MAY 12, 2016 …. 10:50 PM   …………..  EDMOND OKLAHOMA

I was sitting on my back patio deck when I witnessed someting against the black backdrop of the sky. I was sitting in a fold out chair and from my deck, my view from NE to SE is obscured by my neighbor’s tree. I have a small (10-20 degree) view of the northern sky before the back of my home blocks my view to the northwest sky. I just happened to be staring into the sky when something caught my eye to the north. The object was boomerang shaped, had no lights and was only noticeable because it was reflecting some city light. It was barely a few shades lighter than the night sky behind it, but no doubt it was there. It appeared to be in a bank, as if in a turn from W to NW because I could make out a very distinctive boomerang shape. Like looking at a plane from the side when is in a turn, it’s wings are banked so you see more shape profile than if it were in level flight. There were no lights and there was no sound. I estimate the object to be within 2 miles to the north of my location near 150th and Penn in Edmond, OK. I cannot be positive about this as I could not make out the object’s size relative to my surroundings. It was too dark and barely visible. In all, I witnessed the object for about 15-20 secs before it was obscured by the city lights on the horizon as it seemed to settle into a NW heading. I have never witness anything like this and I cannot rationalize it. I though it could be a military craft, but there was no sound whatsoever. I have lived next to an air force base and military craft make plenty of sound, even in the distance. For a moment, I though some idiot was hang gliding in the middle of the night, but found it unlikely per Federal Aircraft Regulations, Part 103. My point is that I will be trying to figure out what I saw for a while. I hope there is a simple explanation, because what I fear it was scares me. NOTE: The above image is cgi.



DECEMBER 24, 1976   ……………. DES MOINES IOWA

Xmas eve, 1976 I was riding with my sister and her 6-7 month old niece in her Honda Civic traveling from Colorado to Tana, Iowa for the holidays. It was dusk when I looked to the south (over Des Moines) and noticed a strange light. At first we thought it was one of those huge American flags, because it was not only illuminated, but seems to have movement within. Imagine a large flag moving in the wind from a half mile or more away. As we watched this light it diagonal-ed N/E moving slightly above the tallest trees. I’m guessing we watched it for about 15-20 minutes for it to reach Interstate 80. And by then it was getting too dark to see exactly what it was. What we could see though was a red light on the north end, and a series of white lights flashing in sequence horizontally to the right of it. This is what we thought was a waving flag.

The UFO stopped over the interstate, and all of the cars driving slowed down. Many had on their dome lights so we could see each other. Also there were small groups of cars huddled together for safety I guess. Then the UFO lights began to move. The red light remained stationary as the flashing white light slowly moved counter-clockwise. Then stopped when they were flashing straight up from the red light. Then they moved clockwise back to their original position and continued past the horizontal position until they were flashing straight down from the red light. Then back up the original horizontal position. Cars on the Interstate were moving VERY slowly now. It moved north across the Interstate for maybe a minute and then in the blink of an eye it ascended traveling north. The Des Moines Register had an article the next day, or maybe two days later, and joked that all the people that had called reporting this UFO, were seeing Santa Claus. NOTE: The above image is real from Duarte California.



First off, I’ve been a huge follower of the paranormal, Cryptozoolgy, and UFOs. I have a telescope and love to watch the night sky and view the moon on a calm and clear night. I even got excited as hell when I found out I was getting stationed at Wright Patterson AFB back in 2009 because supposedly that’s where the wreckage from Roswell was sent (I did scope out the so-called Hangar 18 but the windows were all totally painted so that no one could see in. No other hangars had paint covering the windows). I’ve always wished I could see a UFO but what’s funny is that anytime I have had a dream where I witness a UFO, it scared the shit out of me. Anyway, here’s the deal. I was at a friend’s house in Gautier, MS playing DDR yesterday on 5/8/16. We all left out to go to Walmart around 10 pm Got back to his place at 11 pm. My daughter was with me. As we got out the car, my daughter commented on how bright a couple stars were. I told her I can find a very bright one in the constellation called Orion’s Belt (the star Betelgeuse). I searched up above for the constellation and after I said Orion’s Belt, my friend remarked how anytime he hears the name Orion’s Belt, he thinks of the film Men in Black. Not even 5 seconds later, I had my eyes focused in one area in the sky, I wasn’t darting them around…and I saw something moving slightly to the left of where I was looking in the sky. I thought it might have been a shooting star but when I focused in on the area, I noticed it was actually 7 dim green lights in a v-formation. The lights were flying east and I only witnessed them for about 10 seconds. I immediately wondered whether it could be light reflecting off a flock of birds because that seems to be a common and apparent explanation for some UFOs. I am 100% sure these lights were not birds.

It was also not a plane, a group of planes, nor was it helicopters or 7 shooting stars. At all. I’d say it was nearly 1,000 feet in above me but not directly, it was further away from me at an angle. So it was about 400 feet shorter in height than the Sears Tower (Willis Tower) which is what I’m comparing the height to when looking upwards since I’m from Chicago. What confused me is the fact that I couldn’t make out whether it was one triangular object with 7 lights on the bottom of it or 7 individual objects flying in unison. Because of how muted the 7 lights were, I thought maybe they were much, much higher in the sky because the lights were somewhat small. But the speed at which they were flying, at least a few hundred feet per second, made me think it was actually closer to me which is why I said they were flying at a height of 1,000 feet up. I had to move my eyes twice per second to keep tracking it as it flew from the west to the east. I ended up losing sight of it because it flew so far away that it started to blend into the starry sky and vanish. What made me think it could have been one solid object with 7 lights is the fact that while I couldn’t make out a definite shape in or around the lights, there seemed to be a sort of shimmer or disturbance in the shape of a triangle within the lights almost as if something were cloaked. I could see the stars in the distance just fine but as the 7 lights flew by, the stars that it passed by seemed to waver a bit like when staring at a flame flicker and it gives off that wavy effect above it. It’s like when you flick a lighter and only the gas comes out but no flame. So whatever it was may have been a single cloaked object with dim lights or it was 7 small objects with some sort of propulsion by-product emanating from it. I have researched many, many UFO stories and I made sure to take note of anything odd. I noticed no electrical disturbances, no static in the air, and no metallic taste in my mouth. I have no burns or marks on my body either. The lights were totally silent. No noise whatsoever. The lights were gliding by so smoothly too. It all happened so fast and I almost couldn’t believe what I was actually witnessing. It was over before I knew it and I had no time to take my eyes off it in order to take a photo or record video because I would have lost the 7 lights since they were so dim/distant to begin with. I wouldn’t have been able to pick up the objects on camera anyway because it was so dark out. But I clearly saw 7 lights flying in a v-formation toward the east and it blew my mind. All I could manage to do was keep my eyes on it as I exclaimed “Holy crap, look! There’s a UFO!” while smiling like an idiot. I drew two pictures. One shows how the lights looked against the night sky and from my perspective as they flew from left to right across the sky. The second picture shows what I was picking up regarding the faint waviness between the lights. Keesler AFB is 40 minutes west from where I was in Gautier, MS and the lights were coming from the west but as far as I know, we don’t have anything like that at Keesler, at least I never saw any sort of craft like that when I was stationed there for 4 years. Keesler does deal in meteorology though. I’m still stoked as hell at what I witnessed. My daughter was actually scared though. She wanted to get inside the house because she was afraid of aliens coming down and hurting us so I had to reassure her nothing would happen. I’m convinced that no naturally occurring phenomena can explain what I saw. I’m happy that I finally got to see a UFO with my own eyes but now I understand when people say it happens so fast that they are just frozen and can’t take their eyes off it or that it was out of sight before they could grab a photo of video of it. NOTE: The above image is the witness drawing.





My family and I just left the St. Louis Cardinal game, we were driving west on hwy 40, I was the first to see it. Off in the distance (approx 4 or 5 miles away) in the west (SW from our current position) I could see an extremely bright row of lights (4 round very large set of lights side by side). Like stadium lighting. I pointed it out to my husband and son. My husband said “it’s just lights on top of a building or crane”, “no big deal”… As we got closer to it we realized, there were NO buildings or cranes around! All highway and some trees. The lights were straight forward like headlights. It seemed like it was in the same spot from when I first spotted it. We got onto the off ramp from hwy 40 and were going to head south on hwy 270. As soon as we got onto hwy 270 my husband pulled to the shoulder so I could try and get some better pictures of this “floating light tower”. It seemed like it was less than a quarter of a mile to the right of us at that point. MA7 3, 2016 RICHMONT HEIGHTS UFO PHOTO, Since we were stopped and now looking up at this thing we realized it was moving really super slow instead of hanging out in mid air like we originally thought. We could now see it’s triangular shape and the lights were not as I described above but rather, Two in front toward the outer tip of the wings and two toward the top center. And what looked like rope lighting around the outer perimeter.The lights definitely seemed to dim down as it was passing over us.

My husband said there were a set of colored blinking lights on the under side, but I honestly didn’t notice them. It was bigger than our truck (ext cab silverado) and made absolutely NO SOUND?! The whole time! That was the most amazing part… How something so big flying through the air could be so quiet? And there wasn’t a moment during this amazing experience, where we felt scared or threatened in any way. It stayed a safe distance above us, about as low as a helicopter would fly when doing a traffic report. As it was passing over us it picked up a tremendous amount of speed. Almost like it noticed us watching it… (I know, let’s not get crazy) Then it took off straight toward St. Louis (East) then shot up ward at an angle toward the SE. Within seconds it was out of sight. Even though it was about 11pm on a Tuesday, there was a Blues game and Cardinal game that just let out… So the highways were far from empty. SURELY we are not the only 3 people in STL to see this thing!! I sent a tweet to Fox2 now (local news) like I always do when I have something “odd” or weather related to share. And I still have not heard a response from them. Which is weird. Because the minute I tweeted to fox2 about a ball of fire that flew through my subdivision over my house on April 15, 2016 they were all interested in pics because they had numerous reports of the same sightings, which was later reported as a “meteor”… hmmm… Well, the pictures are not the greatest, but can clearly tell it’s not a plane, nor a drone. Before this site, I had posted to another site without pictures. Someone replied with… “Sounds like a Stealth Aircraft” he said he had a similar experience in 1995, and it was a stealth bomber. But he didn’t report it.





The US investor Christopher Mellon worked 20 years for the federal government and according to him there are plenty of well-documented UFO sightings to establish a scientific research. There are enough data, reports by credible witnesses, videos made by trained soldiers and police officers and radar images. Christopher Mellon has now for the first time openly expressed about the information the government has about UFOs. There were some incidents involving UFOs when Mellon worked for the government. A Navy pilot phoned him one day to say that a UFO circling a fighter. The Navy did as far as he knew no further investigation. In addition, the radar captured four or five bright UFOs in the evening sky. Everyone was puzzled, says Mellon. No government employee showed some interest, even after the images were shown during the TV program Nightline. “It was the complete lack of scientific curiosity because of political correctness,” he said highly frustrated. Mr. Mellon was particularly impressed by the UFO sighting in November 1989 in Belgium, when 13 policemen and hundreds of other witnesses saw two triangular craft above the land. The Belgian Air Force launched an investigation, worked with a group of scientists and consulted with the US and NATO countries, but could give no clear explanation. And on March 30, 1993 more than 100 witnesses, including policemen and soldiers saw a triangular craft above England. The object was able to shoot away from standstill. The British Ministry of Defense concluded that “an unidentified object (or objects) whose origin was unknown was operating over the UK.”  Mellon stresses that these objects were not owned by the US Department of Defense. He adds that the US military does not test new vessels over densely populated areas.  Furthermore, he noted that the military is generally unwilling to investigate UFO reports, even if they come from military pilots or senior officials, such as former governor of Arizona Fyfe Symington. About Hillary Clinton’s promises to declassify UFO files, Mellon does not think Hillary Clinton will gain access to secret government programs on UFOs, if she becomes president. “I remember instances where employees of the White House could not get access to secret programs of the Ministry of Defense. People like Clinton years may hold high positions without ever accessing secret programs of the Ministry, which mostly deal with new weapons. ”If Clinton wants to find out the UFO topic to the bottom, the best she can do is reaching out to NORAD, the military organization that oversees the US airspace, and let them do the research.





My husband and I were driving to the Dallas Fort Worth area from Lubbock last Wednesday/Thursday. Out of complete darkness in the sky was a line of bright white lights that appears in front of our car. Dome shaped, flashing lights in a repetitive pattern, all white. The craft would disappear then reappear in different spots. Seen over highway 84 heading southeast of Hermleigh, and over I-20 eastbound coming into Sweetwater. We stopped on I-20 to take pics, it flew right over us. The underside had 3 white lights in a triangle shape. There was a low humming sound but no air movement.




My husband took all the pics, he is/was skeptical about UFO sightings. He is not anymore. We have more than 5 pics if anyone wants/needs to see more. This took place between Hermleigh and Sweetwater, Tx. It faded out to total darkness just before we got near Sweetwater exits off the interstate. Our phones kept running out of charge while this object was near and the Bluetooth in my car kept re-syncing while the craft flew over us. NOTE: The above images are from the witness.

APRIL 28, 2016  ………….. AUGUSTA GEORGIA

April 28 at 8:45 pm. Dash cam video at night isn’t that great. This object was located over the Augusta city. I turn on the cam seeing this object in the air. The object was located in the middle of the screen to the left of the green looking sign. It had two very bright lights in the sky. They seemed close somewhat. Very bright lights were pointed in my direction. I expected it to be a plane. But with the lights it told me it was headed/pointed East. Odd thing was that it seems to all of a sudden move Westward and seemed like it was sitting their for a minute or so in the same position. You can see that when I stop at the red light. Most airplanes make a wide swing to turn, this one did not. Their is an Airport to the Southwest. As It moved away I was able to see a blinking red light under it. Not sure what this may have been. Original footage added.


I was driving down the road with my husband and my son and looked up in the sky just above and in front of us, there was a huge orange ball of light. We pulled over in a parking lot, and got out. The ball split into several balls. Four in total. They moved around really fast and yet didn’t seem to go anywhere. They merged back into one ball and vanished. But not like someone turned off a light. Almost like it moved so fast away that it seemed to disappear. It gave me goose bumps. My husband has been seeing this same thing since we moved here four years ago. He works on the beach at night and sees them all the time. I used to laugh at him. I’m not laughing now. I don’t see how everybody doesn’t see them. They were huge. And they were just right there. Also there was no noise.

KENS NOTE: These are just a few of the UFO’s reported on this date.




I looked up into the trees and observed intense white beams of light piercing through the branches of the trees every chance they could. The light was intense and occasionally I would need to squint because of the brightness. I was frozen as my mind was unable to explain the sudden appearance of the light seemingly out of nowhere. As I continued to peer up at the tree and the light, I could tell that the light source was of course above the trees and was slowly moving in a southerly direction from the mountainside. The light was so bright I couldn’t accurately tell what the height of the light source was or what object or vessel was emitting the light. All I could tell was that it was moving slowly southbound and it was directly over my house now. If I had to estimate the light sources height I would have to say less than 250- 300 feet. Less than a football field would be my most educated guess. The light continued to move slowly southbound at what appeared to be approximately 5-7 mph at best. The light was now directly over the middle of the street and the light beams continued to shine through the trees branches down onto the street. I remember looking down at the street again to marvel at the brightness of said light. I took several steps forward keeping the light source in my vision at all times. I found myself not under the protection of the trees any longer. I was now in open space in the middle of my street almost directly in front of my house. The residence directly across the street does not have a fichus tree in the front yard and this allows an unimpaired view of the sky looking southbound. The light source was now more or less over the house directly across the street from my residence. There was no sound emitting from the slow moving light source. No chopping of blades such as you would hear from a helicopter. There was no jet engine or propulsion noise present. There was no green or red aviation flight lights present as well. The light source was too low to the ground to be any craft I have ever seen.Suddenly the light accelerated forward and parallel to a speed I can only describe 10-15 times faster than that of a meteor racing downward and across the sky heading entering our atmosphere.

