low magnification shows the light reflecting off the lake. This is my third sighting of lights so there was no surprise for me.

The others were curious but some discounted my UFO explanation. I farm and do carpentry, so I spend way more time outdoors than most, not including my canoe time. I also spent about 2 years working on and around aircraft, helicopters and fixed wing. This was neither. Surprisingly, the night before we camped about 15k south and a helicopter with searchlights buzzed our camp about 2:00am at low altitude. Is there a connection or just a coincidence? I saw an incredible light display about 25 years ago and finally saw a craft this July. I will file reports later.







Hi Ken : I was at the Teign estuary sky watching looking towards Dartmoor when I spotted two large black objects that rose up from a distance field. The black objects then flew up into the sky where I was able to photograph them just as they were near a large cloud. I continued to watch as the black objects then flew away at great speed into the distance and then disappeared out of sight.  I was facing the direction where the objects had disappeared into the distance when I then just happened to take another photograph and to my amazement I managed to capture two more objects that were cigar shaped. The two cigar shaped UFOs seemed to be on the same flight path as the original objects. The photograph shows the two cigar shaped UFOs passing the same large cloud that the original objects had previously past. This is incredible… The Teign estuary is becoming a real hotspot for UFO activity just lately I wonder why? I can’t wait to do more sky watching from this location in the future. The photographs were taken on the 14th of July 2017, 6:40 PM at the Teign estuary Devon England. All the best John.



JOHN'S NOTE: To see one UFO in a day is amazing but to see four is simply incredible... whatever these UFOs are they sure like to be photographed.. I have photographed hundreds of them over Devon England and I believe this is a way of making their presence known to the general population. The powers that be can't keep this cover up going forever. it's just a matter of time before the truth is known by all... Check out my enlargements and enhancements of photograph one and two below.

Photograph one enlargements and enhancements

Photograph two enlargements and enhancements


Spain: Ministry of Defense Investigated at Least 8 UFO Cases in 70s-80s

The Ministry of Defense was aware of at least eight strange phenomena in Alicante’s airspace during the 1970s and 1980s. These cases were part of the Spanish Air Force’s (Ercito del Aire) UFO Files. Today, 80 of those files, which include the events at Aitana, may be freely perused in the Ministry of Defense’s website.

The first UFO incident linked to the Escuadron de Vigilancia Area (Air Surveillance Squadron, EVA) in Aitana was dated July 28, 1975. A number of non-commissioned officers witnessed an object performing a fly-over of the EVA military facilities at 05:30 hours. The report discloses that shortly before the sighting, the radar had picked up a ‘motionless echo’ over the sea.

On February 6, 1979 at 21:17 hours, EVA 5 picked up radar echoes over the sea. At that very same time, the fuel ship Tamames‘ witnessed ‘multiple lights’. The Ejercito del Aire’s report indicates this could have been a ‘parachuting’ exercise. A month later, on March 13, 1979, the Aitana Base’s radar picked up an ‘unknown echo’ heading toward the Iberian Peninsula. The Defense Ministry then scrambled a Mirage III fighter out of the Manises Base to find out what was taking place in Spanish airspace. There would be another scramble months later, this time from the Los Llanos airbase in Albacete. Captain Fernando Cmara took off in his Mirage F1 searching for lights reported by the pilot of a TAE Airlines flight from Mallorca to Tenerife, seen over the city of Valencia. The date was November 11, 1979 and it would become known as the Manises Incident, the most significant one in Spanish ufology.

Another of Ministry of Defense file that has been digitized and is available for review concerns an incident that took place on April 26, 1986. An object was seen plummeting into the sea into the waters near Benidorm at 18:00 from the Sierra de Aitana’s EVA 5 facility. The Guardia Civil (state police) was advised and the military did not pursue the investigation. The last UFO case recorded by the EVA 5 facility took place on July 26, 1986 when radar picked up an unknown echo on the Baleares-Cdiz route.

Among the declassified documents now available to the public we also find the letter written by a resident of Alicante on June 25, 1981 to the Spanish Air Force, advising it of a UFO sighting from the terrace at his place of residence. The citizen attached drawings of the alleged object to his letter, showing a boomerang-shaped object. Another of the Ercito del Aire’s digitized files concerns the sighting of “strange phenomena” during Iberia Flight 435 from Palma to Madrid on February 25, 1969. NOTE: The above mage is CGI.







My name is Danny Cruz and this is a record of my account with Flying Saucers. It was July 19th ,2013 approximately 3:00pm in Covina, California. The flying saucer was silently and slowly flying over the homes of the street. I did not see the flying saucer descend from the sky it was already on a slow trajectory moving north. The flying saucer was designed out of blue and silver metallic material with a piece of the ship that stood out to me particularly. The piece of the craft that stood out to me was the blinking white light. The craft has a top down design and at the top is a half dome with a blinking white light. It helped  me determine that the craft was not rotating as I had kept my sight on the craft the whole duration of it while within 20ft above me and as it continued north crossing the street from where I was standing. The flying saucer changed its trajectory soon after it crossed over me. The flying saucer began to ascend and started in a diagonal pathway in an eastward direction. At a certain point in the sky it began its way over the Foothills which is north of me.  I kept my sights on it until it flew over the Foothills and I lost sight of it.  While it was close to me I began sending telepathic messages to the pilot to see if I would get a response. I told them not to leave and that I believed they had something to do with everything about my life. That day was of particular importance to me and the flying saucer was a sign and an answer to my prayers.

July 16th-21st, 2000 at Mammoth Mountain Inn, Mammoth Lakes, California, early afternoon, I teleported in the stairwells in the buildings from the East Wing to the West Wing of the Hotel which share no natural pathways with each other, approximately the same distance as the Flying Saucer was away from me is the distance that I teleported. Both teleportation events took place very close in time. It was silent and without interfering in my footsteps up or down the stairs.

February 3rd, 2013, Orbs over Azusa, California, Super Bowl Sunday around noon. Two silver Orbs appeared together high in the sky over Azusa, California on Super Bowl Sunday while I was at the bus near Foothill and Citrus. I watched the two split off into different directions, while one continued to head eastward the other went on a diagonal South Eastwardly direction and that’s the one I kept my focus on while it headed towards the horizon. It was moving very fast I thought that it would be out of sight over the horizon in less than 10 seconds from when I first had my eyes on it. Just as it was about to cross the horizon and as I was begging to think that I would lose sight of it that it turned back in on the same trajectory 3 times faster than it was travelling just seconds before it began making its way back to where I had been standing. All of a sudden it was over me still high in the sky and the other one or another Orb appeared with it and they began to spin opposite of each other and equal distance apart at with a high velocity keeping the turning fast and tight approximately 6 times in a counter clock-wise direction and then they both disappeared.

Telepathy, its blue and you see it with your mind’s eye, depending on its nature a part of it rests in the back of your brain and the rest of your mind is in a constant flux of the energy as it moves through you, it speaks on its own and the carrier intertwines their own thoughts with the telepathy. It is sometimes more crystalline and does not flow through the mind rather the mind vibrates with the telepathy and the carrier is speaking side by side with telepathy in an audible and observable phenomenon if any witnesses are there to see the person speaking with telepathy. The language is over 1,000,000 words that have the basis structures of the English Language that are recognizable such as assonance, consonance, and alliteration. Telepathy conveys the message of creation to the carrier. The phenomenon associated with the message is manifest on the conscious level to whatever degree he perceives himself to be creator over the universe and have the ability to manifest a creation with the power and meaning of Words.

White Light shined down from the apex of the north western part of the sky from my observation point, it was in Glendora, California, in my backyard, on my trampoline with 3 of my friends spending the night, around 2:00am. The 4 of us were in Junior High School camping in my backyard when a white light beamed down from the sky and stayed over my backyard over my rooftop. The Flying Saucer shares the same accidental information as far as size, shape, proximity, silence, duration of proximity. It leads me to believe that these craft can zoom down from Deep Space or Low Orbital Space with great precision and speed along with the ability to stop in an instant and turn back to where they came from quickly. Our shared testimony to this day is that we all tried covering our eyes from the light, that we were unable to move, the first thing we did for ourselves was to see if any time had passed. We asked ourselves this question and went to the street to check on her car; Nikki was a high school girl hanging out with us Junior High Boys. Nothing changed; we never spoke about it with each other again at school for some reason. It was years later that we had called each other to talk more about it. We have all talked about it and have had a lot of difficulty handling life in general for some reason. We all have very traumatic life stories.NOTE: The above saucer image is CGI.

KENS NOTE:  Danny Cruz is a close friend of mine and he continues to amaze me every day.  He is an agent for the ” Deep Space Particle Acceleration Corporation ”and his new web site will be published in a few weeks.  Stay tuned……



On Saturday, July 15, 2017 at approximately 6-6:10pm, I was standing outside a drug store, finishing a cigarette before entering the store. I looked up at the sky over the park across the street and noticed an airplane, likely a 747, flying southeast and away from me. An object, egg or spherical shaped, perhaps 1/8th the size of the airplane, was seemingly flying along side the plane’s left. The object appeared to be a dull white or light gray in color. The airplane drifted to the right, separating from the object, while the egg/sphere maintained a straight path. I didn’t pay attention to the course of the airplane since I was fixed on the object. My first thought was that it was a balloon, because it was still bright enough at that time of day to make out the shape clearly, and I believed that perhaps it might have been an illusion of perspective. That was until I focused more clearly and noticed it moved in a straight path and at about the same speed as the airplane. It also didn’t have the wobbliness of a balloon in mid air. As it continued to move farther away, it split into two objects that appeared to be equal in size and shape. I still thought this could possibly be a balloon, or perhaps a bunch of balloons that separated in the air, but the object never appeared to be a cluster or bunch as it initially looked like a single, clear defined shape. Both objects then flew parallel and equidistant from each other, in the same direction. As they moved further away from me, they became brighter as if glowing, then disappeared or faded away in the distance. I never thought to try to record the sight with my cell phone since I wasn’t sure what I was seeing until it was too late and the two objects were too far for my phone to record clearly.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.

The above case is under investigation by Chief Investigator Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey.



