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Hello and welcome to my website I'm John Mooner and I'm a British ufologist. I am the Chief Investigator and photographer for 

I have always been fascinated by the field of ufology and by anything that is strange mysterious and unexplained. My adventure into the unknown began back in the summer of 1993 when I had a strange encounter with mothman in broad daylight. This encounter took place at Buckland Newton Abbot Devon, England. The mothman creature I witnessed had bat like wings and had no visible signs of a head on it’s body and on the creature's chest were what appeared to be a pair of large glowing red eyes. If that wasn't strange enough the creature was wearing big black boots that had downward facing triangles on them. I could hear a whooshing sound as the wings of the mothman creature made contact with the air. The mothman flew directly over me and cast a large black shadow on the ground around me. I watched as the mothman creature flew directly over the town and then disappeared off into the distance. I was left standing shocked, shaking and paralyzed by fear... what I encountered this day had changed my life. After this encounter I have been experiencing strange phenomenon on a daily basis. I have witnessed things that should not exist. I now see UFOs wherever I go and over the years I have photographed many different types of UFOs. I have even photographed USOs entering and leaving the sea off the English coast. I have encountered strange alien beings on numerous occasions and experienced sporadic episodes of missing time that I can not explain.    

I have taken many photographs of UFOs and strange phenomenon and many of these photographs have featured in the press and on many different websites including, UFOs NorthwestUFO Planet and many others.

I have been investigating this phenomenon for over two decades and in this time I have learned that we are definitely not alone in this universe and that reality isn't quite what it seems to be. I have come to the conclusion that the human race is being engaged by many different species of alien life forms some good and some bad. I now know for a fact that some of these alien beings are from different dimensions. These alien beings come into our realm by opening portals in to our reality. I have seen and photographed these portals opening and closing. I have witnessed UFOs and aliens coming and going through these open portals. I am now convinced that there are many different dimensions one of which is ours. I am continuing my research into this strange phenomenon and hope to one day have a better understanding of these strange alien forces and of our existence and place in the universe

This website is dedicated to all the ufologists around the world and to those who seek the truth..... remember, seek and you WILL find.


After studying the UFO phenomenon for over two decades I can tell you that I have more questions than answers. In fact In these two decades of research I have experienced things that cannot be explained. These experiences have affected me profoundly changing my life and ultimately changed my level of understanding. I have encountered mothman witnessed UFOs experienced abduction and missing time. I have even encountered strange, ‘little’ people that seem to appear out of nowhere, as well as witnessing portals opening high up in the sky. These portals had strange entities looking out of them like they were standing on another plane of existence parallel to our own. I have seen things I thought were simply not possible. All of my findings now lead me to believe that quantum physics holds the key to our understanding of the UFO phenomenon and to reality as we know it.

My perception

I now believe that we are all living in a simulation and that our universe is a level within levels which are all governed by separate boundaries and parameters that are different from our universe but still retain the quantum element because this is in fact a quantum simulation. I now believe that all the UFOs being sighted around the world are coming through portals from a different level of this simulation. There are many different types of UFOs and different alien entities not of our universe but from there own separate levels of existence. Some of these alien entities are good and some are evil. There are opposing forces with different agendas. Some of these alien entities want to help us preserve our universe our level of existence. While other alien forces seek to control us and change the way we act and think. They ultimately want to control our technology and our level of advancements. Some wish to merge their level with ours for total dominance and control of our universe and the human race. I now believe that this is what the cern project is really about and that the cern scientist are using the hadron collider to open portals into parallel dimensional levels of existence from within this simulation to try to understand our place in this reality. I am not the first person to come to this conclusion from research into ufology and the paranormal I definitely won’t be the last. Now that I know we are in a quantum simulation therefore I am. 


          Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?

Special thanks to ken pfeifer 

Ken Pfeifer is the State Director for MUFON in Vermont and Rhode Island plus he is the Chief Investigator for MUFON New Jersey with over 700 case files investigated. Ken is also the International Director for MUFON Portugal, Mongolia and China. Ken is also the founder and editor of the following websites listed below. Please check out UFO Reports Via the navigation menu. 

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                                              All above photographs of A UFO Splitting taken by  John Mooner. 


                                           All above photographs of two UFOs Joining taken by  John Mooner. 

                                        All above photographs of a Long UFO Rotating taken by  John Mooner. 