The light source traveled an immense length air space in less than one second. If I had to estimate the distance it traveled I would have to say approximately 30-40 miles in the previously described one second of time. At the time of its parallel acceleration not a sound was emitted from the light source, It remained absolutely silent in its forward motion and the light became smaller in size almost instantly. The light source size was that of a grape from the position I continued to observe it from.  Then the light source took a vertical trajectory, comparable to a child sliding “up” not down a slide. The light source during this upward trajectory increased speed and was traveling even faster than it had during its initial parallel acceleration. The size of the light source at its last visible observation as it turned upward was now that of a small pea. Suddenly it was gone, simply disappearing out of sight and, what I believe to be, out of our atmosphere.  I was unable to move, I was frozen staring at the area of the sky where the light source once was. My heart was beating fast and loud. I felt sick to my stomach. I had no idea what I had just witnessed but I knew in my heart that there was no way that source of that light was from anything on this earth. The speed was greater than anything we as a civilization can possibly have at our disposal.  I walked up to the front door of my house and my wife opened the door. She had the portable phone to her ear and was on hold with the power company. She slowly removed the phone from her ear dropping it down to her side. She was looking at me with a facial expression of concern. She said “What’s wrong with you, you look like you seen a ghost?” I stared at her without saying a word. She said “Your pale, get in the house, what’s wrong?” My response was “I just saw a UFO. I can’t explain what I just saw.” I asked her if she had seen the light over the house and she advised that she had not and that she had been in the den on hold with the power company. It was then that the power company employee came on the line and advised my wife that there was a small pocket of outage in our area. My wife asked her if she knew why and the operator advised that she wasn’t sure why. My wife asked how long before the power would be back on and the employee stated “We need to find something wrong before we can fix it and right now we don’t show any blown transformers or downed power lines.” My wife hung up the phone and not 5-10 seconds later the power came back on causing us to jump. I explained to her what I had observed outside our home and reiterated that when I got to the door on my way back that I looked shaken. The events depicted above are absolutely true and accurate. I have told a few friends and family members of the facts surrounding the events described above but have neglected to officially report said incident. I am reporting the incident now so that the occurrence can be documented for possible future reference. –MUFON CMS  NOTE: The above image is from a trail camera in New York state –September 2, 2009



At around 7:30, I went downstairs to update my blog, which malfunctioned as I was trying to save a draft. I then decided to take my dog for a walk. I was listening to “Jam” by Michael Jackson.  As we were leaving the driveway, she pulled very hard at the leash, forcing me to go right. I found this odd, as she has gone left every time before; we have a route that we typically follow.  We eventually reached the Brattleboro Common, where I observed the first vessel hovering above the Brattleboro Retreat. It was a consistent, integrated structure, similar in appearance to a cluster of red grapes, composed of lights of varying sizes, flickering in a chaotic rhythm, an syntactic pattern emerging out of chaos loop. The pattern of lights implied the existence of a larger form concealed by a kind of trisect, disguised as a high-altitude jet liner in a way that was not entirely convincing; the illusionist’s effect appeared to be intentional, as if was intended to convey an aesthetic effect.


The vessel hovered silently over the Retreat before vanishing over the West River.  As I was fumbling with my iPhone, another vessel appeared, much higher in altitude and made up of two egg-shaped golden lights surrounded by a triangular pattern of blinking lights. I made out the faint outline of a cigar shape behind these lights, but it appeared to be truncated in the middle.  I then turned to my right, facing South. The sky was covered in a kind of hyper-dimensional manifold made up of a poly-chromatic fingerprint. I saw a red orb dancing upwards like an ember. As I followed its trajectory with my eye, I noticed what appeared to be an emanation of white light, dancing inside of time-space. The visual effects seemed to be responsive to my gaze. The craft(s) appeared in some way to be an optical illusion, a demonstration of a cloaking mechanism. I was astonished beyond words by these two vessels, the sight of which moved me to tears. 


I then exited the park and proceeded to walk around my neighborhood, Where I saw three more vessels: a steady, pulsating red orb, an irregular assemblage similar to the first vessel, and a curved red and green cluster of lights similar in shape to a caterpillar. During this phase of the encounter I experienced a profound shift in consciousness.  The next morning, I woke up to find a photo of the first vessel (or rather, it’s absence) on my phone. The image appears on its face to be a typical night time image, but the digital noise has an apparent structure. I cannot reproduce the image from any angle, and the arrangement of lights does not appear to be consistent. The next day, I returned to the site of the encounter. 

NOTE: The above image’s are real but from other locations.

This case is under investigation State Director Ken Pfeifer from MUFON Vermont.



article triangle night road ken pfeifer 5-10-16
MAY 7, 2016   ………..  HURON CALIFORNIA

This was recorded from my dash cam on May 7th 2016 about 3:00hrs. On I-5 around the 325 mile mark, heading south. I was traveling with three other trucks who also saw this craft. I first saw a light sweep the sky on the right side of this video frame. One swept across the sky and a second one occurred a few seconds later. After the second light the first thing I thought was someone was shinning deer. A couple more second passed and we saw bright white lights on what I thought was a plane moving from right to left out in the distance going across the highway. Maybe 2 miles out in front of us, very low to the ground. It crossed the interstate and climbed in attitude and started to circle heading east and than north, and than south returned to roughly the same place it crossed the interstate and crossed back going west, and than the object and lights disappeared. I kept watching out my passenger window to see if I could spot the lights, but I saw nothing. I turned back to watch the road ahead and talking on the CB with the other driver about the strange way that was flying. There was something odd about the way it maneuvered. I notice lights reflecting in my passenger window and thought it was from the oncoming traffic, and I glanced over to see what it was and saw this craft coming straight at me. I thought it was going to crash into me at that point. It had three very bright white lights. Like large round spotlights across the font edge of the vehicle. When I say edge thats all I could make out as it didn’t look to have body or height to it. As it approached It slowed and turned and banked almost in place at the same time, and came up over my truck. It made no sound, it had no wings, no marking lights, no fuselage, no tail, no Plane, no drone, no helicopter. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



An English woman who claimed she was once abducted by aliens recalled the terrifying extraterrestrial experience that took place more than 20 years ago. Her story of alien encounter will be detailed in a new book of renowned UFO expert and author Roy Dutton.


The Dawn She Was Abducted By Aliens

Valerie Walters told Torquay Herald Express that it was around 1:45 a.m. on July 16, 1981, when she was abducted by aliens. She was 26 years old at that time and was driving home with her two friends, Rosemary and Vivienn. The three ladies came from a night-out in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Walters recalled that she and her friends started to get terrified after noticing a bizarre light appearing from the sky. Moments later, they saw a huge craft hovering directly above their car. The English woman said that she cannot exactly recall what happened next after spotting the strange object. She remembered hearing a beeping noise that made her feel sleepy.

How She Was Abducted By Aliens

Walters relayed that she noticed that her friends were gone, therefore, she went out of the car to look for them. The car suddenly disappeared and then, she heard an odd voice telling her not to be afraid.  After hearing the voice, Walters said that everything went red in her head as she felt like she was being vacuumed. The next thing she knew, she was already in front of some bizarre beings. “I was in a white wedge-shaped room with two humanoid beings, a male and a female both with shoulder length dark hair and hypnotic blue eyes,” Walters shared. Walters disclosed that she and her friends reported the terrifying extraterrestrial experience to the police, however, their case was not addressed seriously. She also said that her friends could not completely recall what really happened.

More People Abducted by Aliens

Walters’ story of being abducted by aliens is not the first case. According to the Inquisitr, the “UFO Case Book” has details of few people claiming that they were abducted by aliens in 1950s. In 2005, a woman named Donna Lee claimed that she lost her baby after she and her husband were repeatedly abducted by aliens. In the same year, a man from Florida, also claimed that he was abducted by aliens for few hours after spotting a UFO in his backyard. –Abducted By Aliens? English Woman Recalls Terrifying Extraterrestrial Experience More Than 20 Years Ago







While visiting friends, I borrowed my friend’s Cannon DLSR to take pictures of the dark clouds moving in, shortly after alerts of a violent storm approaching.  I took a picture of the shore line, clearly showing a brick building with a white roof. I looked away from the camera and noticed a hovering dot at about 60 degrees off the horizon, north west of the previous picture. I aimed the camera at the object. I was using a 70-300mm lens. I zoomed all the way in. I still could only see a dot, so I snapped the picture. All a sudden before I could take another, it disappeared out of my lens view moving at a high rate of speed in a south westerly direction. Since I could not see it, I swung the camera down and began clicking along the shore line, capturing as much sky as I could, but actually saw nothing with my naked eye through the lens. When I went inside, I used the camera to zoom in on the dot of light.  To our surprise, it looked like a boat in the sky. I asked my friend if I could take the card home and copy the pictures I took. When I got the images on a full screen pc, To my surprise, there were tiny dots of light around the “boat” object in some sort of a 45 degree angled line. I believe I found 6 dots of light.  The major surprise came when I looked at the blindly snapped picture after that. It revealed a hovering object over the brick building. In addition there is a couple of dots. One is a white dot, and the other appears, when blown up to be a gray oval shape with a black dot (dome?). I have shown these image to J1 and J2, abductees from the Allagash Incident. I’m good friends with them. I do not want to turn over the rights to these images. I’m good with examining them for authenticity, but will not assign exclusive rights to my images. I trust MUFON and the Weiners and I believe these to be interesting enough for analysis. I also think that “J1″ said he would be sending the images to Ray Fowler. If you feel you would like to investigate this, please have the local MUFON investigator contact me. I’ve included a blow up of the dot and a few of the accompanying lights.

This case is under investigation by State Director Ken Pfeifer of MUFON Rhode Island.

Special thanks to the witness John Flanders.



A UFO researcher believes that they have spotted a black cube “orbiting the sun” in a snap taken by the European space agency’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. Posting the ‘evidence’ online, the YouTuber explained: “More and more people on Earth, see the mysterious phenomena in the sky, as well as unidentified flying objects.”  The amateur stargazer insists: ‘People need to know the truth!’ UFO Sightings Daily. They added: “Governments of all countries withhold information from its citizens and put pressure on witnesses and the media. “This resource was created to promote the free flow of information on UFOs and paranormal phenomena, bypassing the ban and censorship of the government. “People need to know the truth!” Another Martian researcher, Scott C. Waring from UFO Sightings Daily, believes he’s seen the hovering black shape before. He explained: “The cube has been seen before off and on. “Sometimes it’s seen in three dimensions other times like this just two.”  Last month, NASA were accused of stopping a live feed in order to cover up information UFO Sightings Daily. It’s not the first time this year that space authority NASA have been forced to defend themselves against conspiracy theorists. After an ISS live feed suddenly went down, UFO enthusiasts were convinced that it was because they were attempting to conceal a U-shaped object floating through the sky. The UFO was first spotted by Scott Waring, from UFO Sightings Daily, as he observed the live stream.







It was on Feb 20, 2016 that the sighting occurred. It was the day the weather was going to change; a storm was rolling in from the west to end our summer weather week (in winter). It was in the early afternoon and my wife and I were sitting outside enjoying the view. Our deck faces the NE. NNE from our view points to Gavilan Mtn, Fallbrook, CA, which we have a clear view of. The cloud front was just coming over us like a sea of grey and seemed to head in an ENE direction. The leading edge of the clouds stretched out as far as we could see and appeared to be somewhat puffy and white with some holes that allowed you to see some blue sky behind them. There was a lower layer of a few thinner, stretched out clouds that you could see through that seemed to move in either an E or W direction, I don’t remember which, but I do remember it was at about a 30 degree angle to the direction of the storm front. I’d guess the layers were 100-300 feet apart. The biggest cloud of the lower layer intersected with the storm front and blue sky and that point appeared to be right over the top of Gavilan and maybe 1,000 above it. I had just made a sandwich, which was pretty messy. I was pretty hungry so I was eating it as I came out of the kitchen over to our outdoor sitting area. I was looking up at the sky in the area of where the two clouds met when something glimmered behind the leading edge of the storm clouds. I thought it was a plane above and behind the clouds that must have reflected the sunlight. But I couldn’t see any object yet, although it still seemed to shine. Then the object appeared to drift down below the storm layer, actually swinging like a pendulum in a grandfather clock. It was a very shiny/brilliant object, almost with a glow, and now I could make it out. It looked like a polished, whitish shiny barbell except the lower end of the “barbell”, or bell if you would, was dark and burnt looking. That end appeared to be behaving like parachuter would, dangling and swinging back and forth, and that was my first thought. Odd though, both ends were relatively the same size which wouldn’t be the case with a parachute.

A parachute would have a much larger “chute” to carry the lower “bell”. At this time I glimpse a small plane maybe ¼ mile to the right of the object and I thought it must have come from that plane. Then I realized the object was too high up to be associated with it. I still thought, since it was sort of floating down rather slowly, that either it would continue down and crash or the chute would have to open soon. Either way I knew this wasn’t going anywhere for a while so I thought I’d put my sandwich down and grab my binoculars from the table behind me to check it out. So I turned around, put my sandwich on the coffee table, picked up the binoculars and turned around and it was gone. I looked for hours and could never find a trace of it again. The bar bell appeared to be 20-30 ft in diam. The “bar” appeared rectangular and shaded and was 8-12 ft rectangle maybe 30 – 40 ft long. The other dangling bell appeared dark, almost burnt, and actually looked like a square close to being 15 – 25 ft cube. The area over Gavilan Mtn is not an area for parachuters and, although Temecula often has balloonist, we have seen the balloonists much further off in the distance. I’m an engineer and I’ve worked for Navy and I know this was not anything we have or will ever have. Yesterday I read MUFON Case 74282. When I saw the CGI they have created representing what these men saw, I felt immediately that this IS THE SAME craft I saw several weeks earlier. I have included a jpg which I’ve cropped from the MUFON file. The only difference I can immediately see from what I saw and the CGI is the dark edges in the CGI. However, when I viewed the object I saw it from an angle that made the darker edges unremarkable and one of the “bells” was black and square. I’m an engineer and worked for the Navy on several military aircraft. I’ve seen enough to know this wasn’t any aircraft, swamp gas or anything normal. This was in broad daylight, close and large enough for me to identify, and high up enough in the sky for me to know that it should have still been there when I turned around. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

KENS NOTE: Naval Base San Diego, sometimes called 32nd Street Naval Station, is one of the largest bases of the United States Navy and is located in San Diego,California. Naval Base San Diego is the principal homeport of the Pacific Fleet, consisting of 50 ships and over 120 tenant commands. The base is composed of 13 piers stretched over 977 acres (3.95 km2) of land and 326 acres (1.32 km2) of water. The total on base population is 20,000 militarypersonnel and 6,000 civilians.




Over the years, various people have asked me what kind of evidence was my personal smoking gun UFO proof. A couple of weeks ago, I was asked this very question by the last person I ever expected: my mother. Out of the blue, she quite literally asked me if I had seen an alien space craft up close and personal. Regretfully, my answer had to be no. Of course, this answer forced another and perhaps better question. She asked if I had some “aha” moment that caused me to have personal UFO proof? To that question I could honestly answer YES! To understand my perspective, I must explain a couple of aspects of my training and background. When I served in the U.S. Navy, I was trained in physics, and more specifically electromagnetic physics. Later in college, I trained to be a cinematographer and video editor. Film and video editors develop a keen sense of being able to see editing errors at the film frame rates of 24 or 30 frames per second. Do we actually see it? It’s an art and an acquired skill. If a trained editor says there’s a glitch in the footage, you can bet your lunch it’s there. Of course, the editor will slow down the film or video footage in an editing machine and find whatever it is that interrupted the presentation.  In 1990, I was the house guest of a gentleman who we’ll call a UFO media Bibliophile. He had first editions of most of the UFO books ever printed from the 1960 to the early 1990s. Also in his collection was a remarkable accumulation of video and film footage of UFO sightings from all over the world. In his collection there were several VHS video tapes from Switzerland from the late 1970s, including the remarkable UFO sightings of Swiss citizen Eduard Albert Meier, or simply Billy Meier.

During the 1970s, Meier claimed to have had extensive contact with a race of aliens often referred to as the Pleiadians. While watching the video footage one evening, I noticed a subtle but momentary flash in the image illumination just before the Beam Ship (as they are called) darted away at great speed. I noticed this effect during an number of film sequences, each time before the alien craft darted away. I slowed the video down to a crawl and measured the subtle flash effect to about 3/24 of a second, or three film frames. On video footage, I noted that the effect was 2/30 of a second, or two video frames. I showed this discovery to my host and he was quite fascinated, but until I slowed the film and video sequences down for him he had never noticed the flash effect. Fast forward about five years; I was watching a television program about UFOs. The program showed some footage from Space Shuttle mission STS-48. In the footage, an object is seen moving from right to left in the picture frame. Suddenly, it darts off to the right at great speed. Something that looks like a laser or particle beam is seen coming up from the Earth’s surface. When I saw the STS-48 footage, I witnessed the same flash effect I had seen in the Billy Meier footage years before. For me, the Billy Meier footage from 1970s was genuine because I was able to see and examine a subtle physical effect on a couple of video frames. Later, I saw the STS-48 footage and observed the same physical effect before the object darted off, something that NASA attributed to “simple ice crystals.” I knew I had seen the smoking gun UFO proof that convinced me these things were genuine without a doubt.