Duration: 5-10 minutes 4.45 PM

Three darkened objects spotted moving between approx. Parker/Aurora (perhaps Smokey Hill area).  Every so often, objects would rotate and project beam of light. Perhaps 10-15 miles away from viewer. bjects spotted and perhaps 10 minutes total observation. Speculation the objects were there before viewer spotted them initially. Objects initially appear to be somehow connected as they undulated together in the sky as if they were connected, but later one of the objects broke pattern with the other two and did its own maneuver and then returned to the other two, and then the three of them continued maneuvers together. Due to the undulating pattern, it is not thought they were just one object such as a dark plane with three lights (since one did separate from the two and then later rejoin) since the viewer has witnessed planes heading to or from Denver as the viewer knows the flight path over east of Parker Road and basically down E-470 to Denver. Objects went higher in elevation, lower in elevation, east, west, north, and south  moving further away and then closer in several different patterns, some looping, some more block-style in nature. Ball lightening ruled out since ball lightening doesn’t last this long. Total movement from time noticed until they disappear into the passing storm that was hitting Aurora area at this time was maybe 10-30 miles. This seems too far for a controlled drone or drones and drones don’t seem to be able to fly in unison like objects. Drones also don’t seem to have such bright lights as object were maybe 10-15 miles away. Objects did not appear to be metallic, but some kind of darker material, so doesn’t resemble photos seen of weather balloons, and weather balloons don’t seem to have lights or ones that were so bright as the objects did. Objects were making various loops, appearing to stop in mid-air, rapidly going from left/right (West/East) but were generally following either an Easterly or North-Easterly direction. During this same time, a large storm with hail, rain and lightning was passing from West to East north of the viewers position with the objects between the viewer and the storm. If this was under human control, why were these maneuvers being carried out extremely close to a monster of a storm? The viewer cannot think of any plane, drone, etc, that can make such maneuvers. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Two large UFOs have been seen flying over Chelmsford | Essex Live.  A man has described his surprise at seeing two large UFOs in the sky over Chelmsford.  The resident, who did not want to be named, saw the objects in the air over Manor Road where he lives on Monday afternoon (July 17).  The two UFOs, which were different shapes, were first spotted by a group of people in the street just outside the city centre.The man who contacted Essex Live said he was in his garden when he saw a small group of passers-by staring up into the sky. “When I looked up I saw two large objects in the sky. They were jet black underneath. They were quite big and quite high up. They were sort of rolling over and over in the sky. At first I thought they were bits of a large balloon but they didn’t move like that. “Then I wondered if they were bits of plastic that had got up into the sky but they were moving faster than the wind which didn’t make sense. One was almost a cylinder shape and the other was longer. It was very strange. “There is no way they were aeroplanes. At this point I rushed indoors to get my camera and when I came back they had moved a bit further away but I managed to get a few snaps........







I knew a girl whose Dad was stationed at an Air Force base in our state. At the time, there were two Air Force bases and one Marine Air Station in our state. The teen said he went to see the girl and stay with her family over the weekend. He arrived Friday evening. The family had dinner, then he and the girl decided to walk over to the base movie theater and see what was playing. He said that they saw the movie and were walking back to the family’s quarters, in the company of many Air Force kids and families who also saw the movie. He said that, as they were walking, Air Force Air Police (think they still called them Air Police at the time) personnel began driving down the base housing streets, ordering–yes, ordering–the theater-goers to the nearest base housing residence. A siren or tone was wailing from somewhere. It seems to me that the order included some kind of spoken code. but I have no idea now what it was. With no resistance, the crowd began moving toward the base houses. When the guy, his friend, and several who had been walking near them, came to the house, his girl friend, without knocking, pushed the door open and they all walked in. He said the members of the household were about the business of pulling window drapes closed. The guy said he had the impression that this was a regular occurrence, because the household family was pleasant. The family invited everyone to sit, pulling out some folding chairs, and they were able to accommodate everyone in the group. Seems like the host family served water. Sometime about an hour or so later, the Air Police again went up and down the streets giving the all-clear, and somewhere, the same siren or tone was sounding. What the teen said was that the girl told him that he must not ever tell anyone he knows that he had been involved in what had happened. Like most teenagers, the boy was telling his friends the story. The girl friend said that the incident was either a drill or a real thing. She said that the incident was what happened when UFOs land on base property or nearby, and that these matters were common on various Air Force bases. Because I was with my wife, aunt, and my aunt’s friend, I could not involve the teen in any conversation to ask questions.

NOTE: The writer wishes to remain anonymous and will not divulge the location of the AFB. In the past, I have received reports of similar incidents on military bases. I made a list of AFBs in the US where I have received UFO landing alert reports: Minot AFB – North Dakota Kirkland AFB – New Mexico McGuire AFB (now Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst) – New Jersey Eglin AFB – Florida MacDill AFB – Florida Travis AFB – California Lackland AFB – Texas I have also received UFO incident reports at other military installations…two of the most active have been Fort Campbell (Kentucky / Tennessee) & Fort Knox (Kentucky).








Although it happened around two-hundred miles to the north of the Ota Air Force Base, an incident in the autumn of 1990, also remains unexplained. In the small town of Alfena, a group of school children on their way to class would spot a strange object overhead. According to their reports, the object was saucer-shaped, with four beams hanging down. One witness would describe the object as being like a turtle with legs.  Some witnesses, extremely spooked by the sightings, began to throw rocks skyward toward the object. One resident, however, photo journalist, Manuel Gomes, managed to take four clear pictures of the craft. Manuel Gomes, sitting at a local diner, was soon told of the sightings. He was a photojournalist and worked with the Morning Journal News.

He quickly gathered his camera and rushed to the location of the latest reported sighting.  He managed to take four photographs of the object. He was unable to identify the object as anything he had seen before. He turned over his report and photographic negatives to the CNIFO research group, who began an investigation into the events of the day. After about an hour, the unidentified object finally flew away into the horizon, leaving many questions as to its origin and purpose. As researchers began to discuss the sightings, various theories were offered. The photographs taken by Gomes were examined and found not to have been tampered with. What was seen in the Alfena skies was exactly what was on his photographs. The big mystery was: what was the object? Of the many theories offered, the most plausible was that the object was some type of observation device, possibly launched by the military. However, the military claimed to have nothing in the air at that time and location. The case of the Alena, Portugal craft remains unsolved to this day.


The morning of 2nd November 1982 would take a bizarre turn at around 10:50 am. Pilot and flight instructor, Captain Julio Guerra, reported to ground control that a strange object hovered beneath him. Within seconds, the strange craft went from under his Chipmunk plane to directly in front of him.

The object was so close to Guerra’s plane that he could clearly see the make up of it. He would later describe it as a round craft in two clear halves. These halves fit together like two tight-fitting skullcaps!

Between the two halves was a grid with flashing lights seemingly shining randomly. The bottom of the two halves appeared to have a dark center spot, possibly the craft’s propulsion system.

The object would circle and hover Guerra’s plane for close to fifteen minutes. It would move at an alarming pace, performing moves, not within the capabilities of any known craft.

Another Chipmunk arrived into the airspace, with both its occupants, Carlos Garces and Antonio Gomes, witnessing the craft themselves for around ten minutes. It continued to circle around the two planes, dashing in-between them at extraordinary speed.

Attempted Interception And Investigation

Guerra made the decision he would intercept the object. Realizing that he would not be able to chase down the craft due to its superior speed, he instead headed for a spot where he anticipated it to be. He almost met the craft head on before it swerved upwards and came to a stop right above his plane.

Suddenly the object would shoot off from the scene at breathtaking speed. The pilots didn’t see the craft again.

Upon landing their planes at Ota Airbase, all three pilots would immediately make reports of their encounter. There was no initial follow-up until the Portuguese Air Force Chief of Staff became aware of the incident. He would take the unusual decision to invite independent UFO investigators to look into the incident. Not only that, he would make the military files unconditionally available to them. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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Cold-War era incident that occurred in October 1982. It involved an American RC-135 spy plane that, while monitoring Soviet military operations, came under some kind of surveillance by a large, unidentified and brightly-lit aircraft. The USAF base detailed in the report was located at RAF Troodos on Cyprus, and discussed an incident involving an unidentified aircraft which lasted close to 90 minutes.This is particularly intriguing to me, as I have a story that  to a degree  is somewhat similar to the one which Micah refers to. It’s a case that also revolves around both U.K. and U.S. authorities. The location is the same: Cyprus. The UFO, in both cases, was described as being large. And, the case brought to my attention occurred in the summer of 1981, just one year before the case referenced by Micah. Also, both UFOs were in view for a considerable amount of time. It’s important to note that I can’t be accused of having fallen for a modern-day hoaxer, as the story was given to me years ago. In fact, it takes up three pages of my first book, A Covert Agenda, which was published way back in 1997, a full twenty years ago.For a period of time beginning in 1981, the source of the story was employed as a radar operator at a particular military facility on the island of Cyprus (RAF Akrotiri).

On August 16, an unknown vehicle, described as being vast was tracked approaching the island at a height in excess of 30,000 feet, and at a speed of around 900 miles per hour. It was initially believed that this was a conventional aircraft, although one of an undeniably extraordinary size. This tentative conclusion was quickly blown out of the water, however, when the UFO came to a complete halt in the skies  hovering high above RAF Akrotiri for close to an hour. Those who saw it described it as being of a brilliant white color, triangular in form, and somewhere in the region of seven hundred feet in length.Interestingly, the informant  who shared his story with me on January 12, 1993  revealed that at some point before the incident took place, the Ministry of Defense had issued what was described to me as a complete stand-down of military planes in the area, in the event that something both unusual and extraordinary might be seen in the sky which it certainly was. Reportedly, a huge amount of photographs of the object were secured. They, and the station’s log-book, were handed over the next day to a man and a woman from the Ministry of Defense, and who had flown in from London. All those involved in the curious affair were reminded they had signed the British Government’s Official Secrets Act.

It’s interesting to note that, soon after, according to the informant, a meeting was held at a U.K. military facility called Royal Air Force Lakenheath, located in the English county of Suffolk. Those who attended the classified meeting, specifically to discuss the event, included representatives of the British Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations.There’s no doubt that the most baffling part of the story revolves around the claim that the MoD seemed to have prior knowledge that the UFO would appear in the skies over Cyprus. In light of this, I asked the guy who who related the story to me if he had pondered on the possibility that the object was not a UFO, after all, but some kind of secret, highly-advanced aircraft of a terrestrial  rather than extra-terrestrial  nature. Given that the craft hovered over the base for around three-quarters of an hour and was around 700 feet in length, he felt that such a scenario was highly unlikely. But, he admitted that he had no answer as to how the MoD knew the craft might appear. After A Covert Agenda was published, Mark Birdsall, the editor of Eye-Spy magazine informed me that he had received a near-identical story years earlier. Maybe, in light of all the above, we’ll soon learn more about what was afoot in the skies of Cyprus in the 1981-1982 period. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

Thanks to Nick Redfern. He works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies.