It was a beautiful hot sunny day and I had been outside sky watching for about an hour when  I spotted a saucer shaped object that was apoaching from the east heading straight in my direction. As the saucer got closer the sunlight hit the top of the saucer turning it from a dull gun metal grey to a yellow colour that had a tinge of green. The bottom part of the saucer also changed to a pink violet colour. The saucer then started to descend to a lower altitude where it released a small black object that flew above the saucer which I then lost sight of as I turned my attention back to the saucer that was now headed straight toward some clouds that were directly below it. Just before the saucer entered the clouds I managed to get off a burst shot with my Nikon P900 camera capturing the movement of the saucer in seven photographs. The photographs clearly show the movement and the flight path of the saucer. What I found really fascinating about the saucer was the way it was moving through the air using the widest service area of it's body (The flat bottom of the craft) which does not make any sense aerodynamically as this would cause a large amount of drag and slow the saucer down which it did not appear to do. Now this is where it gets weird I already know why there was no drag on the saucer here is the answer. Every part of space that surrounds us has a numerical value an address which is governed by complex mathematics of this quantum simulation that we all find ourselves in. The occupants of these crafts are some how able to hack these numerical space values skipping across them like a stone skipping across water thus making it look like they are able to defy gravity when in fact they are not. They are not even moving they are still. This is why they appear to move so fast and pull off impossible manoeuvres without being exposed to excessive G forces that would be deadly to any biological entities. They are bending the numerical space around them. These craft also have the ability to translocate to different numerical area of the sky thus making it look like they have appeared out of nowhere. They also exhibit what Albert Einstein described as quantum spooky action giving any on lookers a very puzzling sight indeed. I have been very fortunate to have witnessed these attributes and characteristics of these craft through the many sightings I have had over the years it is really an interesting field of study. The photographs were taken on the ‎3rd of ‎May ‎2018 at Newton Abbot Devon England. 


I was at the Bridgwater carnival taking photographs of the procession when I spotted two strange objects above one of the floats. I had my digital camera at the ready so I quickly took a photograph. After a short time the two objects moved away from the float and flew over a nearby house causing me to lose sight of them. I then turned my attention back to the carnival and carried on watching the procession. Later on that evening when I finely got back home I looked at the photograph on my computer and to my surprise I could see that I did indeed capture the strange objects in the photograph along with some additional objects. There were in fact four strange objects in the photograph. The first object appeared to be a sphere and the second object appeared to be a large EBANI that was quite far away. The other two objects were closer and directly above the float they also appeared to be EBANIS but they were much smaller in size. The EBANIS must of been drawn to the carnival float due to the extreme heat generated by all the bright light bulbs. The carnival floats had also been playing loud music during the procession and that would normally scared off these type of entitiesUsually they don't like any type of loud noise so it is very unusual to see them get in such close proximity to the floats and all the people watching the procession. Over the years I have taken many photographs of EBANIS in the skies above Devon. This is how I was able to identify them in the photograph. EBANI is a Spanish acronym for "Entidad Biological Anomalous No Identificada" basically unidentified anomalous biological entity. EBANIS appear to be biological in nature. Some EBANIS are like worms while others can change into multiple shapes and sizes. EBANIS can also exhibit internal motion as well as multiple colours. Whatever they are, EBANIS are always accompanied by a solo sphere that seems to be there to guard and protect them. The solo sphere could also be controlling the EBANI remotely some how we just don't know enough about them at the moment to be sure. It really is strange and worthy of further scientific study. The photograph was taken ‎the 7th of ‎November ‎2015 about 9:15 PM GMT at Bridgwater.


                                                           All above Photographs taken by  John Mooner. 


                                               Above Ghost Rocket Photograph and analysis  by  John Mooner. 


                                   Above Possible Hypersonic Space Plane photograph taken by  John Mooner.


I was having trouble with the Google earth app that was installed on my computer so I looked for an online option and found Google satellite maps. The Google satellite images loaded very fast through my web browser and I was able to download any image of the place I was viewing. This website is incredible. I thought to myself I will view the area where I was UFO spotting from last year and look for anything out of the ordinary. I was left speechless by what I saw. The satellite has captured a real alien abduction taking place. The shocking thing about this was that it's me being abducted by a grey alien and the satellite image clearly shows me trying to fight off the grey alien by punching it in the face. Looking at the image It appears that the alien has blocked my punch and has grabbed my fist and must of been able to subdue me. The strangest thing about this captured incident is that I do not remember this taking place at all. I do however remember sporadic episodes of missing time through out the year of 2016 and going back through the previous years. I do remember wearing a black baseball cap and shirt. This is definitely me on the satellite image. I also spotted three UFOs that were heading in my direction. The three UFOs were identical and appear to be flying in formation at different altitudes. The UFO that appears to be at the highest altitude has a green light emanating from it and appears to be leaving a faint contrail with a red glow behind it. The other two UFOs are glowing white. The most interesting thing about these UFOs is that they look very similar to the UFO filmed and photographed over Nellis air force base at the Nevada test site. How incredible is that. I think that the UFOs were coming to pick me up with the grey alien. I was abducted and this satellite image is proof. 