An encounter with an alien is something one will never forget for the rest of his life. The victims of this crucial and rampant phenomenon will have a unique outlook on their everyday lives. It plants on a memory deep down that it cannot be erased in any way possible. This puzzling case took place in Beverly, Massachusetts on April 22, 1966, and involves nine witnesses. This dramatic encounter is viewed as being the most persuasive arguments for the extraterrestrial hypothesis. The occurrence began to appear at 9:00 p.m. when Nancy Modugno was laying in bed. Later on, she noticed a blinking light through her window. At forty feet away, an unidentified object of an automobile size brightly flashed in colors green, blue, white, and red lights. As it moved in low altitude; the football-shaped spacecraft has a whizzing and ricocheting sound. The object descended behind the trees behind Beverly High School. She was terrified and told her father. Later on, the two friends of her mother saw the flashing lights in the field. Together with Claire, her mother, three of them walked down to the hill and saw something unusual. Three objects were hovering in the sky, circling and halting as if they were playing. The mysterious unknown objects were oval-shaped that has bright flashing lights. According to them, the object appeared larger as it drew closer. Since the colors were right, it became visible to other resident making the police officers to see and investigate the incident. Initially, Officers Mahan and Bossie asked the location of the airplane, but when it drew closer to them, they were shaking. It had three lights – green, red, and blue without noise. Just as the policemen got out of the vehicle, the disc passed over the school and started to move slowly. Before it disappeared behind buildings, the speed accelerated. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




I was driving from Dallas to Mankato, MN. Staying off the toll roads and ended up on a road going around the south of Richard-Gebaur AFB. While driving down an incline, I saw a lake that was white capping in front of me due to hurricane in the south. I made a left turn on the road and crossed a small 1 lane bridge and looked to my left and saw a landed cigar shaped craft about 25’ tall and unknown length since it was sitting in a canyon, I could only see three rows of 4 portals. I tried to stop because my video camera was in the back seat. A flock of turkeys were in front of me and 2 hit my windshield, not breaking it, I was going so slow. There were 2 farm houses with gates right up to road and couldn’t turn Around. Got a couple of miles down the road and shrugged it of. It’s been my head every day until now so I went to Google Earth and found it, and it was exactly how I remembered it, book marked it. And went back 2 days later to look at it again and now the lake is gone, the farm houses and it has been totally changed. Living in S.F. I can’t go back there to check it myself but it’s weird Google Earth changed. – MUFON CMS

Richards-Gebaur Air Reserve Station is a closed United States Air Force base. It was located 17.7 miles (28.5 km) south of Kansas City, Missouri. It was closed in 1994. Opened in 1941 as a civil airport, Grandview Airportt was used by both the Army Air Forces and the United States Navy during World War II as an overflow training airfield for Sedalia Army Airfield and Naval Air Station Olathe beginning in March 1944. The airport was acquired by the Army Air Forces Continental Air Forces, becoming an entirely military installation in February 1945. It later became a major United States Air Force base during the Cold War. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



APRIL 25, 2016   …………..  MACKAY AUSTRALIA

Every year Australians celebrate the ANZAC DAY dawn service. We gather to celebrate those servicemen and women lost at war. This event takes place just before dawn. Today I was standing listening to the speeches when looking up to the horizon a very bright flashing light caught my eye. It was like a tripple strobing before it went out. After about 8-10 seconds it lit up once more only this time it wasn’t as bright and it looked like a lighthouse light. Gaining in intensity then dulling. The crowd around me heard me telling my two daughters and their school friends and then also began to follow its path. It was an extremely solem occasion so the environment was very quiet, the object gave no sound. We could see a dark sphere when the light was off and it moved slowly across the sky in a northwest direction. At one stage it gave out another bright burst of light before we lost sight of it. It was very high up. I’m not entirely sure of it’s exact altitude but it was at a similar height of a commercial aircraft if not slightly lower and moving very slowly. When I first saw the light I knew it wasn’t an aircraft because there were no navigation lights visible, there was no sound at all. I also have never seen a satellite this low and that emitted any light other than that of the suns reflection. We should’ve seen the sun reflecting off it at this time as the sun was rising behind it. Even though we could see the dawns light on the horizon, given the objects altitude it would have been within the suns line of sight making it brighter. I’m not entirely sure on how many people witnessed this event but I know the packed crowd around me had many looking up and pointing in bewilderment. I didn’t get any photos of this event. But all I can say is that it looked like a black / charcoal spherethat seemed to fully light up before going dark again. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




Donald Slayton
Donald Slayton a Mercury astronaut revealed in an interview he had seen UFOs in 1951: “I was testing a P-51 fighter in Minneapolis when I spotted this object. I was at about 10,000 feet on a nice, bright, sunny afternoon. I thought the object was a kite, then I realized that no kite is gonna fly that high.”  As I got closer it looked like a weather balloon, gray and about three feet in diameter. But as soon as I got behind the darn thing it didn’t look like a balloon anymore. It looked like a saucer, a disk.  About the same time, I realized that it was suddenly going away from me — and there I was, running at about 300 miles per hour. I tracked it for a little way, and then all of a sudden the damn thing just took off. It pulled about a 45 degree climbing turn and accelerated and just flat disappeared.”
Major Robert White

On July 17, 1962 Major Robert White reported a UFO during his fifty-eight-mile high flight of an X-15. Major White reported: “I have no idea what it could be. It was grayish in color and about thrity to forty feet away.”  Then according to a Time Magazine article, Major White exclaimed over the radio: “There ARE things out there! There absolutely is!”
NASA Pilot Joseph A. Walker

On May 11, 1962 NASA pilot Joseph Walker said that one of his tasks was to detect UFOs during his X-15 flights. He had filmed five or six UFOs during his record breaking fifty-mile-high flight in April, 1962. It was the second time he had filmed UFOs in flight. During a lecture at the Second National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in Seattle, Washigton he said: “I don’t feel like speculating about them. All I know is what appeared on the film which was developed after the flight.” – Joseph Walker  To date none of those films has been released to the public for viewing.
Commander Eugene Cernan

Eugene Cernan was commander of Apollo 17. In a Los Angeles Times article in 1973 he said, about UFOs:  “…I’ve been asked (about UFOs) and I’ve said publicly I thought they (UFOs) were somebody else, some other civilization.”
NASA’s Maurice Chatelain

In 1979 Maurice Chatelain, former chief of NASA Communications Systems confirmed that Armstrong had indeed reported seeing two UFOs on the rim of a crater. Chatelain believes that some UFOs may come from our own solar system — specifically Titan. “The encounter was common knowledge in NASA, but nobody has talked about it until now.” “…all Apollo and Gemini flights were followed, both at a distance and sometimes also quite closely, by space vehicles of extraterrestrial origin – flying saucers, or UFOs, if you want to call them by that name. Every time it occurred, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered absolute silence.” “I think that Walter Schirra aboard Mercury 8 was the first of the astronauts to use the code name ‘Santa Claus’ to indicate the presence of flying saucers next to space capsules. However, his announcements were barely noticed by the general public. It was a little different when James Lovell on board the Apollo 8 command module came out from behind the moon and said for everybody to hear: ‘PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS.’ Even though this happened on Christmas Day 1968, many people sensed a hidden meaning in those words.” The rumors persist. NASA may well be a civilian agency, but many of its programs are funded by the defence budget and most of the astronauts are subject to military security regulations. Apart from the fact that the National Security Agency screens all films and probably radio communications as well. We have the statements by Otto Binder, Dr. Garry Henderson and Maurice Chatelain that the astronauts were under strict orders not to discuss their sightings. And Gordon Cooper has testified to a United Nations committee that one of the astronauts actually witnessed a UFO on the ground. If there is no secrecy, why has this sighting not been made public?

NASA’s Scott Carpenter

“At no time, when the astronauts were in space were they alone: there was a constant surveillance by UFOs.”





Hi ken: It was a cloudy night and I was looking at the moon through a break in the clouds. I then spotted a white light that was way off in the distance and was to big to be a star. At first I thought it was the international space station but the white light then began to move so I knew it couldn’t be the international space station. Also there were no signs of light beacons so I ruled it out as being a plane or helicopter. Furthermore there was no sound at all. I then zoomed into the white light with my Sony HX300 and could clearly see that it was changing shape. I started taking photographs. In the first photograph the object looks like an F. In the rest of the photographs the white light takes on some other bizarre shapes. I took eight photographs before the white light shot off into the distance and out of sight. The photographs were taken‎ on 24th of ‎April ‎2016, at Newton Abbot Devon UK. Have a great week my friend.



KENS NOTE: This area in the United Kingdom is swarming with alien craft. John Mooner, my World UFO Photos researcher has taken hundreds of very strange and clear images in this area. The above alien craft photos were taken from very high altitudes in our atmosphere. I feel these craft are usually flying at higher altitudes so it make it very hard to see them with the naked eye. If you are sky watching for UFO’s, make sure you have a good telescope or pair of binoculars that you can attach a camera too..


JOHNS NOTE: Check out the GiF image below to see all the bizarre shapes that this strange morphing object took on.




Late on a Tuesday night at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, an employee was taking trash to a Dumpster outside the air-traffic-control tower when a mysterious glow caught his attention. A massive V-shaped object was hovering off the ground, light emanating from the bottom. “The lights were what I noticed at first … It was very large as it passed beside me,” the witness stated. “I was in total disbelief that it was happening. It made no noise at all. ”The reported sighting occurred about 9 p.m. on March 1 at Terminal 4, but was just recently investigated and reported by the Mutual UFO Network witness report database. An article on the case first appeared on a UFO website. The airport employee described the object’s movement as it traveled over to the Sky Train Station, when he lost sight of the lights. Although he believed that it was otherworldly, he said he was not afraid. “I didn’t feel anything but shock as I pondered what had just taken place,” he reported, along with an illustration of what he saw. “This event lasted just about five minutes or so. I felt calm and no sense of danger or apprehension afterwards. Just a sense of wonder and amazement that something so huge could travel in the air and not make any noise.” The airport sighting is just one of hundreds of reports of UFOs in Arizona, making the state one of the top places on the planet for purported alien activity, according to reports compiled by the Mutual UFO Network. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





Hello – I am writing to you on behalf of my wife. We have been married almost 22 years and I first heard her story 21 or so years ago. She doesn’t talk about it much but recent events have brought her story back up. My wife and her friend were walking home from junior high school in Fontana, CA around 1985 when a large disc shaped object appeared instantly out of the sky just above them. They didn’t see it approach, it was all of a sudden just there, hovering just above the tops of the buildings. What happened next is unknown. My wife and her friend both remember being at home the very next moment, with no recollection of how they got home. They both questioned each other to confirm that they saw the same thing and they did and neither of them could remember walking home, and several hours had passed. After high school, my wife and her friend ended up going separate ways and did not talk again for maybe 20 years. By then my wife and I had already been together for some time and I had heard her story. Because she remembers so very little other than the ship and then mysteriously waking up at home, she doesn’t have a whole lot to say. She is a very pragmatic person and has never tried to embellish the events and has always kept a very consistent retelling. As I mentioned, my wife and her friend went separate ways after high school. Several years ago, my wife’s friend wanted to corroborate her story again so she went on a search for us and she did locate us. Her and my wife reconnected and retold their stories to each other and my wife’s friend story was identical to my wife’s. During their conversation, they both brought up the fact that they think they were given implants. Neither my wife or her friend had ever had surgery in the areas they feel their implants are located. It can easily be felt just below the surface of the skin. I am contacting you because after looking up similar experiences online, we would like some answers, and possibly have the implants reviewed by a professional to confirm if they are really implants. Thank You. NOTE: The above image is cgi




I live in Jericho, Vermont. I’m 27.  I had my entire life until the late 2000s memories and experiences involving short bluish purple skinned things in burlap-esque cloaks as well as taller thin-framed things. I can only really describe as the stereotypical gray aliens except their skin was a sort of sand / tan color. Their eyes are huge and sort of wrap around their head a bit. As I get older, I find it harder to remember these events for some reason, especially visually, and I get a sort of mental block, a fogginess when I try. In fact, since these experiences have sort of stopped I have a hard time visualizing anything at all in my mind as far as photographic memory. I also get this feeling if I try to tell anyone in great detail about my experiences with a lot of thought (of which I pretty much never have for obvious reasons and I have told very few people,) a sort of feeling like I am not supposed to talk about these things, and a sort of feeling like I am doing something wrong. The best way I can think to describe the feeling is like when being a young child and an adult or parent is hovering over you for fear of you misbehaving or messing around with something valuable they don’t want you to break. Like when my thoughts pertain to them enough, they somehow know. In fact my mind is getting foggy every time I try to put this stuff onto here. I guess I will just put what comes into my head and the bits of experiences and memories I have the best I can here. I currently reside about a mile from the neighborhood I grew up in, the house I grew up in. Many events happened there but I have had experiences where I currently live as well. I have a memory of being a young child.  My dad and my brothers used to watch TV together until everyone fell asleep in the living room to which we’d usually be sent to bed. Sometimes he’d fall asleep first and we’d all just end up sleeping wherever we were on one of the couches or chairs.. I have this memory of waking up, seeing my dad asleep on the couch, there was no sound at all, it was like somehow the sound everywhere was just turned off. For some reason there was enough light in the house to see, a sort of grayish blue hue of light, but I knew it was night time because behind the couch where my dad was was the kitchen and there’s a window out there and it was black (the curtain behind me would have been shut.) The light not too bright but enough to see everything in the room fairly clearly. Suddenly my dad woke up, his eyes just opened and several of these short things in robes sort of walked over to him from the front entryway area. I think there were four, they surrounded him and lifted him, I can see him screaming but there’s no sound at all. I remember being feeling I should be frightened but at the same time calm despite what I saw. I couldn’t move, or didn’t move, I don’t know why. I watched as they all worked to lift him up and take him towards the front door entryway of the house (which was about 5 feet from living room.) As they were carrying him I remember him reaching out towards me as he was screaming. When he was out of sight that memory ends.


I’m really struggling to piece this together enough to put into words here. I have to stop and think hard. It’s a very strange feeling, it truly is. This is a sort of after thought that keeps coming to my head diving into this memory though: my parents have told me, specifically my mother before, that when I was very young I used to come down stairs when I was supposed to be in bed when they were watching TV (I guess I would have been sent to bed as they stayed up and watched TV more,) and in her words I seemed to be in a trance that I couldn’t easily be woken from, usually with my eyes shut or barely open and would often head for the front door. I guess they would often wake up in the morning and find me on the couch downstairs when I was supposed to have been in bed because I had been sent to bed and had gone, or to the side of my bed on the floor in my bedroom. I actually sort of remember being woken up like this… I remember my dad being upset I was out of bed and getting annoyed that I kept coming down. I would sort of just be more awake than I was. I have an extremely faint memory of trying to unlock the door in the middle of the night because I had to go outside but for why or what I don’t know. This reminds me as well of a memory I have from this age or earlier of waking up in bed because of light emanating from my closed bedroom curtain despite it being night, and just laying in bed with my blankets over my head because I felt someone or something was coming. Something bad. I remember feeling very dizzy and the room feeling like it was spinning then the light went away and I ran to the bathroom and threw up into the toilet. I don’t think I can write anymore right now I’m starting to feel nauseated and it’s getting real hard to type things out. I will try more another time. Thank you for taking my information. I still have a lot to give. NOTE: The above image is CGI. 

Special thanks to a new friend who finally decided to share his many experiences with me. Much more to come in the future.




I was training in Petawawa (Army base) Canada.  I was a corporal military police. I was laying prone in my shell scrape covering my arcs of fire. It was approx. 1-3 am overcast in the woods. It was so dark I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I saw a red light entering my ark coming from my right traveling to my left. At about my 11-12 o’clock position it changed course and floated straight towards me. It was a red floating orb semi transparent that emited little light. I craweled towards it and tried to touch it with my hands. Thee red floating semi transparent orb that emited little light backed away out of arms reach. It floated up and down slowly as if it was checking me out. I pulled back my arms and rested them under my chest. I stretched my head as forward as it would go. Still in prone position, I kept my eyes as wide open as I could. I watched this floating red orb semi transparent that emits little light move in closer to my face. It was hovering in front of my nose. Millimetres in front of my nose. I was studying it and I think it was studying me. It was a floating red orb semi transparent that emited little light it was millimetres from my nose. I think it touched me. Next thing I remember it was day light. I wandered into the centre of camp. Two others said they saw a UFO. The commanding officer said it was a helicopter forget about it. I don’t know what they saw but I know what I saw. A floating red orb semi transparent that barely emited light. This was the first time contact was made. For the record I didn’t fall asleep and imagine or dream this. At the time I thought it was some sort of test or secret weapon. Time was lost. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




FEBURARY 3, 1967   …………  LIMA PERU
6:30 PM. The pilot was flying a passenger jet from Chiclayo to Lima. The DC-4 was at 7,000 feet when they saw, west of the plane, a very luminous object which they thought was a star or planet. But after they were very sure that the apparent movement of the object was not the effect of their aircraft’s motion, they could see that the object was approaching them very fast and was closer to their aircraft. They estimated the distance of the object was about 8 nautical miles. Pilot: “At this time it was really a spectacle, it had so much light that all passengers of our plane saw it and started to be very nervous and exclaimed, “There is an OVNI”. After a while the UFO passed over the plane and stopped right over them. At this moment they noticed a 15° left oscillation on their radio compass, and later a 20° right oscillation without stopping, and all the lights in the main cabin started to reduce in intensity. Then, as their fluorescent lights of the cockpit and all radio receptions went out there was a bit of static noise.

Feb. 3, 1967; Piggott, ARKANSAS
Time not reported. Numerous witnesses saw maneuvering objects with domes and flashing lights. Separate (satellite) and merging objects also were reported. Dogs reacted (animal reactions). (Keyhoe and Lore, 1969b, p. 71.)

Feb. 3, 1967; Lindsborg, KANSAS

7:40 p.m. CST (8:40 p.m. EST). Five people watched a disc or ellipse that first flew like an airplane, but then moved with irregular, jerky, up and down motions, and sometimes with hesitating forward motion. The object hovered over the highway for 15-20 seconds, then sped from sight in 15 seconds. Witnesses could see military bombing practice in the distance at the same time. (NICAP report form.)

Feb. 3, 1967; Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

8:30 p.m. EST. A man saw an object estimated to be 30 feet in diameter and 15 feet thick with a row of white lights and a tangerine-colored light on the bottom (body lights). The object zipped back and forth at terrific speed. Observations were made from various points coordinated by two-way radios. (Hamilton Spectator, 2/4/67, copy in NICAP files.)

NOTE: The above image is CGI.