JUNE 8, 2017 ………………..TROY NEW YORK

My wife ((wife’s name deleted)) was standing on our deck (south facing) and called me as she was wondering what a single reddish globe light in the sky was. The object came from the south (from Westfield/Eden direction) and traveled towards us. As the object neared, a second object (same color) appeared from the same direction. Shortly thereafter, a third object appeared.  They appeared to be ˜globes and moved in a somewhat fast rate of speed. There was no noise. Their movement was very smooth (no quick movements).  Object 1 traveled towards us and, at one point, began ascending straight up (it disappeared). Objects 2 and 3 passed the house (to our left look at the objects). As they passed, I noticed what appeared to be a single light (underneath) the object.

I could make out a black shape (outline from the light) but could not distinguish what it was. That is, they flew low enough for me to see that it did not have a bank of lights. I am confident in saying that it was not a plane as I did not see wings. The light was bright and did not flicker or pulse. I have seen and heard drones when deployed to Afghanistan. This was not, in my opinion, a drone. I am forwarding a picture captured of object 2 and 3 from our deck. I have other pictures but the size of the file would be too big to email. These were taken from my android phone (Samsung). Note that although it appears to be a globe it is my sense that what you see is the light (under?) the object. I cannot confirm that it was, in fact, a roundish shape.



USAF officer takes a photograph of a winter scene, with a clear, blue sky, and apparently photographs two objects that may have been hovering nearby.  The first reaction NUFORC had to the photo was that the objects might have been so-called lens flares, but there are elements of the photograph, and the orientation of the two objects in the photo, that seem to us to militate against that hypothesis. We post below the statement that accompanied the photo, and include the photograph.  We invite comment.


Recently we were going through a huge stack of family pictures taken over many decades.

We were living in North Dakota at Grand Forks Air Force Base where my father ((deleted; an officer at)) a wing of nuclear armed B-52 bombers always on alert. We underwent a three day whiteout blizzard with 60 MPH winds that buried our house in snow in early March 1967. In between the houses the wind had blown the snow away to Canada since the ground is completely flat as far as the eye can see.

One from the front of the house is a picture of me digging out our car. My father then took a boring picture a minute or two later of the flat area between the houses to show that the wind had scoured the open areas clean of any snow drifts. We didn’t think much of the picture at the time.

It wasn’t until 2016 when we were going through the pictures that we noticed what looks like two UFOs in the sky over our house! Thought you might be interested because the picture is quite intriguing, to say the least!  No one in the family noticed anything unusual at the time the pictures were taken.

The picture was taken looking from Grand Forks AFB, back eastward towards the city of Grand Forks, about 20 miles away. We were in the last row of houses on the base so there are no other dwellings in the picture.



Supervision place Moscow, Russia Date and time of supervision of 2012-12-01 18:25:00 UTC As looks Spherical Southwest direction.  Addition Shooting from the 11th floor the administrator. buildings approximately in 01/12/2012 18:25 NIKON D90 camera, object it was observed within 10 minutes then reduced brightness and I went out at all. The object was noticed over park where never in a night-time happens sufficient lighting. The object was allocated with brightness, shining the park territory. The luminescence was unusually uniform, shadows from the shined trees seemed the strange directed. by object consideration in the 28th multiple increase in any additional details it isnt revealed, whether unclear there was it flat or volume, but most likely spherical, the luminescence was absolutely uniform in all surface. The personal perception – seemed that in park the device of the lighting, any emotions not defiant was installed, then assumed that there is shooting or telecasts, but looking in the optical device, didn’t find in a vicinity of any person, the generator, a lighting cable, it seemed strange, in a few minutes light grew dull sharply approximately twice, in some (25-30) seconds at all went out. Not far from object the car stopped, the driver obviously didn’t decide to go further since the object hung over the road.

After the object went out, it seemed logical, to see on its place the gone-out sphere, but in the optical device of anything, except trees and the road it was visible not. I decided to check that it was, from a shooting place to a place object of minutes 25 on foot on snow through ZhD an embankment. On a place there was nothing except traces of cars on the road, snow will be not touched, traces only mine, cables of the food, the thawed snow, the scorched branches, a smoke smell etc. wasnt. For a light source of such power it seemed unusual.







In 1998 Dr. Steven M. Greer resigned his post as Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina to spend all his time and energy on exposing a massive corporate-government coverup of extraterrestrial contact that’s been kept under wraps for decades. Why does this matter? It’s not so much the dozens of deceased aliens secreted at Fort Huachuca in Arizona, Greer says, or even the super secret radionic technology that took the life of his assistant and two colleagues and nearly killed him. It’s not even the prototypes of UFOs that roam the Southwest’s friendly skies, looking so much like real E.T. craft that it’s hard to tell the difference. (Your tax dollars at work.)

What’s important, Greer insists, is that if the government came clean with what it knows about E.T. technology, we could upgrade the planet. Not only would we wean ourselves off oil and other fossil fuels, but we could scrap nuclear power and implement clean, cheap, safe energy that any country or culture could afford. One problem: That might weaken or topple the corporate-government power structure that controls our fuel and energy systems, mass-produces war weapons and keeps a tight rein on the global economy. So how to shine a light on a shadowy consortium that promotes war while fostering scarcity, making gas prices astronomic?

Based in Crozet, Virginia, Greer’s Disclosure Project has convinced hundreds of insiders, including military brass and CIA ops, to defy nondisclosure pacts. They’ve coughed up documents (some still classified) and signed testimonials. Greer’s got it all — in fact, he gave Peter Jennings’s producers access to these bombshell revelations for the ABC special on UFOs that aired last spring. But, as the good doctor found out, you can’t give this stuff to the mainstream media and expect it to air on prime time. “They won’t let us do it,” a senior producer told Greer by phone. “I said,’Who’s They?'” Greer recalls. “And he said ‘Dr. Greer, you know who they are.’ And click, he hung up.”

So why not get these documents to the President of the United States? Been there, done that. “Hillary and Bill spent hours poring over them,” Greer claims a close friend of the Clintons reported, adding that when Clinton took office, he wanted two questions answered: Who killed Jack Kennedy? and What’s going on with the UFOs? It didn’t take long for Clinton to realize, says Greer’s friend, that he had a much better chance of completing his term if he followed his own “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

In 2001, Greer held a press conference at which many witnesses came forward, but it was eclipsed by 9/11. Since then he’s gathered more insiders willing to reveal what the government won’t. So if you’re tired of holding hands with the Saudis, or you think it’s time Earthlings had access to that cool, antigravity technology that allows UFOs to dodge our weapons (most of the time), check out

“It’s about your pocketbook, not about little green men,” says Greer, who wants to replace fossil fuel and nuclear power with the advanced energy systems used by E.T.’s. Where do you get that? “Just ask the government,”Greer replies. “They’ve had it for 50 years.”





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It was a hot summers day, and I was sitting in the garden, outside my building, when I noticed something shiny in the sky, I knew it was not type of airplane, because, I live under the flight path to two airport, Gatwick to the South and Heathrow heading to the North. I always take my camera and binoculars outside day or night. I took out my camera(old TZ8) and zoomed in and started taking pics, I managed to get about 5/6 pic, when I looked at them, I was so so shocked at what I was looking at, I decided, I was not staying out side anymore. I had/ have a Instagram page( its not in my real name), and later that evening I uploaded the pictures and told my followers, that I saw a UFO that evening.

The UFO disappeared into the clouds and that was the last I saw of that one. The next day,I went back into my garden to do some reading,when I noticed, something red, in the sky,I took my camera out of my bag and started taking pics, I only managed to get one pic of this UFO, because it was moving so fast After seeing this UFO, I packed up and went inside, because I was getting scared. Since then,its been hell. I now have UFOs, coming over me and my building, every time I go outside to stargaze. I have pics and videos to prove what i’m saying is true, I also have witnesses who have seen UFO come and stop over me.



I wanted to share my own little UFO experience. Taking a risk because people are cruel and judgmental. I’m surprised about how many people had not had an experience like that. I guess it’s about location, location. My experience blew me away, it was the infamous Illinois event, the big triangle airship that was sighted over parts of Southern Illinois & Indiana. I got to be one of those witnesses. So my story starts out where we are at a friend’s log cabin she had recently built out in the boonies, here in southern Indiana. In the boonies there’s no street lights or anything. Not to many folks, you know. So we’re out there and I’m with my family and it’s a winter’s night. We’d been there for an hour or so and I was inside. I just had this really strange feeling that I wanted to go outside and go out on the porch. It’s winter! I grab my hat, my jacket and my gloves…and I tell my husband I’m going out, hang out on the front porch for a little bit and just get a breath of fresh air. I don’t explain anything further, but I just have this feeling I need to go outside. So I go out there and I’m looking up at the sky. It’s a beautiful, starry winter sky. I love the winter. I remember looking to my left and, you know, seeing the stars and I remember panning to my right and, right there, is blocked out stars, it’s black, I can’t see the stars anymore. I’m looking and it’s in the shape of this triangle and it’s huge! I’m like focusing and trying to wrap my brain around what I’m seeing and it is hovering but it’s got a slow forward motion, just ever so slightly and it’s quiet. I mean, I didn’t even know that it would have been there had I not been looking up at the sky. If I’d have just been standing on the porch and not looking up, I would have never known it was there. And I’m watching it and by the time I gather myself and get my head together, I want someone else to see this too. Now I don’t want to be the only one to see this thing so I’m pounding on the windows, pounding on the doors. You know everybody’s inside, it’s winter time. I can’t get anyone’s attention. By the time I get their attention, they come outside it’s already started to move out of the field of vision because we’re surrounded by trees, which are now blocking it. I mean, like, you know, evergreens and stuff, blocking the view of this craft. I’m like, no one else sees it but me. Yeah, story of my life. So I’m freaking out and I’m telling my husband, “Dude, there was a UFO right there, as close as, you know, the trees, the treetops, just right there, I mean, like it was watching, like it was looking and watching.” It creeped me out because I felt like as I was watching it, it was watching me. I didn’t like that. It gave me that big brother feeling. What helped me feel better was the next day. I wasn’t the only one that had seen it, as there was actually police officers in the state of Illinois that witnessed this exact craft, as well. So I was thankful that I wasn’t alone in this experience and it changed me in so many ways. It was very profound because it happened to me. I’m an adult and a grown-up and it really was unnerving and the feeling that it gave me unnerved me too. So I thought I’d share my creepy story of my triangle shaped UFO in southern Indiana.