                        All above satellite images copyright Google Earth ©2016.


I was at the Torbay air show and I was sat at the seafront waiting for some more planes to arrive. I was looking out to sea at first but then I just happened to look towards Shag Rock and thatcher rock and ore stone when all of a sudden I saw a black sphere shaped object ascend from the sky at incredible speed. The sphere appeared to land on Shag Rock and then disappear. It happened so fast I thought to myself did I really just see that? I looked through my binoculars panning up and down the small island but I could not see anything out of the ordinary. I then looked back through the camera's viewfinder only to see two black figures standing on the small island. It appeared that I could only see them through the camera's viewfinder as they were completely invisible through my binoculars. There must be something special about the P900 electronic viewfinder that allowed me to see through there clocking technology somehow. The figure to the right appeared to be translucent and it was hard to discern any detail from it so I turned my attention to the figure on the left that was hiding behind a bush. The figure was partially obscured but I could still see that it had grey skin and appeared to be wearing a dark tightly fitted overalls but what really stood out was the big black eyes. Once I saw the large black eyes I knew that the figures were not human and that they were in fact alien. I got a good look at the black eyes and they were creepy looking. The alien had now turned and looked in my direction which freaked me out as I was miles away from that location. It was like the alien could sense my gaze from a far. I could not believe what I was seeing I quickly took some photographs and watched as the alien then ducked down behind the bush and completely disappeared from view. I quickly looked back in the direction of the other alien and watched as it faded away and disappeared. it was like the aliens had changed the phase modulation of there cloaking device so they were totally invisible to any kind of camera technology. There was nothing more to be seen over there so I turned my attention back to watching the air show where I managed to take many photographs of small black sphere UFOs that flew near to the performing aircraft. The Photographs were taken ‎on the 3rd of ‎June ‎2018, at 2:12 PM Paignton, Devon England.


                                                 Above Ghost photographs and analysis  by  John Mooner. 

                                  For more Ghost photographs please check out our Ghosts Page thank you.


 .                                                   Screwed up Paper manifestation taken by  John Mooner. 

                           Note:  The Last two photos of crowned face on mars taken by NASA's viking spacecraft. 


I was outside taking photographs of the moon with my Nikon P900 camera when I decided to go back inside and view the photographs that I had just taken on my new 4K TV.  While viewing one of the photographs I could clearly see some sort of structure sticking out of a crater on the bottom of the moon. The structure seemed artificial and looked out of place but what was even more astonishing to me was the large structure that was nearby. The nearby large structure looked like a landed spaceship... It was long and one of it's ends was shaped just like a tuning fork. The sunlight was reflecting of the top of the surface of the tuning fork shaped area of the ship leaving my to believe that it was metallic in nature. It got me into thinking that maybe this spaceship used resonance force frequencies as propulsion to some how move through space... If this is the case than this is simply incredible. Please note that I have rotated the photograph 180 degrees so that the artificial structure are now at the top of photograph. The photograph was taken on the 27th of May ‎2018, 9:22 PM at Newton Abbot Devon England.


I was on Dartmoor to view the super blood moon total lunar eclipse and I had found the perfect location to set up my camera on a tripod. I could see that the Moon was very low on the horizon the eclipse was already occurring. I was very excited. I took many photographs and watched the Longest 'Blood Moon' eclipse of the century occur. It was beautiful, magical in fact. I had an incredible time up there on the moor. Later on when I got back home I was looking at the photographs that I had taken on my computer that is hooked up to my 4k TV and to my surprise I could see many dome structures on the lunar surface. Because of the coloration of the blood moon it allowed me to see the structures for what they really were 3d domes and not flat craters. The structures are huge they must be miles across this is an amazing feat of engineering. Many of the domed structures looked like they were completely made of glass It really is quite compelling I wonder who built them. The photograph was taken on 27th of July 2018, approximately at 9.27 PM form Dartmoor national park Devon England.