This was my first siting (5 more as the years went by). I was almost 7 at the time and we had spent the day in Ridgewood NJ house hunting. My father was going to start work in NY city as Sr. Engineer building 222 Broadway (the building is still there today). We were driving home to Utica, NY and going north on the NY turnpike. I had fallen asleep in the back of the station wagon and it was late in the afternoon. I remember the sun in my eyes as I was trying to sleep. I heard my parents talking and you know when your young that you know something is wrong when you hear the tone of their conversation. I picked my head up and asked what was wrong. My father told me to go back to sleep. Of course I did the opposite. I looked up front. My brother was asleep but my sister and mother were looking out the passenger side windows. I moved over to the window and when I looked out I saw a silver disc just above the trees following along the side of the car. It was silver/reflective and was about the size of a golf ball off to the east. I state the direction since the sun was on the other side of the car in the late afternoon and had not set yet. I remember saying something like it was neat at which my mother got mad at me an said there was nothing neat about it. She said she had told my father to get off the highway and go to a police station. My father stated that he had no plans to pull over and stop at a police station. If he did what would he say. They would think I was drunk of out of my mind. I asked how long has it been following us. My mother said too long but my sister said about 15 minutes. I said wow and was told to shut up by both my parents. As I looked out at the disc it seemed smaller. At that point it did not go higher, it just pulled away. About 10 seconds later it was gone. No one talked about the rest of the way home. The next morning at breakfast I said I could not wait for show and tell at school to tell everyone what happened. To my surprise my parents told me I should not talk about it and as far as they were concerned it was just some new type of airplane. Even at almost 7 years old I was already into planes ( I eventually became a pilot) and was putting together model planes. This object had no wings no propeller or jet engine. Well I told my story at school and was laughed at and my teacher told me I had a good imagination. As I said this was my first siting with more as the years went by. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





Have you ever looked into the sky and wondered whether we alone in the universe? Many people think that in such a vast universe, there must be something else out there. But for Gary the very thought was preposterous.  That was, until one night in March 2013 when he was recovering a vehicle in Barlaston. It was a Friday night when he received the call to attend to a breakdown of the car.  He was sent to Rough Close and what he didn’t know was that this was to be a call he would never forget. It was shortly after midnight and the weather was heavy with rain.  A lady had broken down some way from home and required Gary’s assistance.  As he pulled up in the lower car park, overlooking Wedgwood, he saw the lady and her car. Gary introduced himself and began to investigate the problem with the car.  As he continued to work under the bonnet, he heard a strange sound coming from the field not far away. “It sounded like a swishing noise accompanied by a low buzzing,” he told me. “We both looked towards where the noise was coming from and we froze with fear when we first saw it. “The initial thing we noticed was a light radiating from the field where the noise was coming from.  “Whatever it was it had just began to lift off the ground and was heading directly upwards.” Gary described the craft as black in colour and a shaped like a cigar and he estimated it to be approximately 50 feet in length.  Both the lady and Gary stood transfixed on the glow of this unknown object. “When I glanced at the woman she was actually smiling, it felt euphoric and stimulating not scary at all,” he explained.  When the object reached approximately 20 feet into the air it slowed down and changed direction, swinging around to face towards them.  


Gary said: “That was the only time I felt concerned, it seemed to notice us and that felt surreal.” Then the lady that Gary had come to help started to walk slowly towards the object. He watched with uncertainty and fear as she seemed to be in some kind of trance.  He moved quickly towards the lady and stood in front of her. “I was trying to stop her but she seemed drawn towards the object and continued to try and get past me – keeping her eyes fixed on the craft at all times.”  NOTE: The above image is real and was sighted in 3-20-50 in New York city.



It was a over cast and cloudy day, with a chance of showers. My four kids just got home from school and they were riding their bicycles, as I was watching them and doing yard work, around 16:00 hrs. I stopped yard work, facing North, to watch the kids and one of my daughter’s, (age 7) rode her bike up to me, stopped and asked me; “What’s that?”…. I looked Westward and saw a black dot, just below the clouds heading Eastward and told her;” It’s a helicopter…. As I started to go back to doing yard work. My daughter, still looking the this object, yelled out; “It’s a flying car!”…. Me, looking down the neighborhood street, asked her; ” Where?”  and she pointed West and said; “No!.. Up there!” As I looked and saw this object get closer; I could see that it wasn’t a helicopter!…. The object looked black in color, with wear..(Like it did a lot of traveling)and rectangular, in shape, with rounded edges. There was a light, white in color with what looked like a thruster in the center?  It was traveling in a straight line, as it was slowly rotating and didn’t made a sound. I told my daughter to keep her eyes on it, so that I could get my binoculars out of my truck; in which we both and the truck, were on our driveway. As I looked through the binoculars. I could see that it had no numbers or letters on it and this was not a helicopter nor a plane. Being, that we do live near a very small airport, with Cesena’s flying in and out all the time.. But, it wasn’t a good day to fly, due to the weather and  this object wasn’t a drone either, for the fact that it didn’t have any propellers and it was flying too high. It flew Eastward and suddenly changed direction and went back the other way! It flew then, Westward, slowly rotating and then stopped, mid point to were we first saw it. By then; I could see that it had a dome on top, as it had a smaller white light on top of it, too. It hovered for a few seconds, while still rotating slowly and then, it started spinning faster; just below the cloud line, still as I looked at it. It started to look more like a saucer, as it was spinning. And then, there was like a flash… And the object shot straight up into the clouds!…. Felt like I was in a dream, while looking at this object.. (From the distance and the height of this object. I would say that it had to be approximately 8 ft. high and 40 to 50 ft. wide? And maybe, even the size of a 2 or 3 bedroom home…?) My daughter and I saw this object for approximately 2 minutes. I made a model of it, out of styrofoam because I got a very good look at this object, through my binoculars…. (Not sure how to post the pictures of my model, that I made, on the files part….? Sorry……  NOTE: The above image is real from a sightings in Kanarraville Utah.




A German couple, both in their mid-fifties, sighted a UFO ….shaped like a Mexican hat… at Paradise Point, Queensland, about 60 kilometers south of Brisbane last week. Mr. Gerhard S. and Mrs. Waltraud S. saw the UFO from their home in Paradise Point. The object, described as “very bright, white and some orange light underneath” was first seen from their lounge room. They then proceeded to the kitchen window to get a better look. The object, they said, “was a flat disc with a dome in the center and a bright light underneath.” The couple then proceeded outside to view the UFO. “The object was moving very slowly over the sky, coming from the northwest. It disappeared and reappeared several times” and, after what seemed to be several minutes, “winked out behind trees and houses in a southerly direction. The size was a bit smaller than the moon, about a third of a degree arc, but was brighter than the moon. Seemed to be several kilometers away. It looked similar to a Mexican hat, no similarity to aircraft or helicopters, etc.” Total duration of the sighting was about three to four minutes. No sound was heard. We have since located an additional witness to this sighting at Runaway Bay. This person has yet to be interviewed. (UFOICQ)  NOTE: The above image is CGI.






Jan.18, 1967; S. Williamstown, MA
12:15 a.m. EST. Four witnesses saw a flash in the sky just before a power failure occurred. Then they saw a domed disc with body lights. It was near the ground on the opposite bank of the Green River. A red glowing object buzzed their car as they drove away. (Air Force report, Project Blue Book files, National Archives; Fowler, 1974, p. 343.)

Jan. 18, 1967; Norton, MA
6:30-6:45 a.m. EST. A man saw a cloud-like object with flat bottom, a dome on top, and a blue stripe. It hovered over an airport, then accelerated and sped away, disappearing in 3 seconds. (Robinson letter, NICAP files.) Independent observation: At 7:00 a.m. a patrolman in Mansfield, Mass., about 6 miles north of Norton, apparently independently of the above witness, saw an object with flat bottom and domed top that appeared fuzzy and cloud-colored, with a horizontal stripe of gas-flame-like blue color. (NICAP report form.)

Jan. 18, 1967; Shamokin, PA
6:00 p.m. EST.  A family watched a disc with a red light on a projection at the rear approach at low altitude (estimated 400-500 feet), viewed through binoculars. As it neared, the object emitted two pinkish-white light beams downward at about a 45-degree angle from its forward edge. It then turned, rose suddenly, joined a second object and both sped away. (Keyhoe and Lore,1969a, p.43.)

NOTE: The above image is CGI.





These events happened when I was 14 years old, and it included myself and my cousin. The day wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. During the summertime Minnesota can get pretty hot, and we were in the middle of a hot summer that year. All through the day of wandering through the local parks, swimming in the local lake, and then hanging out at my cousin’s house at night we didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary. At that age we would always attempt to stay awake as long as we could and squeeze what time we could get out of the summer. When we finally decided that we were going to go to bed, we both found ourselves uncomfortably hot. Wandering down stairs, we looked around the kitchen trying to get something to make us cold again. Fans, cold water douses, or soaked towels. We couldn’t get cool. We weren’t to the point of sickness about it, we just couldn’t take the sticky heat. And so we decided to fill a couple spray bottles normally used for fending off cats from plants, and use them to mist our faces. We both ended up in the living room connected to the kitchen. All the lights were off and we both were laying on the floor. Talking, laughing, complaining about how hot it was. The living room had a wall of three windows all facing a slight rise in the ground that led upwards towards the next property. This “divider” also had many trees planted giving it the look like a wooded area. Of course the length from just outside the window to the lawn of the next person up the hill was probably around 50-60ft. The windows were probably around 3-4ft off the ground from their base. And the window that was important, was the middle window. My cousin and I talked for quite a while, trying to pass the time until exhaustion would overtake our annoyance about the heat. Very suddenly my cousin stopped talking and in the midst of misting my face, I called for him by name. When I didn’t receive a response, I looked over at him. Previously he had been laying flat on his back on the floor, spraying his face every now and again.
Now when I looked over at him, he was slightly propped up on his arms and staring intently at the middle window. A few more times I called his name, each time becoming a little bit more worried about what was going on. Of course then I decided to see what he was looking at. When I looked over towards the middle window, I saw what he was looking at. No limbs, no body, just the head of a creature just poking above the bottom of the window. Shape of it’s head was like an upside down tear-drop, the same head that has been reported by so many people. Two very slightly slanted black eyes, and not very many other discernible facial features. There was a direct connection, from the creature’s posture I could tell that this thing and my cousin were locked onto each other. I watched in horror for around 20 seconds before this thing turned to looked at me. I would say we only locked gazes for about five seconds before this thing disappeared. But it didn’t just “vanish”, I could see it had moved to it’s left and to my right at an unbelievable speed. I can remember so vividly that day. I can remember getting a pizza from a certain local gas station and enjoying it with my cousin, Uncle, and Aunt. I remember how it progressed into that night, playing video games until we tried to sleep. I remember how hot it was, how heavy the air felt. I can remember laughing about our predicament together while laying in that living room. I don’t know if I missed time, or if it was the heat, but I dont remember what happened after seeing that thing. The next day, we were sleeping up in his room on the top floor of the house. We both remembered seeing that thing, still to this day we could tell the story identically. But neither of us remember how we got back to bed that day. It was the first and only time I have seen one of these things, but it is not the first time that I have suspected something. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





“he story I wanted to tell was back in 2004. It was October and it would have been homecoming week for the University of Northern Iowa. So my sister was attending school there and she needed money to go out for homecoming to go out and party. So I was taking some money up to her. She said she had to be at a certain place by 11 o’clock PM because it was 5 dollars to get in. If it was after 11 o’clock she would have to pay 15 dollars.

So my friend and I left Cedar Rapids at about 7:30PM and Cedar Falls is just about an hour or so away. So we head up to Cedar Falls and when I got up on the exit, I realized I took the wrong exit. I could see the UNI Dome (NOTE: The UNI-Dome is a multi-purpose stadium, on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa, in Cedar Falls, Iowa) from where I was. It was off in the distance. I was in the middle of like four cornfields separated by the road. I had a stop sign. The crossroad did not. And my radio was really hot. It was kind of hooked up lazily, so I took the face of my CD player off. All of a sudden I looked up into the sky and I said, ‘Oh look, Mindy, a shooting star!’ And I pointed at it. She looks. And as soon as I pointed at it, it starts coming towards us. So from what looked like a shooting star off in the distance maybe takes about ten seconds to get to us and by the time it was a hundred feet away from us. I could tell it was a big, really beautiful blue diamond. It looked like it was shaped out of glass. It was really smooth. The edges were rounded instead of clunky. It came straight down in front of us and landed in the cornfield that was across the street and to the left. And I say landed because there was no boom, there was no noise, there was no explosion. Whatever it was, it made a landing.

She looked at me and said, ‘that wasn’t a shooting star.’ I said, ‘no it wasn’t.’ I said,‘what time is it?’ I don’t know why I asked the time after seeing something like that. She said, ‘8:51′ I remember that specifically because it would make sense after we left at 7:30PM. So I had to cross the road because I could see the UNI Dome off in the distance. And I wanted to point out that if I was to measure with my fingers across the windshield how big this thing was. Right now I’m doing it to a light pole. I would say it was about as big as a light pole, about 4 inches with my fingers. This was a pretty nice night. So I had to cross the road. There’s no radio on. I look to the left and on top of the corn it’s just illuminated, a really light blue. And that’s all I remember… I don’t remember talking to her. I don’t remember anything except for saying ‘what the heck?’ I used a different word but I said ‘we’re not getting any closer. We’re not getting any closer.’ So I was like driving and driving and staring at the UNI Dome. I don’t remember her saying anything. I just remember staring at the UNI Dome and driving and saying out loud,‘we’re not getting any closer.’

The next thing I know, I’m at a stop light. I took a left, I took a right. I’m at the UNI Dome and my sister’s gone. I call my sister to come down and get the money. She had fallen asleep. She comes down and she’s acting all mad at me and I said ‘what’s wrong with you, I just brought you the money? I just drove from out of town to bring you some money.’ She said ‘I was trying to get in there by 11 o’clock so I only had to pay 5 dollars. I got ten minutes to get there by 11.’ So from 8:51 when we saw this thing to ten minutes to 11, I was driving straight up to the UNI Dome. I was staring at it. I could see it off in the distance. It looked like I would probably be there in ten minutes. This is just crazy because I don’t remember anything.

When I think about it, I feel like the UNI Dome was projected in front of me. This should have been at the most a three hour trip but we didn’t get home until after midnight. When I was thinking back, I don’t remember the drive home. I remember a week later calling Mindy and saying, I want to talk to you about the thing… and she was like, ‘what are you talking about?’ I was like, ‘about what we saw on the way to the UNI Dome.’And she was like quiet for a minute and then she just started freaking out and she kept saying, ‘The Light! The Light! The Light! I have to go, I can’t talk about this’ and hung up. And still to this day, she’s a good friend of mine, she will not talk about it. So that was a really crazy experience.”  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



One accidents, which remained unexplained to this day, took place during the month of October 1974, during test flights commemorating the 26th Aeronautics and Space Week. On Wednesday the 23rd of that month, a Douglas A-4B “Skyhawk” fighter bomber, manned by Lt. Jose Van Deer, crashed in the vicinity of Maria Teresa to the south of Santa Fe Province. The pilot managed to activate his ejection seat, thus saving his life.  According to information provided by a “duly identified person living in the city of Venado Tuerto”, a group of isolated witnesses claimed seeing a large object only moments before the accident. Even farmers herding their animals confirmed the presence of an airplane a military one  that appeared to be escorted by an enormous ** metallic disk ** that vanished in a matter of seconds. In the light of this situation, military authorities commenced the pertinent investigations in order to ascertain what the witnesses had seen, and to the greatest extent possible, identify the “strange vehicle” that local residents had connected to the airplane accident. The unusual attitude taken by Lt. Van Deer is also curious. In his nervous phone conversation from the María Teresa train station, he employed such expressions as “mechanical difficulties brought about by magnetic phenomena.” There was talk among train station employees based on information given by Van Deer himself, that within the cockpit, the entire airplane was magnetized. Some of the fragmented parts of the phone conversation between the pilot and members of the Argentinean Air Force was picked up by a yard control dispatcher at the Belgrano “Rosario Norte” Train Station. Utmost secrecy surrounded the event. However, as the witness had been ordered, he took great care not to disclose what he knew, yet weeks later, he was removed from service, abruptly and inexplicably.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



My wife and I were gazing at the moon which had a halo around it. We were talking on our front porch and just happened to see the beautiful halo around the moon. I don’t recall the exact time but it was around 9 – 9:45pm. I decided to try taking a picture using my iPhone 6 Plus with the flash disabled. I snapped several pictures and noticed a ball of light directly below the moon and it appeared as if it came out of or around the moon. As I snapped photos fairly rapidly the object dropped down, moved to the left of the moon slightly ( all of this from my perspective ), then slowly moved down and to the right and after a minute or less it moved upwards and to the right of the moon. If using a clock to demonstrate…..the object appeared at 6 o’clock, moved to the 8 o’clock position and after changing course counter clockwise finished its movement around 3 o’clock.


The only movement after it arrived at the 3 o’clock position was it moved away from the moon slightly, stopped and we observed it in that position for a period of time, I don’t know how long, it was difficult for either of us to look away from the direction of the moon. We sometime later, I don’t know how long exactly, went back inside our house. I came back out an hour or so later and the object was gone. The first photos I took only show the halo. All subsequent pictures show the object in different positions. None of the photos were altered in anyway, except one which I tried to zoom in on the object. My first thought was it must be a star… Until it changed direction. I served 6 years in the United States Marine Corps and I am a combat veteran. I have witnessed many lights in the sky at night and I was on the invasion force during the first Persian Gulf War. It wasn’t a flare, an aircraft, a shooting star or anything else I’ve witnessed before. Living in SC I know what the stealth aircraft out of North airbase look like….it did not appear to be anything military related. I honestly have no clue what it was.