This is a witness account from January 5, 2000…the UFO incident in which police officers in Southern Illinois chased a triangle shaped craft across several counties. This witness sighting was in a rural area of neighboring Southern Indiana, seemingly before the Illinois sightings. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



We were driving along a road near Unionville, heading east…when we saw this object hovering over the woods just ahead. My husband stopped the truck and ask me to take a picture. Couldn’t tell what it was…first appeared some smoke around it in the ring shape. Appears to have smoke below and around the object. It appeared as a figure 8 on its side. It remained in one spot then simply disappeared. No motion just gone. If you zoom in on the attached image appears ring mass floating in the air.

We though it a group of birds, or a smoke ring from a ground explosion but hearing non or seeing nothing In the area further eliminated any known source. After talking with friends a same object was seen in South East mo on the same day about 70 miles from our sighting location.



Hauptstuhl, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany… I suffered a headache at around 11:00 pm so I decided to go to bed. I entered my bed room and my head began to feel heavy and eyes began to hurt with a intense pain. I got into bed and almost instantly I fell asleep. What seemed like seconds later I heard the TV and the Play Station 4 turn on down stairs. Upon hearing this I thought maybe my wife was home from work. I realized that couldn’t be possible because she didn’t get off until later that day. Fully aware of what was going on (but obviously still tired) I tried to get out of bed but found myself unable to move at the slightest. Sleep paralysis had been common for me throughout life so at first I wasn’t too worried but this was different. I began to panic and try to force myself out of this paralysis but every time I used energy I heard a voice inside of my head tell me to stop moving and sleep. I knew the voice wasn’t my own because at the same time I was talking to myself in my head (almost yelling) saying “wake up now!” This battle with the other voice, that almost seemed to control me went on for about 15 minutes until I finally had enough. I said a quick prayer and promptly rolled over onto my back trying to catch my breath when suddenly I saw it! Please be aware: the incident below happened in a matter of seconds so I am trying to describe as best as possible. Directly in front of me on my window sill was a small figure. If I had to estimate it was maybe 3 feet tall. I did not see any eyes because the room was pitch black, but the silhouette of the figure was clearly visible because of the light that shown through the blinds. I believe it had its back towards me, one hand was raised and there was a bright blue almost white light that was casting through the window onto it. A quick flash was emitted and the being was gone, almost instantly that the being had left that my headache, eye pain, and fatigue also left. This experience has truly, truly changed my life. I have had other incidents in my life that now that I look back on after doing more research I believe we’re other visitations and or abductions. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and if anyone could offer me help or insight, I’d be very grateful. – MUFON NOTE: The above image is CGI.



I was on guard station in small building in Iraq in 2003. From the Samarra CMOC I looked out toward the Tigris river and saw what looked like a fire ball. It looked exactly like some of these fireball orange pictures of the sun but was maybe anywhere from 30-60 foot in diameter. A solid sphere of fire. It raised up from what looked to be the Tigris river and moved very slowly and smoothly. It hovered maybe 50 foot off the ground then started moving parallel to the ground still very slow and smooth. Moved maybe 100 foot then started on an upward direction. It then almost vanished but looked like it took off straight up at a very high speed. I have been all over the world and was in the Army for 7 years. I have never seen anything like this ever in my life. I reported it and it was quickly dismissed. But a team, including myself, got put together within 20 mins and we went out to investigate. Nothing was found but the vegetation was very dense with very tall grass, probably about 10-15 feet. Never got an explanation and never seen anything like this again. This was around September 2003 in Samarra Iraq. I was on the front gate guard post around 10-11pm local time. It was very quiet with no one around anywhere since there was a curfew I am unaware of any type of ordinance that can do that as slow and smooth the object moved, maybe no more then 5-10 mph and very smooth. No noise was heard from it. I was within 100-300 feet or so of it. If you look at a map of Samarra and find the police station next to the cemetery, just over the main bridge and into the main city. I was looking from the front gate at about the front gates 10 o'clock direction and toward the Tigris river. I would be willing to discuss this and possibly be willing to disclose my identity. Would really love to know what I saw since it’s bugged me ever since. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Green lights in Chevron form flying over Fort Collins, CO. I was letting my roommate’s dog outside, when I saw a group of fluorescent green lights in the form of a chevron. This was observed a few minutes after 23:30 MST approximately 4 blocks south of CSU Fort Collins campus. The event lasted for 5 to 10 seconds. It was a clear night with no clouds, stars were visible. I was the only witness who saw this. I am a senior at Colorado State studying Civil Engineering and have a good understanding of physics, optics, and trigonometry.  There were 5 to 7 lights in the formation, and were first seen 20 to 30 degrees above the horizon. I was looking south when I first sighted them, and watched them move north almost directly over head; they were 20 degrees from vertical to the east of me. As the chevron passed over head, it started accelerating and gaining altitude, before the lights disappeared 40 to 50 degrees above the horizon looking north. The lights were observed for a total of 100 to 120 degrees in the sky. As the lights passed from south to north, they changed shape from a chevron into a straight line. I live on a N-S-E-W street grid, and I can determine that the lights were traveling within 10 degrees of the N-S axis. From the observation point, the lights appeared relatively small, but much larger than a star. The individual lights were round, with a hazy edge and appeared to be about 1/6 the size of the moon. The chevron formation had a span of 3 moons, and stayed approximately this size for the entire duration, as they changed shape. As the object passed overhead, it made no sounds. The dog I was letting out did not respond to the event.  ((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and we found him to be eloquent, and sober-minded. In part, because of his technical training, we suspect he is a very capable witness. He has submitted a very nice graphic, which illustrates the sighting, and which is posted to the NUFORC website. PD))  NOTE: The above image is CGI.


MARCH 14, 2017 ………..ANCHORAGE ALASKA…….11.30 PM

3 orbs in the shape of a triangle, morphed to a long thin line of light above tree line in Anchorage.

While taking the dog for a walk, at University Lake in Anchorage, we headed through a treed trail, and on to a clearing. After several seconds, my daughter said, Dad, look at the lights in the trees.  To the north, I saw three white orbs in the shape of a triangle rise above the tree line. It appeared to turn West, and as doing so, the orbs turned into a long thin bright white light. Like a long fluorescent light bulb, but so much brighter.  It then headed West and no lights were visible. I opened my eyes wide to let as much light in as possible (the moon was not above the horizon at the time). That is when I noticed the shape, very much like a box kite, but with triangles on top and bottom; essentially an elongated diamond. We stood there for about a minute after and headed back down the wooded trail talking about what we had seen.  After about 40 yards, I said let’s go back. I was shining my flashlight on the tree line and my daughter said that if we see anything, she will record it with her IPhone.  Once again, three orbs in the shape of a triangle appeared in the same spot slowly rising above the tree line. This time my daughter took out her phone to record and her phone died. She said it was at 60%. The same scenario as above played out, the orbs turned to one long bright light, then as headed West was just a dark silhouette of an elongated diamond until it went out of view (total time about 20 seconds each occurrence.  At this point we left as it was cold.  My daughters phone did not turn back on until we got home and plugged it in. it immediately showed 62% of battery power. NOTE: The above image is the witness drawing..


Many abductees have had small devices placed inside their bodies. Common locations are deep inside nasal cavities, behind the eye, in the back of the head and neck; or in the feet, toes, hands, or jaw. These implants are real. We have photographs, X-rays, and CAT scans of them in place. Several of them have been successfully removed by medical teams. Upon removal the implants sometimes disintegrate, but most often they don’t. It is believed these implants are used to monitor activities or the physical condition of the people in whom they are placed.

Evey indication seems to be that the implants are from alien beings. However, no one really knows for sure. Even those doctors who remove them and do research on abductions continue to use the term “alleged”alien implants. Wherever they come from there is little doubt something extraordinary is going on.

So I’ll tell you some remarkable things about these implants, and then I’ll tell you about a couple of doctors who remove them. They have made some astounding discoveries. By the way, if there are any physicians out there, pay attention!

Photo of Alien implant

Photo of Alien implant

Photo of Alien Implant after removal

Courtesy of Dr. Roger Leir

The implants are made of a metallic substance. Some are small and round, the size of a BB. Others are no larger than a pin-head. They come in many different shapes: round, triangular, spiral, and thin as a fine wire. They are clearly visible on X-rays, and hundreds of X-rays of these implants have been taken and documented by researchers. Most of the implants found so far have been placed on the left side of the individual’s body.

While in place, these implants are surrounded by an unusually strong covering of living tissue comprised of protein and keratin, the same stuff your hair and fingernails are made of. This covering is so strong and tough that surgeons cannot cut it with a hardened steel scalpel. This same scalpel can easily slice through bone. There is not anything on earth made by man that can match the strength of this simple outer covering.

Cross section of an alien implant

Cross section of an alien implant

Implants have a structure that appears to be ‘atomically aligned’.

It is thought that this covering is so strong because all its atoms are atomically aligned. That is, all the atoms lie in one single direction, providing a level of strength not yet achievable by humans. The only creature on earth that can atomically align something is a spider; the tensile strength of a filament of spider’s web is amazing, which is why it can stretch so far without breaking. By the way, the tight-fitting space suits found on the alien bodies recovered from crashed flying saucers were also atomically aligned.

After an implant has been removed from a person’s body, it is then possible to cut through the tough outer covering, possibly because the aligned atoms and the surrounding tissue are no longer being charged or powered by the abductee’s electrical energy field.

Prior to being removed, the implants give off a very strong electromagnetic field. A Gauss meter (used to measure electromagnetic fields) registers off the scale when it is held next to the area of the body where the implant is located. However, once the implant is removed it no longer registers on the Gauss meter. The implication is that the person’s own energy field is what powers the implant and allows it to generate the force field.

While in place, there are large bundles of very sensitive nerves surrounding and growing into the implant; specifically, these are the same types of nerves that allow your hand to hold a glass with the right amount of pressure so as not to crush it, or to hold it so lightly as to drop it. These implants are often found in places where these kind of nerves don’t normally grow, such as the back of the hand or in the jaw. Yet, an implant found in the jaw will be completely surrounded and penetrated by this kind of nerve tissue.All the patients retained for study of the implants had no prior history or record of any surgeries. They had not had any accidents, and there were no other occurrences which would account for the implant being in place

Not only that, but in all the cases studied there was absolutely no sign of inflammatory response, either chronic or acute. There was also no wounding or scarring. There was no point of entry and no path of entry. Consider this: If we could insert metallic devices into the human body without any inflammatory response, then we would have the capability of doing complete organ transplants without any concern of rejection!

An electron microscope was used at a magnification of 100,000X and confirmed that tissue had grown right into the metallic surface of the implants. The implants are comprised of eleven different elements.

These implanted devices have been examined by some of the world’s leading metallurgy labs, including the lab at Los Alamos, New Mexico. Without knowing what the implants were or where they came from, the lab at Los Alamos concluded that the implants must be pieces of a meteorite, because no such metallic isotopes are found on earth. They put this in writing, in their lab report.

Operating under the same conditions, the metallurgy lab at the University of California at San Diego concluded that the metallic isotopes were “extraterrestrial.”



This may come as a surprise to some and something that many may find hard to grasp. Reports have surfaced from a reliable source that Dwight Eisenhower the 34th President of the United States Dwight Eisenhower actually met with aliens from another planet. Who is this source that some considered to be quite credible the late President’s own Great Grand-daughter, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Anyone who knows some of the backgrounds of this President would know he had an impressive military career before becoming President of the United States. Before his military career ended he would work his way up to the highest rank, there is that of a five-star general. He became a driving force during World War II on the Allie side. So, he would have had high-ranking military clearance, making him someone that would be briefed on highly secured matters such as alien encounters. According to Laura Eisenhower around this period, Dwight Eisenhower had a meeting with actually alien beings, one of three she claims happened. At one of the meetings, it was reported that Eisenhower actually negotiated with one alien race to obtain technology from them in exchange for the aliens being allowed to abduct a few humans for research purposes with no real harm coming to the test subjects. There is now documented proof online that these meetings did exist after years of speculation being circulated. Now comes perhaps one of the most undisputed sources an actual family member of the late Commander and Chief.  Laura Magdalene Eisenhower has taken much time to account not only her Great Grandfather’s encounters with extraterrestrials but her own as well. There are interviews now online of her discussing in detail what she knows about President Eisenhower’s meetings and her own. But even with her being such a close source to the President some question the credibility of what she is saying. But despite the naysayers when we stop to look at this and the period it could make sense. Didn’t the crash of a UFO happen in Roswell, New Mexico around this time? What really goes on at Area 51, which by the way came into existence around this time. So, when stopping to examine this perhaps the possibility of a then high ranking general who would one day be President striking a deal to stop an all-out alien invasion may not seem so impossible.




I was lying in bed at about  2 am in the morning and looked out of my window and seen this strange looking light. At first I thought it could be a Chinese lantern so I went and got my binoculars out and to my surprise it was a flying disk, but deeper that you normally see. It was like it had been distorted. There were multiple lights on it.  I’m not sure if they were all the same color but some were on and some were flashing, no aviation lights. I grabbed my phone to try get a photo but it was too fast and I’ve a broken leg, so it took me time to get to my front door to try spot it again. I just seen a bit of it disappearing over houses. I went back in to my bedroom and went straight to my window and it was back were it had been and going in the same direction, so this could of been a second one or the same one I’m not sure, but looked the same. When I saw it through the binoculars it was made of what looked like metal panels. It was the classic shaped flying disk but was deeper like it had been stretched from top to bottom very strange. NOTE: The above image is CGI.


JUNE 5, 2017     6:08 AM………… GARDENA CALIFORNIA

I was walking northbound from my parked truck to enter the building I work in. I have always kept my eyes on the sky, even as a child. I have seen many unidentifiable craft in my days and my grandfather worked for Boeing and Rockwell. This helped create my interest in the sky watching at a very young age. At first glance I thought that the object was a hovering helicopter, a bunch of balloons, or possibly a drone of some sort. The lack of noise or lights made me discredit the possibility of this object being a helicopter or drone. I work in the aerospace industry now and my company is 5 to 10 miles from LAX. There are multiple flight paths that I observe daily to my admiration of aircraft. There are also a large number of military flights that take place in this airspace, but the military craft are usually helicopters and not jets. They are always very loud and noticeable. V22 Ospreys fly over the 110 South and then hook a right westbound over Rancho Palo Verdes quite often as well. When I first observed the object I was facing west from my location and I was under the impression that it was hovering in place. In retrospect, it may have been advancing towards my position because this was the only point in my observation that I was under the impression it may have been hovering. Once I noticed it was moving I also noticed it was doing so at a steady pace. It was traveling north east slightly (more north direction than east) and I observed it slowly adjust it’s path and change direction from north east to north west. It appeared to be attempting to morph. Despite the surface of this craft moving around in a very unstable and liquid type motion it’s velocity and trajectory were stable. It was almost like a cloud of heavy metallic black liquid but it’s overall shape remained relatively uniform. The nature of this object made it very hard to focus my vision on despite the fact that the craft was dark black and the grey clouds and sunrise made the sky very contrasted against the color of the craft. I felt as though it was tricking my eyes into looking at the clouds above it instead of the craft itself. Shortly after it changed direction (north east) it began to shift it’s shape more noticeably and it went from a big morphing liquid blob to an elongated and very small boomerang type black craft that was no longer morphing. It seemed to become completely solid at that point. Once again with no lights or sounds. Almost immediately after it shape shifted, It began to shrink in size at a extremely impressive rate. (5)I have witnessed many different types of unidentified objects and this was by far the most troubling and emotional sighting. I felt shocked and scared and for once I felt terrified instead of intrigued or awestruck. I have seen lights, orbs, but never anything like this. (6) It shrank in size until it was gone. Either it literally shrank, or it traveled away from me at a great speed. NOTE: The above image is CGI.







Colombia: Three Alleged UFOs Over Plata (Huila)

On March 3, 2017, starting at 3:00 p.m.,

A phenomenon was recorded over Plata (Huila) that left locals looking for answers. Three mysterious UFOs were sighted in the skies over the community. According to eyewitnesses, the objects remained static most of the time and as evening grew closer, they flew toward each other quickly until they vanished.  A witness to the event remarked: “Three unidentified flying vehicles remained static most of the afternoon until dusk, then flew quickly toward each other until they vanished,” according to Lucas Martinez. UFO sightings over Colombia are on the rise with many more cases reporting everything from small lights to possible structured craft flying over towns, municipalities and even some of the nation’s cities. Photo shows white object, clearly  from the witnesses.





Thanks to inexpledia case files


APRIL 18, 2017   …………  UNIONTOWN // KENT  OHIO

Hello…. I hope you are having a good night, I am the fianc of a marine who’s MOS is Mechanics for large helicopters and planes. I am familiar with a lot of air crafts because of it. I live in Ohio. I was traveling from the Kent University campus to my parents house in Uniontown, Ohio. I was taking a lot of back roads and highways that cut through the countryside, it was mostly corn fields and trees with the occasional house. Neither of which was lit. I had been on the road for about 5-6 minutes after leaving the Kent campus when I saw the ufo. I first passed it off as a plane with its headlights towards me (the ufo was a fair distance away at this point so it looked small enough to be a plane) The only thing that initially made me think its flight path was weird was that it almost seemed to be hugging the tree line from far off, I thought that was low.  I was stopped at a stop light at the time, and I made a choice to ignore it. But when the stop light turned green, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the object shoot across the sky at a speed I’ve never seen before, and it stopped about what I’m guessing gave it about 5 miles of distance between me and it.  That fast movement scared the crap out of me. I immediately gunned it and took off down the road. I would occasionally glance around at the sky to see if it followed me because it scared me, but I thought I lost it for a while. I didn’t see it again till I turned onto the road called Switzer street in Uniontown. It was sitting dead ahead of me all the way at the end of the road. It looked like a very bright light at this point I couldn’t make out the shape of the craft because of it. I just saw the giant ball of light. At this point it was about half the size of a full moon. I gunned the gas again and made it to my parents house and ran inside. They knew I was coming so the door was unlocked. I didn’t tell my parents about it initially. I didn’t want them to think I was crazy but when I was leaving the house later, I asked my dad to walk me to the car because I was still unnerved. He agreed to. As we walked it showed up again between the tree line. This time my dad saw it first and told me to look in its direction.

What ((words deleted)) is that my dad asked, as he walked a bit closer to the edge of our property. I think its probably just a plane. I responded. I really didn’t want to call it a UFO at that point, I was honestly freaked out and was trying to explain it away. That’s not a plane, it’s just sitting there not moving. Planes don’t do that.  He said, exasperated.  No sooner did he say that did the air craft slowly start moving so it swung around and stopped above our back yard. Still at the same far distance.  My dad was spooked at that point and told me to go back in the house with him. I refused, I wanted to get back to Akron. I did not want to stay in the country side anymore. He argued with me, but eventually let me go, if I promised to call him as soon as I got back. I agreed and climbed into the car and locked the doors. I watched dad run back inside. When I looked up at the sky again the UFO was gone. It was a clear sky tonight.  That shouldn’t of been possible for it to just disappear like that.  I felt a pit in my stomach I did not like what was going on one bit. I pulled out of the drive way, paranoid, and still watching the sky. I took off and turned on to a road called Cleveland, Heading back towards Akron. It was a few minutes before I hit my first stop light. It was a red light again. That’s when the ufo showed up again this time it was close! It was directly above the power lines that were running up the side of the road. It turned out its big light and it was replaced with a bunch of small red and blue ones that traced the length of it. It was very long, almost cigar shaped but thinner. The lights were evenly spaced out. Thanks to the lights I could see the ship was about as big as two commercial planes put together. It had to be at least be 1000 feet in the air still. Which only leads me to believe it If it had landed, it would have been a crap ton bigger.  I gunned a red light to get away from it. I didn’t see it again till I was merging on the highway. At that point it was around 10:40pm ish. I saw the same bright light as I did before, only this time it was at the same distance as it was when I first saw it. I nervously watched it, it moved out of my sight again, just as I was getting on to I77. I did not see it again. I called my dad when I got home and explained everything that happened and he gave me your organization’s number and told me to report it. I was also asked by the man I talked to on the hotline to give the UFO’s point of elevation. I am not sure what that is, but I will ask my fianc when he is off duty. He is stationed in Japan right now, and they are 14 hours ahead of us, so he’s in the middle of his work day. But I will include the point of elevation in an email along with a drawn picture of the UFO. I just need to find a printer to scan it into. I was unable to get a physical picture of the UFO because I was driving for most of this sighting. I hope this was helpful! Have a Good night! NOTE: The above image is CGI.