           ARTICLE UFO KEN PFEIFER 4-14-16


On July 8, 1947, a group of visitors were picnicking at the Pennsylvania Monument when they witnessed half a dozen silver objects fly over the battlefield and disappear in the east, not once but twice. Aghast at the site of these unknown objects slicing across the sky, the couples reported their experience that would be logged up as one of numerous suspicious sightings of “flying saucers” throughout the country that year, described as everything from saw blades to round, silver disks that made little or no noise as they whirled across the sky. Little did this group know at the time how this odd observation was only one incident of the tantalizing craze that would not only grip Adams County, but the nation as a whole-earth was being invaded. Was Gettysburg on the intergalactic list of places to visit?  Not since 1938, when Orson Welles’ infamous “War of the Worlds” broadcast gripped many Americans in fear of alien invaders, had America thought for one moment about the threat from beyond the cosmos. But here it was, flying over the Pennsylvania Monument in the broad daylight of a sunny July afternoon.  The post-World War II era saw an explosion of strange sightings, reports of flying saucers, and other bizarre events seemingly beyond reasonable explanation. It was the new science fiction, which extended itself beyond radio broadcasts and books to movie screens all across the country. There was something flying around up there and though no one had any idea of what it may be; “it” had finally made an appearance over Gettysburg National Military Park. There never was a full explanation or official disclosure about the 1947 sighting over the park. It was simply chalked up as one of the numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects that flourished around the country over the ensuing decades and certainly those picnickers who were enjoying their afternoon in the park on that day in 1947 had no idea they would part of the national sensation of observing “Flying Saucers” and quite possibly the beginning of an alien invasion!  And barely four years later, Hollywood would produce the epic film, The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) where a flying saucer landed on the national mall in Washington, DC. Isn’t it unfortunate the script writers did not see this story in the Gettysburg Times first and have Klaatu’s ship land on the lawn beside the Pennsylvania Monument? That’s probably for the best given the nation’s capital was a more pertinent choice in those early years of the Cold War. Park employees will sometimes be questioned as to the existence of ghosts or spirits on the battlefield, but few have ever asked if any of us have seen or witnessed UFO’s coursing across the park sky. Hopefully the interest in that phenomenon faded a long time ago, along with drive-in movies and bell bottom jeans.


NOTE: Actually…the sighting took place the day before (on July 7, 1947 around 3:30 PM). In fact, there was a huge wave of UFO sightings nationwide in 1947 including Pennsylvania, in which 25+ individual reports were made on July 7th & 8th. As well, the Roswell Incident was reported on July 8, 1947. Over the years, there have been UFO sightings around the battlefield, including a witness account I received in 1996 of a small disc landing on top of Devil’s Den. I never did get a confirmation on that one, but the Park Ranger I talked to didn’t think it was worth noting or repeating. I guess he wasn’t looking forward to any future alien questions from the tourists.



Me, my girlfriend and two of my friends went down to the Flatlands in our town. On the way to the spot we hang out at the driver my friend noticed a bright orb on the left hand side of his car far above a few. It disappeared very quickly and he didn’t say anything about it until later. We arrived at the spot my other friend jumped out of the car screaming, what is that, what is that.  He began chasing whatever he saw and later described it as a fireball that just came out Overhill directly next to us. He described it as a big red flaming ball as close as a hundred feet from us that took off at a very high speed.  With the rest of us not believe in him, we continue to hang out on this road in the middle of the flats, late at night. As my friends and my girlfriend sat by the car talking, I was in the middle of the street facing down the opposite direction of the street, when in the blink of an eye, a giant white glowing ball appeared right before me directly above the street approximately 50 feet ahead of me and a hundred feet in the air. The ball appear to be growing in the purely bright white light and just hovered there staring at me. I still have no clue whether to where it was a solid craft or just pure light but as quick as it came, it shot off to my left hand direction leaving a light trail behind it. This object was too close to be mistaken for any helicopter or crop duster let alone a weather balloon. The way it moved and disappeared was as if was magic with its unreal speed and not to mention that it made absolutely no sound what so ever. My friends and I continue to bring up that odd night we experienced together. For more info on this happening or our  or for a more detailed report and exact locations and eye witnesses please don’t hesitate to make contact. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



JANUARY 17, 1967   ……………..FREETOWN   INDIANA

Jan. 17, 1967; Freetown, IN

Francis Bedel, Jr., (23) of Portland, Indiana, was driving on State Highway 135, a two-lane blacktop road, north of Freetown, he later reported to State Police, when a brilliant glowing white light darted into his field of vision. It apparently hovered over the road for a few seconds, then slowly reversed its course. Bedel was so busy staring at the spectacle that he lost control of his car, which left the road and was badly damaged. State Police who investigated said that Bedel was not drinking and was not injured in the crash. NICAP files.


Jan. 17, 1967; Same evening; Freetown, IN

On the same stretch of highway on the same night, Mr. & Mrs. Phil Patton of Freetown, reported to State Police that a brightly lighted disc-shaped craft, about 30 feet in diameter, came down alongside their car. Mr. Patton told State Trooper Conrad that the object moved along the highway right in front of their car and about one hundred feet distant from it. They estimated that it was about 100 feet above the road and they described it as a circular in shape and about the size of a small house. The Patton’s reported to police that they heard no sound from the object but that its outstanding characteristic was the extreme brilliance of its lights, predominately red but with flashing yellow and white along the side or bottom of the thing. After a half a minute, it flashed up and away. According to state police who investigated, the description given by the Patton’s was identical to that given by Francis Bedel, the young man who wrecked his car while watching a similar spectacle, about a mile from the scene of the Patton’s experience. (NICAP files)  NOTE: The above image is CGI.





JANUARY 14, 2016    ……….  NEPHI UTAH

A UFO enthusiast and ham radio hobbyist monitoring airline communications heard a UFO report from a commercial airline pilot to the control tower near Nephi, Utah, according to a new report by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a non-profit organization that documents and investigates UFO sightings reports from around the world. Although the ham radio operator — paranormal radio host Pat Daniels — did not record the communication, MUFON investigators were able to obtain a recorded copy from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. MUFON reports that Daniels was monitoring airlines communications on January 14 when, at about 12:12 a.m., he caught what appeared to be a UFO report from an airline pilot.  According to the website UFOs Northwest, which first reported the case, Daniels claimed he heard a pilot reporting to the air traffic controller that he saw a one-mile-wide bright orange object flying to his right at a lower altitude and apparently keeping pace with his airplane.  The air traffic controller told the pilot that the direction he indicated was towards Nephi in Utah, but insisted that no object was detected on radar.  Daniels promptly reported the details of the communication to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in Utah and the case was investigated by Erica Lukes, the Utah state director for MUFON. She was assisted in the investigations by UFOs Northwest’s William Puckett.  The YouTube below contains the audio of Erica Lukes’ interview with Pat Daniels. The team of investigators was able to determine that the flight from which the strange report emanated was the American Airlines flight number 434 that took off from the city of San Francisco, northern California, at 10:08 p.m. PST on Wednesday, January 13, 2016, and landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 5:35 a.m. EST on January 14, 2016.  The investigators then filed an FOIA request with the FAA and obtained a set of audio files from the Air Traffic control website.  According to Ms. Erica Lukes, she and Puckett spent hours listening to audio communications covering the time frame before they found the communications from the flight they believed the mysterious UFO report came from. However, the two were surprised to find that although the files contained communications from American Airlines flight number 434, the UFO report was missing.  The investigators notified the FAA about the missing report and after a delay of six weeks, the FAA sent voice tapes, tower logs, and radar returns pertaining to the UFO report. The YouTube video below contains the voice communication between the pilot of flight 434 and the control tower.  A transcript of the audio by Open Minds website comes below.

American 434: Tower, American 434.

Tower: 434, go ahead

American 434: You wouldn’t happen to know what this bright orange square we are flying over is, would ya?

Tower:: Uhhhh, no. That’s a good question. I am not sure. Is it off to your right side?

American 434: It is like directly off of our nose right now. It is right below us. We have been watching it for awhile now. I don’t know what it is. It is a perfect square and it is bright orange. What town are we next to? This town right off of our two o’clock (indistinguishable word).

Tower: American 434 that is Nephi. Nephi, Utah.

American 434: Nephi, okay. Cool. Now I will see what I can go find. Thank you.

Tower: You bet.

The pilot’s report sounds ambiguous compared with the report given by the ham radio operator because it is possible to conclude from the transcript that the pilot was only referring to something on the ground far below. But the audio appears to confirm that the pilot saw something below his aircraft he found so baffling that he felt compelled to report to control tower. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





My two best friends and I (and my friend’s six year old son) went winter camping in our usual spot at Handcart Campground in Pike National Forest two nights ago. I will call my friends B & C for sake of anonymity. B & C and I stayed up until about ten p.m. watching the campfire while B’s son had gone to bed in the giant tent we were all sharing. We were drinking a few beers and passing around a whiskey flask, but none of us were drunk…not by a longshot. The sky was absolutely clear with probably the best view of the stars I’ve ever seen. The three of us put out the fire, climbed into the tent, and went to bed. The wind really picked up shortly after we went to bed. I had a lot of trouble falling asleep, much more than usual when I’m in the woods, but I did eventually doze off. I’m an experienced camper and not generally afraid of the wilderness, but I had a feeling of unease in my gut. It was odd but I chalked it up to the solitude of being at high elevation in the off-season, in an area four miles from the nearest houses and up a road we had to do a lot of rugged four-wheeling to get to. Around eleven thirty I woke up and had to urinate. My phone said it was 11:30 p.m. I still felt uneasy, just something in the air, I guess, so I threw on my boots and took my 10mm pistol with me. It was very cold so I made it quick. I got out of the tent, did my business, looked around for a moment and climbed back inside. Something did not feel right out there. Words cannot describe it, but I was not at ease. Also, the wind was incredibly loud, which made falling back to sleep impossible. I lay there, restless, for about an hour, until the event happened. An especially brutal blast of wind hit the tent and the rainfly battered the top of the structure. That’s what made me open my eyes. And that was when I witnessed what appeared to be camera flashes going off just above our tent. Just as the wind hit its peak velocity, those lights went off at the same time and lasted for about seven to ten seconds, covering a specific side of the dome’s top in an area visible to me of about three feet by two feet. At first, I thought it was lightning accompanying the wind, but I knew there were no (and I mean zero) clouds in the sky that night. I blinked a few times and whispered to my friend C, who was sleeping beside me. There was a muffled response and I asked him if he’d seen that light. I said I thought it might be lightning. There was no further response and I didn’t believe anyone else in the tent had either witnessed the lights or even been awake to see them (In the morning I found this was not the case.)

For the next ten minutes I stared at the roof of the tent, watching, terrified. My heart was racing, and try as I did, I could NOT get it to slow down. I exercise regularly and my heart rate was so fast it felt as if I’d just gotten done with a three-mile run. And it would not slow down. I tried to close my eyes and will it to slow, but it was impossible. I am not an overreacting kind of person but I was fairly certain I was at risk of having a heart attack as I lay there. My left arm even tingled off and on. I remember checking the clock on my phone but I cannot recall now what time it read. As the wind battered the tent I heard my buddies shuffle in their sleeping bags and I tried to talk to them again, but again I got no response. So I dug out my hip flask and took a few swigs of whiskey, trying desperately to calm my nerves. It was then I remembered the earplugs that were still in my coat pocket from when we’d gone out down the hillside to shoot rifles earlier that day. I dug them out and put them in my ears to block the sound of the wind and the tent skin flapping against itself. Then I could really hear my heart and it scared the hell out of me. At that point, I closed my eyes and tried to breathe as slow and deep as I could. I felt like I was calming, but my pulse still raced and I was wide awake. After what I can only guess was about fifteen minutes since the first pulse of light, another giant blast of wind caught the tent, the worst of the whole night, and I opened my eyes again to see another round of lights, this time green and situated at the opposite side of the tent’s top, flashing like paparazzi cameras for about five seconds. It was absolutely terrifying and I didn’t know what to think. After that I called out to my friends, not in a whisper, and again I received no response. I could make out their forms in the dark tent so I knew they were there but they didn’t respond. I gripped my pistol inside my sleeping bag and felt my shotgun resting right beside the bag. But neither of them brought me comfort. After that second round of lights the wind died down some. Not completely, but a fair amount. My heart still pounded and I put the foam earplugs back in, trying to drive out all other input but my own thoughts. I don’t know how long I lay there, but it felt like probably an hour passed as I tried, unsuccessfully to calm my pulse. The next thing I knew I was waking up to early morning light. I had managed to fall asleep at some point and was eternally grateful to see the sunlight playing at the edges of our tent through the trees.

My friends all woke up relatively soon after that, and I asked them was if they’d seen the lights. My friend B’s face said everything. And the first thing he said was he thought he was going to have a heart attack. He repeated an experience that was identical to mine above, including the inability to slow his heart and having pain in his left shoulder associated with it until he finally passed out. The exception to his story being he also heard a series of shrill mechanical beeps just before the second round of lights (something I decided I must have missed due to the earplugs). He also said he heard me ask about lightning after the first flashes but never heard anything else from me, possibly because of the noise of the wind. Our friend C did not witness any of the lights or sounds but said he did not sleep well at all, partly because of the wind, but also partly because he didn’t feel right. The child slept fine and didn’t wake up once, despite the wind. We made it back down the mountain and home yesterday morning. We didn’t even stick around to make breakfast, which we traditionally always do. I looked around in the snow in the area surrounding our tent but didn’t find any tracks, but to be honest, I didn’t attempt to look too hard. We broke camp, packed up, and got the hell out of there. I slept much better in my own bed last night, though thinking of the event still makes me shudder. I’m still processing it. It terrified me. And as a lover of camping and the outdoors, it pains me to say that I have no desire to go camping again anytime soon. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



MARCH 18, 2016 ………. 11.45 PM  …………. LINCOLN NEBRASKA

Large triangle shape, defined by a series of dim lights moving silently and fast. South to north over Lincoln, Nebraska.  I was sitting outside at the patio table with my dog sitting next to me. The night was clear, and the stars where bright. I looked down at my dog, her ears were perked up and she was focused on something in the sky off to the south. Very strange to see her follow what ever it was until she was looking straight up. This caught my attention because it’s strange for Dogs, or cats to follow flying objects like airplanes, and helicopters. I followed my dogs gaze, and directly over me I saw a series of dim lights that clearly defined a huge Triangle, and it was moving North very quietly and very fast. There were no red or green identifiers or strobes. The lights did not appear to be on the outside of the object, but more like the dim light you would expect coming from windows. My sense was that its altitude was in the hundreds not the thousands because there was a halo effect around the lights due to the moist air. The Object was perfectly silent. From the time I noticed my dogs ears perk up to the time it vanished off to the north…6 seconds at the most. NOTE: The above image is CGI.


World War II Army Airfield, a Cold War naval air station, and later a United States Air Force installation under the Strategic Air Command (SAC), most of the original airfield and base is now owned by the City of Lincoln, Nebraska. It is used for general, commercial, and military aviation activities, as well as a collocated industrial park and public and private housing. Lincoln Airport, established in 1960, was built on the east side of the former Lincoln Air Force Base main runway. With the closure of Lincoln Air Force Base in 1966, the City of Lincoln assumed possession of those airfield facilities of the former military base not retained by the Nebraska Air National Guard or the Nebraska Army National GuardThe current facility is home to the Nebraska Air National Guards 155th Air Refueling Wing (155 ARW), an Air Mobility Command (AMC)-gained Air National Guard unit flying the KC-135R Stratotanker. The 155 ARW is the nation’s second oldest Air National Guard unit, being offered federal recognition on 26 July 1946 as the 173rd Fighter Squadron. It operates from a new facility built on the southeast side of the main runway. The 155th Air Refueling Wing is commanded by Colonel Keith Schell.





A witness from West Carrollton, in Montgomery County, Ohio, who claims to be a former USAF aircraft mechanic with more than 30 years of experience, has reported sighting and filming two mysterious, spinning and gem-shaped UFOs flying in a formation over his neighborhood. According to the witness in a baffling report and video (see below) submitted to the Mutual UFO Network and filed as Case 72295, the incident occurred recently on November 7, 2015. The witness was standing outside his home after dark smoking a cigarette when, at about 6:30 p.m., he noticed two mysterious and identical flying objects with lights rising slowly into the air. After the pair had risen above the tree line, they flew in a formation along a straight path from northwest to the southeast. The UFOs had an identical gem shape and they appeared to spin in unison as they flew silently in formation across the evening sky. “The two craft traveled a straight and level flight path from northwest to southeast,” said the witness, who has a military background, having served in the military as an aircraft mechanic for more than 30 years.  “They appeared to be a spinning gem shape, with no sound,” he continued. “Both were spinning in unison, and appeared to be flying in formation. Recon definitely came to mind.”  And despite his military background, his experience as an aircraft mechanic and considerable experience observing aircraft, the witness had no idea what the flying objects were. He told MUFON that his experience in the military included four years as a mechanic at the USAF Edwards Air Force Base (AFB). During more than three decades with the USAF, he acquired an intimate knowledge and familiarity with USAF aircraft. He said he was certain that there was “absolutely” no regular USAF craft he has not encountered. But the twin crafts he saw flying over his home were entirely unknown to him both in design and manner of operation.