At 7.30pm on Monday, 12 February 1996, I received a ship-to-shore telephone call from a fishing vessel in the Denmark Straight, off the West Coast of Iceland. The caller told me that a huge triangular craft had appeared and was hovering low in the sky close to his boat. At that precise moment the transmission was cut off. Approximately fifteen minutes later the caller rang again to say that all electronics on the ship had suddenly failed. He told me that he and the rest of the crew had seen the triangular object move away from the boat then suddenly descend into the sea. The moment it had disappeared all electronic power was restored. At 9.00pm on Sunday, 18 February 1996, a further call was received from the boats at sea. On this occasion the caller told me that the whole crew was terrified because three huge black triangular objects, accompanied by three independent red balls of light, had come out of the sea and were hovering silently in the air close to their boats. I asked if the balls of light were connected to the triangles and he said, No they are totally separate and independent. The caller was asked if the triangles were showing on the ships Radar. He replied, No the Radar is not picking them up, the whole crew is standing on the deck watching them. Were the objects close to the boat? Yes, they are hovering near the port bow, we are all scared. Asked if he could hear any sound coming from the objects, he replied, No there’s no sound coming from them. Were there any lights on the triangles? Yes there are small lights on different parts of them. He then said, The whole crew is out on deck watching them. Suddenly the transmission was lost and the phone went dead. A short time later the connection was restored and the voice at the other end said, The objects have now gone, they all descended and went down into the sea. At 3 am. On Monday, 19th February, 1996 a call was received in the middle of the night, from a fishing boat at sea, off the coast of Iceland. The caller said, We have just been watching a gigantic sphere, hovering in the air, not very far from our boats. It slowly moved away from us and then descended and disappeared into the sea. We have no idea what it was.

An hour later the telephone was ringing again and once again the message was from the fishing boat. There are now large florescent tubes like objects hovering in the air close to our position; they are a blue color and not making a sound. All these strange things are making the crew very frightened, we don’t like all this. At 10.55pm. On Tuesday, 23rd. April, 1996, a further telephone call was received from a ship which was fishing 200 miles South West of the coast of Iceland. The caller said, You are not going to believe what we have just seen. We were fishing fairly close to a group of American Warships and suddenly there was a blinding flash of light and one of the warships just disappeared in front of our eyes. I know it sounds crazy, but I can assure you it happened a short time ago. Soon after this an American boat came over to us an ordered us and other fishing boats to leave the area immediately. Our Captain didn’t need any telling, he told us to get our boat out of the area as quickly as possible and to return to our base in Iceland. We are now making our way back. The incident has upset us all, particularly the Captain, he has retired to his cabin with a bottle of whisky. On Sunday, 19 January 1997, a large number of UFO-related events occurred off the south coast of Iceland. Reports were received of large numbers of UFOs gathering over the sea. I can assure readers that these reports were coming from ships at sea, witnesses on the ground and from airline pilots.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.




Description: Shiny, silver disk witnessed high in sky above highway I-287 in New Jersey

On my drive home early from my job as a senior research laboratory technician on I-287 South in New Jersey, I caught a glimpse of a shiny metallic object in the sky. The sky was crystal clear blue with not a single cloud in sight. At first I dismissed it as a plane, but with longer examination I realized it was a slim, nearly-flat silver disk with no vapor trail. It appeared to slowly hover to the South then in seconds it swiftly changed direction and zipped off to the East and completely vanished. I noticed other drivers had slowed and were looking and pointing at the same region of the sky where I witnessed the craft.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Stationary silent black cigar shaped object in the winter sky. The night of New Years Eve 12/31/79, at about 9 PM, I was walking in a suburb of Pittsburgh to a party. I tend to look up at the sky a lot when I walk. The sky in Pittsburgh during that era, and possibly today, has a lot of haze and overcast, so there is an orange background to the night sky from reflections of the sodium vapor streetlights off of the clouds and haze. I looked up at the sky and observed a black cigar shaped object silhouetted against the orange background. The object was at about a 45 degree angle from the ground in the south or southeast direction. Based on the fact that it was below the overcast layer, I’m estimating that it was at an altitude of 3,000 to 10,000 feet. I also think that it was about the size of a commercial airplane, or maybe if it was higher up, as large as a zeppelin. The object was silent and stationery. I remember the black object as having three lit portholes, evenly spaced. The portholes were definitely not stars. They were definitely larger than a star or a planet, and shined white without variation. There was only one object and it was pitch black against the orange overcast. I stared at the object for about five seconds to 10 seconds. I had enough time to stare, and realized that it was unnatural, debate whether to wave my arms at it, when it suddenly disappeared. It did not move at all before disappearing. Since the object was silent, stationery, and disappeared abruptly, I’ve speculated that maybe it really never flew off, but instead was uncloaked just long enough for me to see it.  I’m an aerospace engineer who has spent his career working on satellites. I was a little disappointed in that the object did not look or behave like I would have imagined for a flying saucer. The incident was also so undramatic that I’ve only mentioned it to one or two people. There is no need for someone to contact me, but I would be OK if an investigator wanted to call me to discuss the incident. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Flying on American airline flight 299 to Tulsa, saw two craft. One a half circle with two lights bordering the entire outer edge of shape. Next to it was the typical saucer shape, glowing orange.

((NUFORC Note: Witness has submitted a rather detailed illustration, done in watercolor, of the craft she witnessed. PD))


This is a watercolor I tried to make as close to what I saw. It was late, and very dark out. Storms to the southeast direction caused the occasional flash, which is why I put yellow in the sky. We were so high, could not see much of the ground. A bit of wispy clouds below. The half circle with lights was bigger than the saucer nearby. Both were very bright!!! First one was difficult to see details, except the lights. 2nd was glowing the orangy/yellow/pink. I saw this scene for maybe a minute or two, my niece was asleep, so I said nothing. I do not know if anyone saw it but I suspect the pilot did because he flipped on the cabin lights and I could no longer see anything outside. NOTE: The above image is the witness drawing.


JUNE 19, 2017   ……………..  EAST ORANGE NEW JERSEY

I was relaxing in my yard on my back steps looking up at the sky. It was going to rain later so the sky had rain clouds below the white clouds. As I was laying there looking up I noticed an object moving fast above the white clouds to my left. At first I thought it was a bird soaring in the sky. Then it slowed down the moment I said that is not a bird. I jumped up to get a closer look at it. It was not a bird. The object then stopped and hoovered. The object slowly descended downwards toward me with no sound then it picked up speed. Before I could blink my eyes it was directly in my view. I didnt know rather to run or not, so I just stood there in amazement but scared at the same time. It came down low enough for me to get a brief description of it. I was only viewing what seems like a side view of the object. The object was symmetrical in shape with a round globe on top. It was grey / metallic in color. The object did not glow or pulsate. There were no lights or sound emitting from it. There no visibly signs of propulsion. Then it started picking up speed and continued the same flight path as it entered into the rain clouds. After the object disappeared I told a few of my family members and drew a picture of what I saw. I will always question why did it show itself to me instead of continuing its path. I will never forget what I saw.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by Chief Investigator Ken Pfeifer of MUFON


Apollo 17 was the final mission of NASA’s Apollo program. Launched at 12:33 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on December 7, 1972, with a crew made up of Commander Eugene Cernan, Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans, and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt.  During their mission to the moon the astronauts captured many images which are stored in NASA’s Apollo 17 Image Library. While most of the pictures were taken on the lunar surface, the astronauts took also images through the windows of their spacecraft in space. After viewing many images Michael from The Kepler Telescope Channel found an image showing what appears to be a partially transparent alien spacecraft next to the Apollo spacecraft. Michael said: I don’t normally get interested in these objects, normally they turn out to be ice particles or thermal blankets or something like that, but this NASA release from the 1972 Apollo 17 mission seems to show something otherworldly. Michael has made a fascinating compilation of Apollo 17 space images, including the image of the alleged alien spacecraft.   

Link to NASA-UFO image:



Brilliant Blue Beam of light shot into kitchen from window, the flash stretched about ten feet and disappeared in seconds. Around 9 PM, I was cooking dinner on the stove with my friend. To the left of me was the fridge, and to the right of me is a window on the adjacent wall above the sink. My friend was in front of the stove, I was about three feet behind him. He was turned slightly toward me, when this occurred, but he is colorblind, so he saw the brightness of the flash but not the brilliance. It was as if a straight beam of brilliant blue light flashed in from the window in a horizontal line in front of him, 2 feet above the counter, from the window towards the fridge. It was so bright, I was unable to regain vision for a second after it happened. I could swear that I heard a grinding noise in my ears when it flashed, but that may have been from shock.  It was not one consistent color blue, there were shades in it, and it had some orange tinges at parts. It was the most beautiful light I have ever seen but if i didn’t know any better, I would swear that for that few seconds, a seam in the universe ripped. I have had two other sightings earlier this year that were the same, but different from this one. I am at work, but will try to report them later. I do not know if what I saw was UFO related. But it is not my first encounter that I have said.. and I trust my instinct. We searched the yard. Checked the stove and all the lightbulbs that were on. It was not electrical. There was nothing in the yard signifying anything else. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



I was home at the time and went out to the balcony to get some fresh air. It would move side to side or front and back. Also, the sky was clear clean. At first I thought it was an airplane or helicopter but seconds later that possibility went out the window. Then I thought it could possibly be a drone or a star but it’s weird pattern of movement made it clear it wasn’t. First, the object was hovering for a few minutes and it looked like a flying saucer/disc. Second, while hovering it started moving in a circular motion which made it look like a portal or white hole. Last but not least, in its minor movement it would go west and north or descent and ascent. While watching the object I got goosebumps. Also, randomly my three cats came to me at the same time the birds started singing and flying. I went inside for some orange juice and when I went outside it was already gone and left no trail.

This case is under investigation by New Jersey MUFON investigator Glenn Green.



A group of us was sitting outside camping at the Maritime Museum in Vergennes, Vermont. One of our group said, “I wonder what that is?” We looked up and saw a larges reddish-orange orb/sphere moving toward us (east to west). It was glowing like it was lit from inside. The colors appeared to be moving, with even a hint of blue visible – much like a fire. It was perfectly round and the edges appeared crisp – no blurring. When I saw it, I knew immediately that I was viewing a UFO – there just was no doubt in my mind. It did not make any sound whatsoever. It was maybe about 800 feet up and from where we stood it looked about the size of a dinner plate if I was holding it in my hand – pretty large – that’s the best I can describe the size. It continued to move toward us. It definitely was not a plane, helicopter, weather balloon, hot air balloon, flare, Chinese lantern, or anything else of the sort. It stopped almost over us (probably about 200 feet from the shore of the lake). It stayed there hovering for a short while – I’m not sure how long – and then suddenly shot straight up, very fast. It kept going up in a straight line until it looked like one of the many stars (it was a clear night). We kept watching and then it appeared to become smaller than one of the stars until we could no longer see it. There was never a sound. There was no sensation on the ground when it shot straight up. There was no change in the sphere whatsoever except for the fact that the reds and oranges moved sort of like a bubble’s colors do; however it stayed perfectly round. I was in awe of seeing this sphere and felt sort of disappointed when it went away. I was never afraid.

This case is under investigation by State Director Ken Pfeifer







On 12 January 1993, smaller Icelandic vessels had to take shelter at Langeness Fjord because of appalling weather conditions which continued for three weeks. By the 6 February 1993, the weather had improved sufficiently for ships to put back to sea. Icelandic Coast Guard vessels and gunboats were ordered to take up their original positions on picket duty. All was quiet at sea for the next few days, until suddenly all ships in the area received a message from the American Flotilla, comprised of three Destroyers. The message instructed all ships to stand off and not to approach any closer than three nautical miles. While outside the exclusion zone ships radar’s suddenly detected sixteen airborne objects which were then visibly seen to approach the American vessels and then hover directly above them. Crews on outlying boat saw the brightly lit amber colored objects remain stationary for a short time before they suddenly sped away in unison at great speed. The watching crews were bemused and knew the objects could not possibly have been helicopters since they were too far from land.

On 15 April 1993, all ships involved in the secret operation were ordered to search for yet another American warship which had gone missing. Only two American Destroyers were now visible to the outlying ships. The names of both the remaining American ships had been removed and the crews were seen wearing full battle dress. Elements of the Russian Navy had now joined the operation and were working in unison with the NATO surface fleet at the mouth of the Barents Sea. On one occasion radio communication between the Russian ships were understood to say: We are engaging unknown underwater craft....

On 16 April 1993, British newspapers carried the headline, Joint American and Russian Military Exercises About To Take Place. They announced: For the first time since World War Two, joint exercises involving elite American and Russian troops are about to take place in Siberia near the Russian Port of Tiski. No further information was forthcoming....

Information about other incidents did continue to reach me however, such as one that took place on 21 April 1993, when the crew of an Icelandic Airlines aircraft, travelling from London to Iceland, became aware that two large balls of white light had joined them as they passed over the coast of Scotland. The bright glowing ball took up position on either side of the aircraft towards the tail. The objects maintained this position all the way to Iceland and only when the aircraft began its descent to Keflavik Airport did they depart. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Moving 3 darker objects spotted between approx. Parker/Aurora (perhaps Smokey Hill area) area over E-470 from person in Parker/Franktown. Every so often, objects would rotate and project beam of light. Perhaps 10-15 miles away from viewer. Objects spotted and perhaps 10 mins total observation. Speculation the objects were there before viewer spotted them initially. Objects initially appear to be somehow connected as they undulated together in the sky as if they were connected, but later one of the objects broke pattern with the other two and did its own maneuver and then returned to the other two, and then the three of them continued maneuvers together. Due to the undulating pattern, it is not thought they were just one object such as a dark plane with three lights (since one did separate from the two and then later rejoin) since the viewer has witnessed planes heading to or from DEN as the viewer knows the flight path over east of Parker Road and basically down E-470 to DEN. Objects went higher in elevation, lower in elevation, east, west, north, and south  moving further away and then closer in several different patterns, some looping, some more block-style in nature. Ball lightening ruled out since ball lightening doesn’t last this long. Total movement from time noticed until they disappear into the passing storm that was hitting Aurora area at this time was maybe 10-30 miles. This seems too far for a controlled drone or drones and drones don’t seem to be able to fly in unison like objects. Drones also don’t seem to have such bright lights as object were maybe 10-15 miles away. Objects did not appear to be metallic, but some kind of darker material, so doesn’t resemble photos seen of weather balloons, and weather balloons don’t seem to have lights or ones that were so bright as the objects did. Objects were making various loops, appearing to stop in mid-air, rapidly going from left/right (West/East) but were generally following either an Easterly or North-Easterly direction. During this same time, a large storm with hail, rain and lightning was passing from West to East north of the viewers position with the objects between the viewer and the storm. If this was under human control, why were these maneuvers being carried out extremely close to a monster of a storm? The viewer cannot think of any plane, drone,  that can make such maneuvers. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



I was dropping my kids at my parent’s home and waited in the car as my wife went in to drop them. While she was inside, I was watching table mountain after the sun had set, thinking about how we used to hike there. Immediately I noticed a bright light that seemed to hover between table mountain and lions head which is to the right of table mountain. Seeing the light there was strange because table mountain had become mostly a no fly zone, but its not uncommon to see helicopters coming over there in case of emergency. So I watched. I thought that the light might be from a helicopter flood light that just happens to be facing directly toward my direction. Then it started to move between TB mountain and lions head. First toward TB mountain. Stopped for 3secs. Move to midway, slowly in about 3 secs. Stop for about 3secs. Move to over lions head in about 3secs. Stop for 3secs. And so on. It made 10 moves like that while I’m counting, one one thousand, two one thousand etc. At its tenth move, it was midway again. It stopped for about 6secs and then shot straight up and by this time the sky was darker and I could clearly see it going so fast and straight up that it disappeared in about 4 or 5 seconds. It just shot out into the sky till i couldnt see it anymore. I told my wife about it, but she thought that I was pulling her leg, bit as we were heading toward cape town, about 16km away, I spotted at least 2 military helicopters going toward table mountain. I told a few friends, but I never reported it to anyone. I didn’t know there were people who investigated these incidents back then. I’ve been watching the skies ever since and seen some things in my time. The world is full of wonder… Are we alone? I don’t know. But I doubt it. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



My brother, and I were being driven to the Senior Bowl Banquet (the night before the Senior Bowl football game) by my father. I was  15 years old. We were on Zeigler Boulevard, traveling east, approaching the intersection with Gaillard Street. It was dusk, though still more light than dark. I was sitting in the front seat looking out the right passenger window, watching an airplane – and the contrails it made – move slowly from the far right to the left in the sky. As the plane moved to my to the left (north bound) it moved into the field of view in the front windshield, and that’s when I saw the saucer off to the left, at roughly 35 degrees up. The saucer was grayish in color, and looked exactly like what you’d expect from sixties movies: saucer shaped, with a low cylindrical top. Viewed from our perspective, it was significantly wider than high, or a height to diameter ratio of roughly 8:1. The main body of the craft was similar to two plates on top of each other, with the one on top being turned upside down, so the rims of the two plates touch. The top half appeared to have a flat surface – except for the low, round dome on top. The bottom may have been curved. It’s difficult to say for the bottom was somewhat obscured by many, colored, moving lights. I do not recall the exact colors, but it was quite a few. The movement of the colors did not seem random, though I could not make out a distinct patter. But the colors all moved in a circular pattern around the bottom of the craft. The movement was not all in a single direction, not always clockwise or counter clockwise, but both simultaneously. It was still somewhat light out, and the object appeared to be about the size of a penny at arms length. It was quite easy to see in some detail. It was not moving, but hovering in one place. Though it was far enough away to not be able to be sure how large it was. It could have been forty feet or so in diameter if it was floating over the Forrest Hills neighborhood to our left – as it appeared. Or if it was further away, obviously it would have been larger. I yelled for my father to pull the car over. I was very excited, as what I was looking at was a plain as the nose on your face: a hovering UFO. That’s when my brother saw it too. We were pretty excited, so my Dad (normally a no nonsense guy), pulled the car over to the side of the road and we all got out. As I was pointing to it to show my Dad where it was, it disappeared. I’ll leave it to the reader to interpret what that implies. All I can say is that I was looking at it, pointing at it to show my father. And then it was gone. Later we all kept pretty quiet about it, as it seemed so preposterous… to see a flying saucer, and one that looks exactly as you would expect at that. I had always been a UFO septic, so it was difficult to resolve what I believed and what I saw. I don’t think any of us had told anyone. So my father was surprised a few weeks later when he overheard one of his fellow deacons discussing having seen a flying saucer – just like the one we saw – hovering over the city water works at dusk. He said while he was watching it hover, it suddenly flew away at a speed the defied belief. When queried by my father, they determined it was that same evening as our observation – the night before the Senior Bowl. The city’s water works were – at that time – at the top of the Forrest Hills neighborhood hill, which is precisely where I saw the craft hovering, validating not only the time and location of our sighting, but my rough estimation of the size of the craft. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



I was walking northbound from my parked truck to enter the building I work in. (2)I have always kept my eyes on the sky, even as a child. I have seen many unidentifiable craft in my days and my grandfather worked for Boeing and Rockwell. This helped create my interest in the sky watching at a very young age. (3) At first glance I thought that the object was a hovering helicopter, a bunch of balloons, or possibly a drone of some sort. The lack of noise or lights made me discredit the possibility of this object being a helicopter or drone. I work in the aerospace industry now and my company is 5 to 10 miles from lax. There are multiple flight paths that I observe daily to my admiration of aircraft. There are also a large number of military flights that take place in this airspace, but the military craft are usually helicopters and not jets. They are always very loud and noticeable. V22 Ospreys fly over the 110 South and then hook a right westbound over rancho palo verdes quite often as well. (4) When I first observed the object I was facing west from my location and I was under the impression that it was hovering in place. In retrospect, it may have been advancing towards my position because this was the only point in my observation that I was under the impression it may have been hovering. Once I noticed it was moving I also noticed it was doing so at a steady pace. It was traveling north east slightly (more north direction than east) and I observed it slowly adjust it’s path and change direction from north east to north west. It appeared to be attempting to morph. Despite the surface of this craft moving around in a very unstable and liquid type motion it’s velocity and trajectory were stable. It was almost like a cloud of heavy metallic black liquid but it’s overall shape remained relatively uniform. The nature of this object made it very hard to focus my vision on despite the fact that the craft was dark black and the grey clouds and sunrise made the sky very contrasted against the color of the craft. I felt as though it was tricking my eyes into looking at the clouds above it instead of the craft itself. Shortly after it changed direction (north east) it began to shift it’s shape more noticeably and it went from a big morphing liquid blob to an elongated and very small boomerang type black craft that was no longer morphing. It seemed to become completely solid at that point. Once again with no lights or sounds. Almost immediately after it shape shifted, It began to shrink in size at a extremely impressive rate. (5)I have witnessed many different types of unidentified objects and this was by far the most troubling and emotional sighting. I felt shocked and scared and for once I felt terrified instead of intrigued or awestruck. I have seen lights, orbs, but never anything like this. (6) It shrank in size until it was gone. Either it literally shrank, or it traveled away from me at a great speed. – MUFON NOTE: The above image is CGI.