At the time of sighting, the witness lived about 15 minutes’ drive from Wright Patterson AFB where he regularly observed and identified aircraft taking off from the AFB and flying overhead. Determined to obtain evidence of the sighting, the witness filmed the UFOs with the only video resource he had at the time, his cellphone. “In the short video I managed to get on my phone, I tried zooming in and out a little to maintain focus. I didn’t have my reading glasses on,” the baffled aircraft mechanic told MUFON. The UFOs flew at a cruise speed in a straight line without attempting any complex or unusual maneuvers. He watched the UFOs in puzzlement as they flew across the sky until they disappeared from sight. The craft in front disappeared first, while the second remained visible for only a few seconds after. The witness was struck not only by the unusual shape of the flying objects, but also by the spinning behavior. The UFOs spun in unison, the witness said. “You will note towards the end, as tree branches become visible, the lead craft disappears, the second one travels a little further, and then disappears as well,” he said in his report. He continued, “One thing I noted was the spinning in unison. I do not have the means to enhance video, and would love to see what you can bring out in the video.” The witness reported the sighing to MUFON on November 8, 2015, the day after the sighting. MUFON officials in Ohio investigated the sighting but were unable to determine the nature of the UFO. Reported sightings of gem-shaped UFOs are rare indeed. But Mirror reported in September, 2015, the sighting of a mysterious diamond-shaped UFO over Merseyside in northwest England. The hovering UFO was filmed over the English town at about 4:45 a.m. It pulsated with light that grew brighter and bigger before it began fading. After it had faded to near invisibility it began growing brighter and bigger again. NOTE: The above image is CGI. Video image was of poor quality.





In a remote canyon in the Cerbat Mountains, while 4 wheeling, we stopped in a valley maybe a mile across and I was looking for game through my binoculars. As the sun set over the mountain top I noticed a distinct pattern on the slope in rear of canyon. As the light changed a bit darker I noticed movement of a very large area of the background. Then distinctly I noticed two black winged things that resembled some type of kite one in front of the other. As it continued to get darker a pattern appeared as if almost ancient Mayan / Aztec. There was something large out there and it was now to dark to see and my girlfriend was freaking so we drove out. Curious as to what I saw I returned into the canyon with a friend after work the next afternoon to have another look at the area. We noticed the same pattern at rear of canyon and waited until the sun set again to see if anything changed. Again as the sun set and it shaded the valley the pattern on the terrain became different again except this time a definite shape was visible as it hovered maybe 100′ to 200′ above the valley floor. As the area got a bit darker we could both see a very large triangular shape craft slowly moving across the valley floor ,south to north. It was very strange looking with a pattern of gold to dark rusty metal, covered with some ancient type of signs or writing, not sure looked Aztec/ Mayan. Off the front was some type of boom structure with the two black winged objects I had seen the night before. It made no sound and as it slowly moved the darkness made it vanish before our eyes. Two minutes later we did see a row of sequential lights appear moving above the mountain in front of us in a westerly direction. As we drove out there were four aircraft flying east to west and north to south patterns over the area. We returned a third night to the valley and there was no sign of anything as we had seen previously. NOTE: The above image is a depiction.





Strange object seen above Long Island, NY, that I cannot explain. I wasstanding in the kitchen with my wife, looking out the window, as I often do, when I noticed a strange object in the sky. I immediately knew I was seeing something that I do not see regularly, but as I watched it, I became fascinated. I quickly went outside and watched what appeared to be a pyramid like shape, very dark, possibly metallic black in color slowly hovering towards us. I was thinking drone at first but it seemed too high up in the sky to be anything controlled from the ground. It continued to move toward us slowly, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it for a second. I thought maybe it was some kind of strange helicopter (it seemed to be about that size) and I thought I could see some kind of swirling above it, but I could not focus on anything for sure. I then noticed two very small objects hovering around it. One stayed kind of below it and the other to the right of it. They would seem to change distances from the object, but never move to far towards it or away. These objects were coming out of the east and then turned and started moving higher into the sky and north. I thought I saw it wobble a bit before it headed north. The smaller objects also looked very dark, black and would occasionally glint like metal from the sun for a second, just as the larger pyramid like structure did. 


As it began to climb and head north, it appeared to have an energy bubble around it for a few seconds. It was light blue (cyan) circle of energy around it and my heart started racing when I saw this. It was quite visible first and maybe a minute later I saw it again but very faint.  As it continued North, It made no noise at all. It continued North until it faded from my vision. My wife ran to get my binoculars but by that time it was very distant. She wears glasses and did not have them with her, so was unable to see any details. I don’t know what I saw, but it was very strange. I keep thinking it could have been some kind of very elaborate balloon, but it feels like my rational mind is just trying to make sense of it. I’ve never seen anything in the sky even remotely like this and I hope that some of the other millions of Long Islanders have seen this and can give more information. I love to hear your updates each week on Coast to Coast, but I never thought I was going to see anything to report, but I quickly thought of you afterwards and felt it was my responsibility to report this, even if it was just some hoax. I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures but I couldn’t move and I don’t carry my phone around with me. I hope my report is of some use to you! I hope someone took pictures!Keep up the great work and keep looking up! NOTE: The above image is CGI.




My family and I were traveling east through Clearwater, Kansas approximately around 8:00 p.m. when we noticed a very black object hovering above the power lines alongside a train track around 1967. It had small windows and was lit up on inside. The three of us asked at the same time, “What is that”? The object then started to travel in the direction of our car, flew over the car and then hovered in front of the car closest to the passenger side. My brother had either stopped the car or it has stopped on it’s own. There was a very bright yellow beam of light that was directed at the car and lit up the inside. We all sat very still and didn’t move until I looked at my brother and said, ” Don’t stare, just go!” About that time the yellow beam of light went out and a door in the bottom of the object closed, then the object took off at a 45 degree angle and dissipated into the air in about 3 seconds. The car started and we started traveling east on the rural road. We were all silent and I remember feeling angry, nauseated and upset at the incident. I didn’t want to even think about it because it was so unpleasant. When we got home my mother called the air force base close to our home and they denied having any knowledge of anything. I am an elderly woman who has always wanted an explanation as to what this was but doubt that I will ever know. There were no cell phones to take pictures in those days.

March, 1967; Hillsboro, KS

Evening. Three people saw a flash of light, then an object that appeared flat , and like an upside down saucer. ; The object turned red and approached the car, which began to rock violently (physical effect). As the object neared the engine quit (EM effect).  (Salina Journal, Kansas, 4/2/67, copy in NICAP files.)

March 8, 1967; Goodland, KS

2:00 a.m. MST. A newspaper editor and two policemen saw a torpedo-shaped object with multi-colored flashing body lights that flew irregularly at high speed. The object had bright light beams at each end, and a made a sound like a huge vacuum cleaner. Through binoculars, a central shaft and bands of color could be seen. Many sightings in the area. (Wichita Eagle, Kansas, 3/9/67, copy in NICAP files; McDonald, 1967, Case 6, reprinted in Vaughan, 1995, p. 205.)

March, 1967; Medicine Lodge, KS

On some unspecified date in the spring, some 525 miles southeast of Minatare, Nebraska, a man saw a large craft on the ground and small humanoids who disembarked and circled around the craft. Footprints of the humanoids reportedly were photographed. (Miller letter, Kirksville, MO, NICAPfiles.) 
NOTE: The above image is CGI.




Jan. 15, 1967; Boxford, MA 3:00 a.m. EST. A witness saw a bright red object that looked like an upside down saucer (disc) with a white glowing rim. The object approached and circled the witness’s home before moving away and disappearing. (Fowler, 1974, p. 343.).

Jan. 15, 1967; Granville, MA 5:45 p.m. EST. A woman and her two nieces saw a domed disc with white light emanating from portholes in its base. A humming sound was heard, and the sky and ground were illuminated by white light. Red flame jets appeared at one end when motion occurred. Speed was variable. At one point all its lights went out, and when they came back on, the portholes were showing red light. The object was seen three times within 20 minutes before disappearing. (Hartford Courant, Conn., 1/16/67; Gillmor, 1969, case 13; Keyhoe and Lore, 1969a, p. 45; U.F.O Investigator, Vol. III, No. 11, Jan-Feb, 1967, p. 4.)

Jan. 15, 1967; North Granby, CN Unspecified time. Six miles to the southeast of Granville, MA in North Granby, Conn., two women saw a disc-shaped object with a flange around it and white beams of light from portholes. The object passed between witnesses and a mountain. (Springfield Union, Mass., 2/22/67, copy in Keyhoe Archives)

Jan. 16, 1967; Warner, NH 5:00 p.m. EST. A motorist noticed a bright light seemingly pacing him. A long cigar-shaped object with amber windows eventually came toward him on a slow and steady course, and he heard a soft purring sound. On one side was a blinking red light. Two very bright white lights were on the ends of protrusions sticking out from the sides near the front and these lights shone ahead like headlights. A second witness (retired missionary), was alerted and she reported seeing two bright light beams pointed earthward with a dark area between. The lights were bright yellow in the center and white around the edges. (New Hampshire NICAP Subcommittee report, NICAP files.)

Jan. 16, 1967; Warner, NH 5:15 p.m. A couple in the same area reported seeing a slow-moving gray object with body lights. At 5:30 pm a woman and her daughter saw an object that looked like a box kite without paper (presumably rectangular) with two bright headlights on the front. The object was moving slowly, and hovering soundlessly, but there was a purring sound when it started to move away rapidly. All witnesses reported the object to be huge. (U.F.O Investigator, Vol. Ill, No. 12, Mar.-Apr., 1967, p. 5.)






Witness report: Driving towards the Village Commons in South Hadley, my friend and I could see two bright lights in the sky that kind of looked like head lights. They were just sitting in the same spot for a very long time. We could see them about a half a mile away. As we got towards the center of the village commons, it looked as though the UFO was now over us. The two lights that we had previously seen turned into three very bright lights. As we were freaking out I had climbed into the backseat of the car and stuck my head out the window. I could see the three very bright lights in a triangle shape and as I was looking at them, I could make out the circular shape of the craft. It looked very low and gigantic. Not long after it just sat above us and hovered, it started to move very fast and get far away. At this point, I needed to head home but my friend who witnessed it with me, continued to search for it after I left. She found it again on 202 in South Hadley and followed it all the way to Memorial Drive in Chicopee. She called me freaking out saying how close she was to it and that she was going to pull over to try and capture a picture. As soon as she parked, she said she was underneath it like we were before, and then the phone started to act up. I started to lose her and eventually our call dropped. She called me back freaking out telling me she captured pictures and a video. I strongly believe that I saw a UFO tonight. You can watch the video and decide for yourself whether or not you believe my story. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




Just before going to bed, I went outside onto the patio leading from our bedroom. Being a clear cool Autumn night, I went outside to look at the constellation of Orion (Westerly direction at around 30 Degrees elevation at the time) to see how clear it would be. I noticed a small commercial aircraft making its way towards Lanseria airport (North Westerly direction from our house). I then looked more to the South to look in the direction of where a neighbours dog was barking and noticed a string of faint coppery orange orbs in the West. These were moving in a boomerang / “loose string of pearls” formation towards Pretoria (to the North West). I estimate they would have been directly overhead for the residents of Krugersdorp. At the beginning of the sighting I estimate the length of the edge of this formation was about the same as holding a 4-inch long object out at an arms length The easterly edge of the boomerang immediately reminded me of the so-called “Phoenix Lights” – this was the first thing which went through my head when I saw them – this because the “string” looked straight and level relative to the horizon and looked like a picture I had once seen of that phenomena (note: these objects in this sighting were much closer to one another and there were many more). This was the closest the formation was to me, thereafter it became smaller as it moved north easterly towards Pretoria. The “string” on the Westerly side moved erratically, many simultaneously moving rapidly and overtaking one another, then dropping back. The same movement happened on the easterly side of the formation but not to the same extent. The shape remained a “v” regardless of the movements of the individual objects. The formation was moving between Orion and Sirius. The closest comparable motion I can think of is a flock of birds flying in a v-formation in very turbulent weather and then the speed of the movements similar to footage of the same speeded up considerably. The changing of relative positions was almost “playful” but always kept the same distance between the individual objects. As they moved over, the v-shape became more pronounced and less “flat” – I could not count them properly but I estimate there were over 20 individual objects, those on the easterly side being marginally brighter than those in the west). These were individual objects and not part of a single larger object.


The colour was slightly darker than the orange of the star Betelgeuse, and luminosity around 20% of that star on the night I called my wife to see the formation, but by the time she was outside, the formation was much fainter than when I had first seen it and was just about to disappear behind the tops of the trees in the north west. At this time the easterly side of the formation went straight again but the westerly side continued to move erratically. She witnessed a shooting star off to the side of where the formation was. During this time – of only around 10 to 15 seconds at most – I only took my eyes off the formation once when I tried to see if my wife was looking in the right direction. In relation to the airplane mentioned earlier, the formation was moving much faster and seemed much higher in the sky. To put the speed in perspective, the sighting covered about 3/4 of the sky and was over in the time mentioned earlier. This reminded me of the speed of a low flying fighter jet. There was no sound from the formation, and I did not hear engine noise from the airplane either. By the end of the sighting the airplane had disappeared but admittedly was not the focus of my attention. I expect the only reason why the objects were even visible was because of the position and luminosity of the rising moon – reflecting off the lower surfaces of the objects – much as the sun does off satellites in the early evening. They did not emit any light themselves – ruling out the typical Chinese Lantern misidentification. I immediately sketched the sky and the path / formation on my smartphone (attached). I am familiar with aircraft (as we have multiple airport in the vicinity) and have been interested in aircraft since an early age. These objects and their speed, proximity to one another and movements do not fit any aircraft I am aware of. Their movements would have been extremely risky – if impossible – for any formation of aircraft to attempt without colliding. The acceleration and deceleration of the objects also did not seem physically possible for a object with any weight. I hope this will support any other similar sightings of the 27 March 2016. Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional detail and I will supply where I am able to. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




It was 4:05 a.m. on Sept. 20, 1977. Something serious was happening over the skies of Petrozavodsk. A group of dockworkers on the early shift that morning say they saw a blinding light emerge from the direction of Lake Onega in northwest Russia. As it approached Petrozavodsk, the light took on the appearance of a glimmering jellyfish, before slowing to a hover and unleashing a salvo of ultra-thin beams of light. The dockworkers were left wondering what they had seen. Some were concerned they were witnessing a nuclear attack: This was, after all, the height of the Cold War. But that did not explain what came next. After 12 puzzling minutes, the shining object transformed into a bright semicircle and jetted off back toward Lake Onega. Rather than disappearing over the horizon, it appeared to veer upward, before punching a burning red hole in the clouds, and disappearing into the abyss. No one died, and the United States, it seemed, was not involved. The Petrozavodsk jellyfish was not the first time a UFO had been spotted over the territory of the Soviet Union, but few sightings had ever been corroborated by so many people. Policemen, sailors, an ambulance crew and even a reporter for the TASS news agency all claimed to have seen the object. The TASS reporter filed his story three days later under the headline: “A strange natural phenomena over Karelia.” Neighboring governments became alarmed, suspecting the Soviets had tested a new type of weapon. They demanded an explanation from Moscow, but Soviet leaders were apparently just as baffled. Officials even turned to the Academy of Sciences the highest collection of scientific minds in the communist bloc for an explanation. The Academy had no satisfactory answer, concluding that the UFO was a real physical phenomenon that required further study. As Soviet UFO enthusiasts began promoting their own interpretations, the Kremlin convened an unprecedented meeting of military and scientific experts. They all agreed the UFO issue was too big to ignore, and resolved to launch a state investigation into the phenomenon. Managed by the Defense Ministry and Academy of Sciences, the secret investigation began in 1978 and would run to the end of the Soviet era. Read more at Little Green Men: A Look at the Official Soviet X-Files Investigation. NOTE: The above image is a depiction.



10 p.m. Pilot Carl M., a First Officer, and a passenger Jimmie Moran on a Lear Jet 23 en route from Houston, Texas, to Las Vegas, Nevada at 41,000 ft and 300 knots airspeed (Mach 0.82 or about 540 mph true airspeed) on a 300° heading saw a flashing red oval luminous object in the 10 o’clock position. Object split into 4 similar red oval objects vertically a number of times, each separated by about 2,000 ft and each emitting a “red ray,” then retracting the lowest objects up into the top object. Albuquerque radar tracked the object 39 miles ahead of the Lear jet moving on the same heading, with no transponder signal and at that moment the object blinked off visually for 30 seconds then blinked on. Albuquerque control contacted a National Airlines DC-8 over Casa Grande, Arizona, whose pilot confirmed the Lear pilot’s reports. Albuquerque control warned the Lear that the object suddenly darted towards the Lear at high speed within seconds until the radar blips merged [possibly 39 miles in 10 seconds or roughly 14,000 mph]. Object flooded the Lear with intense red light so bright the pilot had difficulty seeing his instrument panel, and it maintained position in front of the Lear for a few minutes then, then blinked out then came on again and started falling back behind the left wing, then pulled forward again. (When the object blinked off radar at Albuquerque controllers would lose the object then regain it when it blinked on again (?). Both UFO and Lear jet made left turns over Winslow, Arizona, then Los Angeles Center radar picked up both targets. Past Flagstaff the object climbed at a 30° angle disappearing to the West in <10 seconds. (Hynek UFO Experience chapter. 7, case RV-1; NARCAP; BB files??)  NOTE: The above image is CGI.




MARCH 17, 2016   …………..  CHILDRESS TEXAS

I was driving with my children along route 256 between Memphis and Childress Texas, on my way to Oklahoma. During what appeared to be a very quiet and unlit stretch of hilly road, a very bright metallic cross-like orb suddenly appeared next to the highway. It was very shiny like modern blue metallic plane but inverted as if the cockpit was pointing upward (shape of a cross). It seemed to shake back and forth very quickly as it hovered in place with bright belt of white lights shining around the entire diameter of the strange object. I was talking through my blue tooth device and using GPS in the car when both suddenly stopped working. The radio, GPS and cell phone all turned off as if there was no power in the car. In my uncomfortable panic, I said a quick prayer and accelerated the car to create more distance from the object. The object appeared slightly larger than semi-truck trailer in width and maybe 10-15 feet in height. As we passed I saw that its erratic shaking gave the impression of a saucer-like shape at first. But it was definitely a cross like object with a wingspan. My daughter watched as we passed and saw the white lights change to a blue-ish color and said that it hovered and then moved to the other side of the road behind us and appeared to land. The uncomfortable feeling of seeing something so unusual first hand caused enough concern to not want to stop or get closer. We reached our destination about and hour and a half later. As I provided details to my husband, he suggested that my daughter and I each go into separate rooms and draw a picture of what we thought we saw, without the other’s knowledge. The pictures were almost identical. I’ve never given UFOs much thought before but have also never seen anything so unusual with such clarity up close. But I know what I saw was a metallic object with lights, hovering in the night sky along Route 256 near childress, Texas. I saw it up close and I can understand now that we shouldn’t be quick to judge other people’s bizarre stories…some things are difficult to explain but you know when you see it. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




November 8, 1995 at approximately 8:40p.m., in rural Rosholt, Wisconsin, there was a flash of light that illuminated the entire area around our house. I was in the basement and my mother and stepfather were upstairs. We all went to the front door and noticed an orange orb hovering over a tree line, to the south. I am not sure of the distance, but my best guess is around a half-mile. The object appeared several times the size of a star. It appeared to glow slightly, but the shape was a solid sphere. The orb hovered in the same spot for about 20 minutes. The orb then slowly descended below the tree line until what must have been close to ground level, then ascended back to the original elevation. This took approximately 30 seconds. The orb then traveled east at a speed similar to an airplane. After traveling for about ten seconds, the object reversed direction instantly, without any change in speed. The object arrived back at the original location and disappeared. At the same moment the orb disappeared, a circle of 8-10 large, bright lights flashed one at a time directly over the field to the south/southwest of our yard. I would say it was no more than 500 feet from our front door, and 250 feet above ground. There was no sound. I would estimate that the width of the object/lights was 75-100 feet. Once the last light went out, there were no more sightings. We continued to look around, all of us a little “freaked out” now. After a couple of minutes, military jets flew over. I thought it sounded like they were flying to the northeast, but I couldn’t be certain. I phoned the Stevens Point Municipal Airport and reported what I saw. I was told they hadn’t seen anything. I then phoned the Stevens Point Journal newspaper. They told me that they had received multiple reports of 2 F-16s “chasing a UFO.” The November 9 1995 Stevens Point Journal has a front page article with a quote from a Lt. Col. saying that it was the 115th Fighter Wing of Traux Field in Madison, Wisconsin “practicing night flying.” The article concludes with “The only thing they were chasing after were themselves.” (I still have this newspaper if the full article is needed)  NOTE: The above image is CGI.




My daughters were at a sleepover on March break at my parents house. I had the flu so I decided to sleep in my eldest daughters bed so as not to get my partner sick. I had the blinds open to let the moonlight in and had noticed at about 11:15pm what I thought was an airplane flashing through the sky through the branches of a tree in our yard. It was a very clear night so I watched it for about a minute and thought it was flashing strangely but that I was probably just seeing it weirdly through the branches. I rolled over to go to sleep but after about 30mins I couldn’t sleep so I rolled back over. The bright flashing light was still there and I knew that if it was an airplane or a satellite it would have moved to another position in the sky or passed out of view by now. I got out of bed and grabbed my phone which was charging. I started to film. You can see the street light in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, then I zoom in on the light. I steadied the phone on the window sill and once I zoomed in on the light it began to move around until my phone suddenly died. I bent down to plug my phone in to continue charging but when I looked back up the light was gone. I have seen this exact light once before in my life when I was a girl, back in the late 90’s my mum, dad, sister & I were watching a huge meteor shower in our backyard in St. George and when the meteor shower drew to a close, a light exactly like this hovered high above our house did the exact same movements.

The night I filmed these lights my eldest daughter and her best friend saw several bright balls of light in their bedroom at my mother’s house. None of us felt scared or reacted in any way other than wonder. We aren’t into paranormal stuff and don’t know a ton of stuff about UFO’s. We just know that we see weird lights and weird stuff happens around us sometimes. We haven’t felt well lately. Both my daughters are on wait lists for ENT’s (ear nose & throat specialists) at McMaster Hospital. I am on a wait list for an allergist. We all have upper respiratory infections and chronic sinusitis, my eldest daughter has nosebleeds and has woken up with bruising and blood on the palate of her mouth.

My youngest daughter has a weird triangular mark on her shoulder and I have a weird scar on my right calf. There are other odd health things too but that’s probably enough for now. I can provide medical documentation and photos of everything. I would just like to know if there’s something going on here?   NOTE: The top image is CGI.



MAY 13, 1969 ………….  REUS SPAIN

Gabriel Font, a native of Reus, discusses the questioning to which he was subjected after seeing a phenomenon – from the control tower – which the Army investigated and kept “classified” for 24 years. Gabriel Font, 68, a native of Reus, spent decades in silence about the unidentified flying object (UFO) he saw on 13 May 1969 from his duty post, as he fulfilled his national service requirements at the Reus Air Base. “I didn’t tell anyone. Only my wife and daughters knew about it. They believed me, but didn’t give it much importance.” The confidential nature of that event, transformed into a dossier and an investigation by the Army, kept him from disclosing any details.  Following the sighting, Font and others working in the control tower (or who were mobilized on account of the sighting) were summoned for eyewitness statements. “A few days later they called us to the hangar, where a captain had his offices. We showed up in our best outfits, because it was all very formal, and they asked us: ‘What did you see’?” explains Font, who can now openly say what he replied at the time, in a moment full of tension and certain astonishment. “We saw a very bright light near Quatre Carreteres. Then it moved and wound up vanishing. A lieutenant colonel happened to be in the air at the time and he was ordered to fly there, but saw nothing. Some went up to the [control] tower. Some eight or nine people gathered there.” He says that after telling their stories, the captain adjured them. “He told us that what he had seen was secret, and if we said something, we would be court-martialed. It was very strong stuff. It shocked and frightened me…I was only 19 years old.” No one spoke of it again. Gabriel completed his military service in the capital city of the Baix Camp without ever mentioning the case again, which was marked Classified and included in a report with the heading “Strange Phenomena Sightings”, bearing the seals, signatures and flourishes of the senior military staff.  That dossier, along with many others (some of which also occurred in Reus or Tarragona), was declassified in 1993, as stated in el Diari de Tarragona last Sunday, breaking down the investigations carried out by the Defense Ministry in regard to certain UFO cases, due to a recent CIA declassification in the United States. “I had no evidence that there was a dossier, although the investigation must have been a fact since I testified,” he says, while providing detail about his duties. “I aided my sergeant in the tower, going for the flight plans, helping where I could…,” he recalls. “There wasn’t much activity in the aerodrome at the time. They were basically military operations, and the first charter flights were starting to arrive. Sometimes pilots from abroad would bring the control tower staff a present, such as packs of cigarettes,” he adds. His story coincides with the testimony offered by sergeants or controllers at the time, captured by the documentation in the hands of the Spanish air force authorities. The dossier mentions a “bright, motionless dot, evenly illuminated but for the exception of elongated spots of higher intensity, yellow in color,” according to the traffic controller’s description of the object through binoculars. “Was it a weather balloon?” Font now wonders. As with many of those inquiries, there was no conclusive result. After several consultations, however, also documented in the papers that remained classified for 24 years, the likelihood of a weather balloon was dismissed. It was suggested that “the hypothesis of a reflection, visible from a single direction” was the answer to the phenomenon. The conjecture is based on the fact that there were several airplanes in flight, among them five Portuguese ones and a two-seater. “That thing wasn’t a reflection. I don’t know what it was, but I know it was there and we all saw it,” says Font.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



JULY 15, 2012   ………..  GRAYLING MICHIGAN

I, myself, am a UFO skeptic. Pere Cheney and Grayling are next to a US Army National Guard installment, so seeing aircraft was normal…even for the middle of the night. However, these were not military aircraft. At least, none that I’ve ever seen before. The other two witnesses wish to remain anonymous, and wish to not be bothered about the sighting ever again. It was the last summer my friends and I had together.  I was leaving to go into the Army in September.  We decided to have one last adventure  together. My parents would always tell horror stories about hauntings in Pere Cheney, and we thought we were the bravest punks around, so we decided that would be the ideal place to camp for 3 days. Once we arrived at our site- a place off in the middle of the woods not too far from the cemetery of Pere Cheney (one of the only pieces left of the abandoned settlement)- we immediately began our investigation of the area surrounding and set up camp. The first day went fine, but come the first night, strange things started happening. We woke to a flash in the sky- a very quick one. The other two went back to sleep, but out of curiosity I remained awake, fearing that a storm was coming on. To my relief, there was no thunder. I had just started to doze off when I heard some branches cracking around the tent, and I began to remember my parents horror stories about “Dogman” and Barewalk”- old Native American tales. Fearing the worst, I curled into my sleeping bag and closed my eyes.

Eventually, the movement stopped. Another flash of light occurred. Sleep eventually found me, the next thing I knew I was waking up to the sun light. The next day, my other two friends seemed to have no recollection of the light, nor did they remember hearing anything moving about. Because such things seemed crazy, I wrote it off as an “all in my head” situation. We decided to explore a little that day; the previous day one of my friends had discovered a small marsh-like area. After a few moments of snooping around the area my other friend called our attention to something in the tall grass. It was a deer, but it had its throat slit as if by a surgical tool, and it had no guts. There was no blood around the carcass, and it didn’t smell decomposed at all. Now unsettled, we returned to our camp to finish the second day- we spent the rest of it playing guitar around the campfire and just in general having a good time; we had forgotten all about the deer, and I had almost forgotten the light. Later that night, at about 2:30 am, I want to say, a light, cool breeze blew through the forest, and the fire dimmed to a low glow. At that moment, we got our cell phones out to check the time- and realized we didn’t have signal like we had before. I raised my phone to the sky to try and find signal…and that’s when I realized that some of the stars in the sky had started to fall- multiple, between 5 and 7 (I never counted them) started descending, glowing and pulsating, but still quite a ways away. I thought they were flares, but they stopped descending, and began to pulsate. At this instance we were very weary, confused, and frightened. The “stars” began to float over toward us, slowly moving directly over our heads without making a sound. Then they ascended after passing the camp for a moment- very quickly, though…not slowly, almost like they teleported. They hovered over a field not too far from the small opening we had made our camp in. The lights came closer, producing a light green aura in a circle. From the forest came three low glowing blue orbs, at that instance is when a low humming could be heard, and they came together and sat still. Then they ascended in between the “stars”, which had now come together in a solid object, and they ascended even more; slowly at first, but then began to speed up, ascending at an angle. About half a minute later two military jets passed over, very rapidly. The rest of our night was quiet, and awe filled. The next day, instead of sticking around to find out what might happen the next night, we decided to bail. We weren’t the tough little punks we thought we were. NOTE: The above image CGI.



I spoke with Don Phillips who worked at Lockheed at the Disclosure Project he told us, These UFOs were huge and they would just come to a stop and do a 60 degree, 45 degree, 10 degree turn, and then immediately reverse this action”. When I was working with the Skunkworks with Kelly Johnson, we signed an agreement with the government to keep very quiet about this. Anti-gravitational research we were doing. We know that there were some captured craft from 1947 at Roswell, they were real. And, yes, we really did get some technology from them. And, yes, we really did put it to work….We knew each other from what we call the unseen industry. We can term it black, deep black, or hidden. The knowledge I have of these technologies came from the craft that were captured here on Earth. I did not see the craft, nor did I see the bodies, but I certainly know some of the people that did. There was no question that there are beings from outside the planet. Are these ET people hostile? Well, if they were hostile, with their weaponry they could have destroyed us a long time ago… We got these things that are handheld scanners that scan the body and determine what the condition is. We can also treat from the same scanner. I can tell you personally that we’ve been working on them. In addition, we have ones that can diagnose and cure cancer. One of the purposes I had for founding my technology corporation in 1998, was to bring forth these technologies that that can clean the air and can help get rid of the toxins, and help get rid of the need for so much fossil fuel. Yes, it is time. I can tell you personally that it has already started. During the Apollo landing, Neil Armstrong says, “They’re here. They are right over there and look at the size of those ships. And, it is obvious they don’t like us being here” NOTE: The above image is CGI.





I was sitting in my living room watching television about 7:00pm and out my large window which faces northwest over Quebec, I noticed a really strange colored cloud in the otherwise mostly blue with some grey clouds. It appeared like a big swirl of rainbow colors – very bright and not easy to miss. It was like one big whirl of colors of the rainbow but not in the shape of your arc type rainbow. I know these are called rainbow clouds but I have only seen one once before and that one I reported to Mufon too, last year I believe it was. When I had my first sighting of a rainbow cloud last year I noticed two UFOs seemingly to come between two vertical short rainbow clouds when I held up my binoculars – couldn’t see the UFOs until I used the binoculars, so this time when I saw another rainbow cloud (different shape than the first though) I knew to look further with the binoculars again. Prior to remaining solidly rainbow colored the cloud swirl formation had a more whitish color to it and when I looked through the binoculars there was what looked like a tunnel tube like shape that was quite long and on the outside it had ridges. It appeared to be like a tunnel is the only way I can describe it, I almost expected something to come out of the end of it that was well formed and perfectly round and looked like a giant hole. Nothing did come out of it unless when the dark clouds came over later something came out but I couldn’t see at that point. The tunnel sort of faded in form off and on as the colors of the rainbow intensified. When I spotted the UFO, the tunnel had almost totally gone. At first the colors of the cloud were just moving around a little and changing in depth of color and I didn’t see anything else but I persevered and sure enough about half way through the viewing there it was, near the upper middle part of the rainbow cloud.   A definite sold disc just sitting behind the cloud. It stayed put for the whole sighting but behind the mist of the cloud.

Where it was appeared a peach like color but I’m sure that was the cloud and not the UFO itself but I can’t be sure. It was not dark though like my first two in a rainbow cloud, definitely lighter – possibly white or silver. There were no flashing lights or stationary ones but it seemed a little reflective but not much. There was no sound but it was very high up and far away. It was still quite light outside and earlier in the day, about 4pm there had been a storm including real downpours of rain that didn’t last long but were severe plus we did have thunder and not sure about lighting – not all areas of the city got the same effects from the storm. I believe the first sighting of the UFO in the rainbow cloud happened after a storm as well and about the same time. At one point in the sighting two huge black billowy clouds seemed to appear out of nowhere as there were no other black clouds like that before when I first saw the rainbow cloud and they just seemed to engulf that whole area and blocked out the rainbow cloud and UFO altogether then just as fast the black cloud was gone and I am not sure if the UFO was still there or not. In a few minutes though the rainbow cloud faded and all was gone. Like I said I knew to grab the binoculars to see this type of cloud as it had a UFO, well two actually, in it a year back and so of course I wondered if this one would be the same and sure enough there it was. The first sighting, I believe I reported to Mufon, was sort of scary because the two discs were large, very large, and flat and coming out of the rainbow cloud and looked threatening because of the color and size like motherships but the one yesterday was small and light colored and stationary and pretty actually due to the peachy color of the cloud covering it. Now the thing is that as I have told Mufon many times before (I have had 6 or 7 sightings now – all different over the last 5 or 6 years) that all my sightings take place in the same area over Quebec not far from Gatineau. This seems to be a real hotbed for UFO activity at least from what I have seen. This is near a large river and they seem to stay fairly close but the sightings are over land, over Quebec. Chalk River isn’t too far from Ottawa where the sightings all took place plus I do believe there is a fault line through that area of Quebec but you can check to be sure. I really am starting to wonder if this area has a portal in it, just seems so strange so many sightings are in the same confined area of sky. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



2005  ……….   NEW JERSEY

NFL star Aaron Rodgers has detailed his close encounter of the third kind. The Green Bay Packers quarterback revealed on Pete Holmes’ You Made It Weird podcast that he and former University of California teammate Steve Levy spotted a flying saucer while in New Jersey back in 2005. “It was a large orange, left-to-right-moving object,” Rodgers said. “Because of the overcast nature of the night and the snow, you couldn’t make out — it was kind of behind the clouds we were seeing, but it was definitively large, moving from left to right. “It was me, Steve [Levy] and his brother that saw it. And it goes out of sight and we look at each other and go: ‘What in the f*** was that?’” If Rodgers had left it there, that’d be fine. He’d join a long list of celebrities who’ve purportedly had their own UFO sightings. But Rodgers went full conspiracy theorist on us, breaking down the circumstantial evidence that proves this was a paranormal event. According to Rodgers, he then heard fighter jets along with the alarm. “Now, if you know anything about UFO sightings or you’ve done research, you know that a lot of times two things are connected to UFO sightings,” said the two-time MVP and Super Bowl champion. “One is the presence of fighter jets. And two, there’s a lot of sightings around nuclear power plants. So to tie it all together, the alarm we heard from 30 miles out was a nuclear power plant that had an alarm that went off.” To Rodgers’ credit, a Google search for “UFOs nuclear power plants” returns about half-a-million results. Back in January of 2015, the director of a French nuclear power plant reportedly said that a UFO had visited the facility.