1. Camping at Point Plomer. Looked out the roof of the tent (Sky roof) at 4am and saw a bright star like object which was moving occasionally within its area. Then, smaller star like objects started to come out of the bright object and fly away quickly in different directions. Also saw at least 5 ‘shooting stars’ in this time one which moved in an arc. I sat up after watching this for 30 minutes and saw a large bright object about 400 meters from our tent. It was hovering about 50 meters above the sand NE and started to come closer. It then changed from one bright light to 6 smaller lights (like it had changed from high beams to park lights!) before moving away. Over two hours it moved away slowly and I have video footage of the image spinning and when I zoom in you can see the lights. It stayed there until sunrise and was there until the sun was so bright we could no longer see it. Up in the night sky I saw 20+ of these objects, some which flashed red and some which would disappear and re-appear, some which zoomed off at incredible speed. Since then, we’ve seen the bright hovering light up the east coast the past week. I noticed it first by the Bright light moving, then other lights emerging from it. Then lights flashing red and large bright light spinning Could not be explained. Too large and fast for a drone (plus it was silent) I did not have a feeling of being threatened, more that it was just there to observe. It also did not seem bothered by being found as it was so prominent and did not appear to leave.



A 20-year-old college student, a young lady in the Fishkill area of upstate New York, was driving alone on a local road in the Fishkill area at about 6 p.m. on December 7, 2016, when she saw a tremendous boomerang in the sky. It was silver and larger than five or six football fields put together, she said in a telephone interview days after she filed a witness report with MUFON, which she filed more than three months after she experienced the event because she needed time to sort it all out, she told me. It was probably a hundred feet up, she said. It floated right over my car and even affected my cell phone. Turns out, the young lady experienced a Close Encounter of the Second Kind. The object passed over a large two-story building which helped her gauge the scale of the enormous object, she added. Of course, the witness was stunned. She had never seen anything like it before in her life. I know what I saw, it wasn’t a plane, it was a boomerang-shaped, silent UFO, the witness wrote in her report. What’s more, the craft was absolutely silent and had three bright, white lights on each wing of the boomerang, she told me the telephone interview. I watched it hover, she went on for about 30 seconds. Then it started to move away. I got my cell phone out to take a picture of it, but the phone wouldn’t work right. It was pushing numbers on its own. I couldn’t make it work! While I was fidgeting with it the boomerang came back and went the other way. I finally got the camera to shoot video, but you can’t see anything.  After reviewing a photo of the area that the witness sent me, on which she scribbled black marker lines to indicate the size and direction of the UFO over a building, I understood that the craft headed west towards the Hudson River, which is exactly what I would soon find out was the direction a second witness reported seeing the same craft move  that is, after I did my research on CMS. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








Hello, can I report that I have just seen just now what looks like a UFO sighting over here near Oeiras, Lisbon, Portugal today October 5 2016 at 9:30pm. I’m not easily convinced and can explain away lots of things but this was different.  It is night already. I was in my garden just now and happened to look at the sky. This is a place where aircraft heading for Lisbon airport, fly overhead making a lot of noise and blinking a lot of lights, nonetheless, I use Flight Radar 24 sometimes to track them for curiosity and nothing was flying above at the time. As I just said this was something completely different, big and totally quiet, heading in a straight line direction north-south heading south. 3 very dim yellowish lights no blinking in a triangle formation plus another light near the forward tip of the triangle slightly offset to the side all moving in perfect unison creating the appearance of a very big silent dark triangle moving through the starry sky completely silent at a speed of about 400 kph.  This seemed like a big dark triangle, moving in straight line in complete eerily silence or maybe it was something flying very high, like a satellite  moving in unison. Sometimes you also see satellites flying above here, very rare and normally just one bright white light or reflecting sunlight flying through the sky.

Here I could not tell the altitude and couldn’t see any features, just three dim yellow lights forming what looked like a huge triangle in the sky of size at least aprox. double or triple the size of a conventional commercial aircraft of type Airbus a320 or Boeing 737 that you see when on the outskirts 10 miles away from the airport. No blinking lights, no white or red lights, just three dim yellow lights navigating eerily silent through the sky forming a perfect triangle.  Whatever it was, it was probably painted dark because you could see nothing reflecting of it, just black and three dim lights. Just wanted to write this here before I forget the details. Thanks and sorry for writing all this as. I’m still kinda excited and very much puzzled. For the first time I tend to believe they are here among us but why the lights even if dim and flying over the outskirts of a city at this hour. Possibly someone else has noticed it too. Well, maybe there’s some kind of secret and mysterious new big silent craft that just glides through the sky in total silence. Minutes after that, several aircraft passed and you could clearly ear the loud noise and all the blinking lights you can even see the lights inside the plane, completely different on what is a starry night with just very high altitude clouds and temp aprox 20 centigrade especially in the dead of night. Curiously I didn’t have my phone with me, even if I had, it wouldn’t capture anything in the black of the night it would be like photographing dim stars. Even if I had the camera, the thing zoomed by in just 3 or 4 seconds and then disappeared over the trees of neighbours gardens. I tried to go to better vantage point but nothing. The lights were too dim, so no time even to think in taking a picture as you’re just looking kind of in awe and perplexed. Amazing especially the silence of a big flying object. Very eerie sudden and different experience but also fantastic. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by International Director Ken Pfeifer of MUFON Portugal.



Hi Ken: I was sky watching and taking random photographs of passing passenger planes. I then decided to take some photographs of a passenger plane with a contrail that was way off in the distance. Then Just as I did a strange object appeared out of nowhere and flew in a straight line across the sky while I was looking through my camera’s viewfinder and was in the process of taking photographs. When I checked the photographs I had just taken I saw that I had indeed managed to capture the object in three of the photographs. The object was a grey colour and seemed to be reflective. The sun light had been reflecting off the top portion of the object as it had moved across the sky. The object also appeared to be changing shape and became more pointed towards what I presumed was the back end of the strange object. The object then ended up resembling the shape of a horn it was very peculiar. The photographs were taken on the 31st of May 2017, 8:56:36 PM at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.



Extraterrestrials have been visiting us for a long time, and government officials and witness testimonies have consistently reiterated this to the public. Mainstream media has sort of made ET/UFO phenomena into a joke through heavy propaganda, which is strange given the fact that there’s so much evidence in support of it. In reality, we are only a small fraction within a multiverse, so even if you do question the official government documents and other evidence in support of ETs, it still wouldn’t really make sense for Earth to be the only planet that houses life. A video testimony of Air Force Intelligence Major George A. Filer III featured on Sirius Disclosure revealed details of a high-ranking military ET cover-up. In the interview, Major Filer explained that a military officer shot and killed an extraterrestrial after a UFO landed. I’m not saying that this man’s story is 100% true, but I am suggesting that you watch his testimony and keep an open mind. This is not the first time a government/military official has come forward to discuss ETs, and I doubt it will be the last.UFO/ET information was classified for quite some time, and still is; but, only in recent years has the government shed more light on this thanks to the declassification of several UFO documents. 

For example, Mike Gravel, a former Democratic Senator, explained, Something is monitoring the planet, and they are monitoring it very cautiously, because we are a very warlike planet.

One of the most revealing testimonies was provided by Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Defence Minister:

In one of the cases during the cold war, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying South from Russia across Europe. The Supreme Allied Commander was very concerned and was about ready to press the panic button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole. They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for three years and they decided that with absolute certainty that four different species, at least, have been visiting this planet for thousands of years. There’s been a lot more activity in the past two decades, especially since we invented the atomic bomb. They are very concerned about that and if we will use it again, because the whole cosmos is in unity and it affects not just us but other people in the cosmos. They’re very much afraid that we might start using atomic weapons again and this would be very bad for us, and them also.

Even the infamous Doctor Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon, spoke out about ETs, saying, Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. . . . We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time. . . . I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real.

KEN’S NOTE: George Filer is the State Director for MUFON New Jersey.  George has been my boss for over 10 years now and he lives in Medford New Jersey.  Annual meetings with George always reveals new stories and alien evidence experienced by George Filer. While flying for the Air Force, he chased an alien craft over England. This experience led to George’s natural curiosity into Ufology and his many years of looking for the truth.



I was taking a night walk with my husband in Monsanto village, in Portugal. 2. The village is located in an elevation and from there we have panoramic view for all the surrounding places, and I was facing East from a descending street in the same direction. 3. ‘There goes an UFO’. 4. It was around 22.40pm. The sky was full of stars because there are few city and village lights interfering with the sky viewing, no clouds that night, summer breeze and 24C/75F of temperature. It was green light, round shaped, it looked like a green traffic light because of it’s color and brightness. It was going in a fast speed from West to East, Spain direction. The object only took 2 seconds covering a distance that a plane covers in about 20 seconds. It was probably more than 1 mile high, and at least 2 miles away from the place I was. 5. Since it wasn’t the first time I saw an UFO, I knew what I was seeing in that very same moment. I sometimes ‘know’ that something is going to happen a few minutes or hours before it happens, and sometimes ‘something’ makes me look up, like someone is tapping me in the shoulder and saying to me: ‘look up, now’. After the sighting I went to a terrace in the place I was staying, that has a panoramic view from the village surroundings and an incredidle sky visibility, stayed there for 40mn searching the sky but had no luck. The night after I spent 3h looking the sky between 9pm and 0am, but had no luck in a new sighting. 6. I was gone in a blink, like it was vanished in the air. KENS NOTE: The above image was captures in Wales England. These strangle Alien orbs are spotted all over the world.



Peru: A Dozen UFOs Suspend Flights in Peru’s Jorge Chavez Airport

A flotilla of UFOs allegedly caused the suspension of flight operations at the Jorge Chavez Airport in El Callao. The sighting ocurred during the month of February, and what startled Peruvian ufologists is that the Corporacin Peruana de Aeropuertos y Aviacion Comercial (CORPAC, Peruvian Airports and Commercial Aviation Corporation) recorded the incident in an official document.  With regard to the alleged sighting of the UFO flotilla in the Jorge Chavez Internationa Airport’s airspace, ufologist Mario Zegarra says CORPAC filed official documents recording the incident, which hindered air oeprations that evening. According to Zegarra, there are recordings capturing conversations between the control tower and those pilots unable to take off or land in the airport for at least three hours. “The radar at Jorge Chavez captured 12 unidentified contacts on its screen, each identified with code 0000 for UFO,” said Zegarra. Another ufologist, Joshue Cornejo, says that a UFO was recorded at 7:38 that evening using night vision equipment. “These objects cannot be seen unaided,” Cornejo noted, but can be captured on the infrared band.”