Looking out of the window, my partner and I saw a glowing, moving object across the sky. It was definitely not an aeroplane. It came from one direction and was moving across the sky into another direction. Then we saw another one, and another and another. The stream of objects appeared every few minutes, and they were not side by side, instead more like they were following one another. Some were far off in the distance, others came nearer to our apartment (on the 4th floor). It was very apparent they were all coming from the same destination and heading to the same destination. The objects themselves, were like glowing balls when seen in the distance. The movement was not sproadic, instead the objects moved across the sky, some did go a bit faster at times, but overall the objects moved quite steady. Sometimes a couple of them appeared to come closer to one another. Interestingly, the same evening, it was a national fireworks night and so there were fireworks going off across the sky. Please note, there was no way these moving objects were confused with fireworks, we have videos to demonstrate this, but it is interesting that such a lot of objects appeared the same night as when they could be partially camouflaged perhaps? As the evening progressed and the fireworks died down, so did the number of objects passing. At its most, we watched an object arrive and go every few minutes, it then slowed down to an object every 5-10 minutes (and then we went to bed). The objects did not suddenly disappear, instead they all continued to travel to a destination that we could not longer see from our apartment. One of the objects flew right above our apartment and the window and I saw it for a few seconds, it was like looking up at a bright, glowing circular object, about the size of a lorry. This close up allowed me to definitely see that this was a UFO. Also when taking photos, we could see through the lens, a circles of lights like windows, but I could not see this with the naked eye, and the photos did not show this (cheap mobile camera phone, no professional camera). This is not the first time we have seen UFO’s in this same area, it seems there is activity in this area. I took about 80 photos in total, and about 20 videos, I compiled some of the videos together and zoomed in and slowed down some of the video.





My boyfriend and I were heading south from Morrisville, Vt., approximately 7:30-8:30 pm on Friday, March 4th, 2016. I would say that this occurrence happened about 15-20 minutes south, possibly near Wolcott, Vt., in a heavily forested area. (I’m pretty sure this was on Route 15.) The sky was very dark and clear, a picture perfect evening to see the stars in great detail. I felt compelled to look up to the sky, because of its immense clarity, knowing that Vermont has probably, one of the cleanest skylines in the world, something that I don’t particularly have, living 2 1/2 to 3 hrs east of this particular location. I happened to be thinking in my mind at that moment, “Wouldn’t it be cool to see a UFO out here!” And then, low & behold, something occurred. I was in the passenger seat, and out to my right window, in the west, a slight degree above the faint outline of the tall mountains, I happened to observe approximately 5-10 white, orb-lights, flashing & “dancing” chaotically, in a pattern-less manner. Even though they produced these motions, the lights mainly stayed in the west for the 15-20 minutes that I observed them. They would descend & ascend a slight bit, with some variation of movement, but mainly stayed centralized, in that location. After a few minutes, possibly 5 minutes or so, I would place my attention to something else & then look back & the lights would disappear, the pop back up again. I instinctively & intuitively knew that what I was witnessing, surely was no human-made satellite’s, as even those, as far as I’ve observed, don’t travel in more than 1-2 at a time & usually have some type of recognizable pattern in their flashing and movement. Also, they don’t “dance”, and usually stay on course in their path. After these few minutes, I brought the lights to the attention of my boyfriend, but he could not witness them right away because he was driving.  At the beginning stages, I was pretty amazed by what I saw, but at the same time, I wasn’t overly shocked, either. Sometimes, I felt, “matter of fact” and “non-challant” about all of it. I didn’t feel threatened by this experience. At times, I was thinking scientifically, becoming skeptical & trying to conjure up possible practical explanations in my mind. However, as I did so, those thoughts dissipated, because there was no logical explanation for what I saw!

Approximately 20 minutes from the first occurrence, around the Hardwick area, my boyfriend pulled off the side of the road, in an even more densely forested area & finally saw, in the west, the “dancing” white orb-lights in the sky & was totally  agreeing with me. About another 5 minutes up the road, this time, ahead of us, I could see in the southwest direction, slightly above the horizon, but very low in the sky & it appeared to be close, three consecutive, ember like flashes-……..two…..three….They each glowed intensely with reddish-orange, ember like flames for a second or so, one right after the other & then would fade, just as fast as they came. I would best describe what I saw, in comparison to the ends of a cigarette, when the smoker inhales, the ends flame up & glow, and when they stop inhaling, the ends of the cigarette fade. At first, I thought that these glowing ember lights could possibly have been meteors fading out when hitting the atmosphere, but remembering the strange white lights in the sky earlier, just confirmed my UFO theory all the more! I pointed out these ember lights to my boyfriend, and he had seen the same occurrence. At that point, my attention was taken to something else. My boyfriend kept on watching ahead, observing what was going on. He noticed, that the ember glowing lights were at each end of, what he described as a very large, long, cigar shaped object, that was dark, but he could make out some of its outline. This observation happened shortly before we approached the end of Route 15, near Route 2 in Danville, Vt. area. This location was still heavily forested. At that point, we were getting a little spooked out. What I also observed, was my psychological reaction. In addition to what I had previously explained, I also felt that I was “meant” to see these crafts. That, even though I have never seen a UFO, I was ready & receptive to experiencing a one-in-a-kind event. I felt, that whoever & wherever these visitors were from, they came here on peaceful terms, to observe human life, but not to forthright interfere with us & that they meant no harm or threat in any manner. I also sensed that humans are going to be sighting more spectacular sights like this in the near future-those who are receptive to these events, but also those who are not receptive at all-that their thoughts would be challenged, as well! No matter what these strange lights were, I will always be proud to have seen such phenomena that millions of people may never get to experience! NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer.




‘’Operation Saucer’’ was an investigation into a terrifying series of reported incidents in 1977 where residents in the Brazilian city of Colares claimed that they not only witnessed flying saucers – but they were also being attacked by them.  Bright objects of differing shapes, sizes and colors were said to have been flying at low altitudes – just a few metres above the tops of trees – and firing light beams at people on the ground below. Several witnesses claimed to have seen beings piloting the crafts, describing them as no more than three to four feet tall. What separates these sightings from the usual glimpses of UFOs in the skies are the numerous and recurring injuries that people suffered. Sightings: Photographs were taken by officials of bright lights in the sky. (Operation Saucer) The beams gave off intense beams of radiation that caused puncture marks and lesions, with some reporting to local media at the time that it felt like a “heavy weight pushed against their chest”.  A report into the claims made by the victims stated: “The beam was about seven or eight centimetres in diameter and white in color. “It never hunted for them but hit them suddenly. When they tried to scream no sound would come out, but their eyes remained open. “The beam felt hot, almost as hot as a cigarette burn.”  Describing the injuries, Doctor Wellaide Carvalho – who worked in a health care unit in the area during the 1970s – wrote: “All of them had suffered lesions to the face or the thoracic area. “The lesions, looking like radiation injuries, began with intense reddening of the skin in the affected area. “Later the hair would fall out and the skin would turn black. There was no pain, only a slight warmth. “One also noticed small puncture marks in the skin. The victims were men and women of varying ages, without any pattern.” The saucers were quickly dubbed ‘chupa-chupa’ – meaning ‘sucker-sucker’ – and with reports of more sightings and more incidents of people being injured or losing blood, panic soon started to set in and women and children left the area while local men stayed to look after their homes or possessions. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




(AP) In this farming community where nightfall usually brings clear, starry skies, residents are abuzz over reported sightings of what many believe is a UFO. Several dozen people – including a pilot, county constable and business owners – insist they have seen a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. Some reported seeing fighter jets chasing it. “People wonder what in the world it is because this is the Bible Belt, and everyone is afraid it’s the end of times,” said Steve Allen, a freight company owner and pilot who said the object he saw last week was a mile long and half a mile wide. “It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts.” While federal officials insist there’s a logical explanation, locals swear that it was larger, quieter, faster and lower to the ground than an airplane. They also said the object’s lights changed configuration, unlike those of a plane. People in several towns who reported seeing it over several weeks have offered similar descriptions of the object.  Machinist Ricky Sorrells said friends made fun of him when he told them he saw a flat, metallic object hovering about 300 feet over a pasture behind his Dublin home. But he decided to come forward after reading similar accounts in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune. “You hear about big bass or big buck in the area, but this is a different deal,” Sorrells said. “It feels good to hear that other people saw something, because that means I’m not crazy.” Sorrells said he’s seen the object several times. He said he watched it through his rifle’s telescopic lens and described it as very large and without seams, nuts or bolts. Maj. Karl Lewis, a spokesman for the 301st Fighter Wing at the Joint Reserve Base Naval Air Station in Fort Worth, said no F-16s or other aircraft from his base were in the area the night of Jan. 8, when many  sightings were reported. Officials at the region’s two Air Force bases – Dyess in Abilene and Sheppard in Wichita Falls – also said none of their aircraft were in the area last week. The Air Force no longer investigates UFOs. About 200 UFO sightings are reported each month, mostly in California, Colorado and Texas, according to the Mutual UFO Network, which plans to go to the 17,000-resident town of Stephenville to investigate.

Fourteen percent of Americans polled last year by The Associated Press and Ipsos say they have seen a UFO. UFO sightings have been reported all over the world for centuries, including the infamous 1897 crash of a cigar-shaped object near the tiny Texas town of Aurora. While some thought it was a hoax, decades later investigators from UFO groups said evidence suggests the disfigured pilot’s body buried that day was an alien. In Chicago in late 2006, some United Airlines pilots and other employees reported seeing a saucer-shaped craft hovering over O’Hare Airport before shooting up through the clouds. But federal officials said nothing showed up on the radar and explained it as some type of weather phenomenon. In 1997, dozens of people saw lights in a V-formation over Phoenix, a mystery that was captured on videotape and spurred calls for a government investigation. A few months later people reported a similar sight over Las Vegas. One of the most famous cases was the 1947 crash on a ranch near Roswell, N.M. Although the government said it was a top-secret weather balloon, an Army officer who helped recover the debris came forward 30 years later claiming a cover-up, asserting that an alien spacecraft had crashed. Reports later surfaced that a base nurse told someone that autopsies were performed on aliens from the wreckage. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




While lying on a blanket under the stars in a location less than two miles west of the centerline of what was then Carswell AFB, I noticed an object approaching from the south just above the treetops. The object was triangular in shape and that shape was defined by the three lights, one located at each angle of the triangle. What caught my attention were three things, the lights were in no configuration of any of the conventional aircraft I was accustomed to seeing fly into and out of the AFB. The object made no noise at all. Its size was enormous. Additionally, the flight path was going to take it directly over me. It was moving slowly, much more slowly than any conventional aircraft could fly if on final approach for a landing at the AFB. I estimate it could have been traveling no more than 30 MPH. As it approached, I was trying to see details. I could discern nothing beyond the general shape confirmed by the stars that were masked behind the object’s triangular shape and the unusual pattern the lights were flashing. Each light was round and each of the three flashed one of three color, red, blue or white. The lights weren’t brilliant, but somewhat diffuse as if they were contained in some kind of domed housing with a frosted lens similar to an incandescent light bulb one would use in their house. The lights flashed randomly with the only actual pattern being that no two lights were ever the same color and there was no discernible sequence to the colors the lights flashed. When I use the word flash it was not an instantaneous change, but a short term fade from one color to another. I had never seen lighting change color or flash on conventional aircraft in a similar manner. I has seen strange lights and “green flashes” in and around the AFB all my life, but this phenomenon was completely different from anything I had seen before. I was excited while I waited for the object to pass directly overhead. It passed slowly over my head with the complete passage of the craft from the forward “point” (the object never wavered or rotated but kept the same angle of its shape pointed due north as near as I could tell without consulting a compass) to the base taking about 2 seconds. I tried to get a feeling for its altitude, but there was no helpful frame of reference except the treetops. I mentally established 500 feet, but that was arbitrary. There was absolutely no noise. Even the night insects and creatures that I’d heard prior to the passage of the object made no sounds. There was no feeling of static electricity or electromagnetic interference present when the object flew over me or at any other time. Even though I was with others during the encounter, I did not alert anyone else on the off chance they might interfere with my complete attention while observing the object. I also didn’t mention the observation to anyone else that night. Having read the reports of previous years’ sightings I thought I would wait until I saw the papers the next day to see if anyone else reported any unusual sightings. The next day sightings were reported throughout the southwest. I never wrote anything down until now and only wanted to insure MUFON had this information to use in its work. Thank you for permitting me to finally report my observations. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




I arrived a little after dark at a campground in N.W Nevada. I set up my tent and started a fire and did a few other things to set up camp. It was a clear night, plenty of stars out. After I got everything set up I was sitting by the campfire maybe 20 minutes when something flashing out the corner of my eye made me turn my head, looking to the west. I could kind of see an outline of some hills/mountains to the west as I looked to where the flashes drew my attention, two bright yellow arcs appeared over the top of the hill/mountain. (At first I thought it was two objects, I think now it was just one, moving so fast it left a trail, it made two arcs flying above the hill/mountain then diving down then back up I guess). It was a bright yellow object, NO flames/jets, the object itself was glowing yellow, strangest yellow, kind of like a spark shooting up out of a fire, the spark is burning and leaving a trail as it shoots up. I had never seen anything like this. I went to my truck and got my phone and turned on the video to record. I grabbed my chair and was moving it away from the fire to try and sit and get some video if it flew out from behind the hills/mountains. I wanted to be ready to catch it on video. As I was moving the chair and keeping an eye to the sky, I saw a bright orange sphere, it was also to my west, more to the south of the 1st object.


I held up the phone to get video of the orange sphere and may have got a second or two of it on video before it disappeared. As soon as it disappeared a strange white streak appeared and was gone in a second. I couldn’t tell if the white streak was the orange sphere moving incredibly fast or if it was something else but as the white streak faded the 1st object came out from behind the hill/mountain heading south, kind of towards where the orange sphere was. The bright yellow object did not leave a trail this time. It was solid yellow from what I could see with my eyes and  it appeared to skip but after looking at the video a thousand times, it was actually zig zagging From my point of view it headed south past where the orange object was and then appeared to flash many times and fade from sight (After watching the video I was able to see that after it went south past where the orange sphere was then it actually went west away from me fading out of sight. I kept the video going a few minutes after everything was out of sight in case something else appeared. After all of them were out of sight my knees actually buckled and I finally started to breathe again. I sat with my phone in my hand in the chair watching the sky for maybe an hour before trying to sleep.




“I spent three decades of my life on the radio so my credibility as a broadcaster might be thrown right out the door tonight. On the 11th of August, 1975, I was in Clovis, California, at my girlfriend’s house out by the pool when two jet fighters flew directly over our house, maybe 100 feet off the ground. Now, spending 5 years in civil air patrol, I know that jet fighters are not supposed to fly that low over houses, although we were in a remote area. They were so close to each other they looked like one plane and I saw them before I heard them. I got up and turned around 180 degrees and they were at eye level with me. They flew really fast. One went one way and the other went the opposite with way, so they went 90 degree angles away from each other. Then I laid back down and what did I see? Up in the sky right ahead of me, an object. I learned to fly at 15 years old and I’m pretty familiar with aerodynamics and how planes move and this object, it looked like it was glinting off the fuselage and we weren’t that far from the airport, maybe 12 miles, so I thought okay, it’s the plane. All of a sudden it did a 90 degree turn. I could not believe it so I get up and I tried to get someone’s attention in the house because now I realize what I’m seeing – it’s a UFO. And I’ve never seen…

Now this was in the evening about 7 o’clock. This is the 11th of August, 1975. I was watching this thing move and I couldn’t talk and all of a sudden I couldn’t get anyone to notice. I was just going – uh, uh, uh, uh – trying to get people’s attention. Then this UFO turned into a bright white light. Now this is the weird part. I documented this in a column update years ago but I’ve never talked about it to too many people. And that’s all I remember. As soon as I saw that bright white light. Next thing I remember is I see swirling lights in front of me, like somebody is on an LSD trip or something and I want to tell you something, I was not. I see these lights and then all of a sudden it’s dark. I didn’t even realize I’d been missing until I went back in the house. Everybody is angry with me because I missed dinner. To me, I never left the backyard. I didn’t even get the fact that I was missing time. I was gone for like two and a half hours but I never left the backyard. Now my girlfriend, this is the beginning of the end for that relationship because my girlfriend’s parents never really liked me after that and I had been living with her for years. I had several paranormal experiences after that. The thing I’m saying is that if I was abducted, I don’t remember anything. There was no aliens involved. I lost time, that’s all I recall, like I said. What the heck happened to me?”  NOTE: The above image is CGI.


This is what I dictated into my phone just after viewing it. I am reporting this because I could very well have simply misidentified this, but am very visual (life